Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Kijal, Malaysia in January 2006.

17 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

1 My Fond Dream ...

My fond dream
Is to do good things
For my Master
Even before he tells me.

2 It Is Beyond ...

It is beyond
The capacity of the mind
To enjoy divine ecstasy.

3 Either The World ...

Either the world
Is darkening the mind,
Or the mind
Is eclipsing the world.

4 I Must Immediately Adopt ...

I must immediately adopt
A new way of happiness
In my life.

5 O Old-Age-Mind ...

O old-age-mind,
How difficult it is for me
To make you smile!

6 I Came Into The World ...

I came into the world
To see a new world,
But now I have come to learn
That there is no such thing
As a new world.
It is only the old world,
Revealing itself in different ways.

7 For A Divine Accomplishment ...

For a divine accomplishment,
We need
An inner urge.

8 Nobody Asked You To Carry ...

Nobody asked you to carry
The weight of the world.
Just carry yourself —
That will be more than enough.

9 One Fundamental Reality ...

One fundamental reality:
My love of God
And the victory of Truth
Are inseparable.

10 An Unconditional Surrender-Life ...

An unconditional surrender-life
Has to be the top priority
In the spiritual life.

18 January 2006 ...

18 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

11 Almost Everybody ...

Almost everybody
Can practise
The spiritual life.

12 I Never Miss A Single Time ...

I never miss a single time
To satisfy
My Lord Supreme.