Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Kijal, Malaysia in January 2006.

10 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

1 Before Our Transformation ...

Before our transformation
Takes place,
God keeps it
A top secret.

2 To Listen To The Mind ...

To listen to the mind
All the time
Is, indeed, a good way
To go crazy.

3 God’s Grace-Heart ...

God’s Grace-Heart
Never stops.

4 I Never Miss A Chance ...

I never miss a chance
To fulfil God
In His own Way.

5 The Mind ...

The mind
Concerns itself
With things mundane.

6 The Heart ...

The heart
Concerns itself
With God’s Compassion,
Protection and Forgiveness.

7 Anything That Helps Us Evolve ...

Anything that helps us evolve
We must accept,
And be grateful.

8 O My Mind ...

O my mind,
Do not delay!
Set your prayers
In perfection-motion.

9 Constant Awareness ...

Constant awareness
Leads us
To full wakefulness.

10 The Mind ...

The mind
Is the reservoir
Of worries and anxieties.

11 The Heart ...

The heart
Is the reservoir
Of God’s Beauty
And God’s Forgiveness.

11 January 2006 ...

11 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia

12 Whenever People Tell Me ...

Whenever people tell me
That God has special Love
For me,
I am overwhelmed
With God-gratitude.