My Lord,
I have so many complaints against You!
Are You kind enough,
Are You brave enough
To listen to my complaints?

"My child,
I am neither kind nor brave,
But I am wise."

My Lord,
What do You mean?

"I shall tell you what I mean later on.
In the meantime,
Let me hear all your complaints
Against Me."


My Lord,
Why have You given me
A mind thick with darkness-nights?


My Lord Beloved,
Why do You allow
The unfortunate memories
Of my past
To invade and torture me
So ruthlessly?


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Can You not see
That my days and nights
Are made of insufferable afflictions?


My Lord,
This world of Yours does not want me.
It does not even need me.
Yet not a single day passes by
When You do not ask me
To love and serve this world.
My Lord, tell me,
Why do You do this to me?


My Lord Beloved,
Over the years I have been telling You
That this world is a bed of thorns.
But You go on telling me
That this world is a bed of roses.
I am the sufferer!
To me, You are nothing but a Lecturer!


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Do You think that Your Ears
Are too precious to listen
To the prayers of my innocent heart?


My Lord,
What can I expect from You,
Since You literally do not want to feel
The agonies of my heart?


My Lord Beloved,
Why do I have to convince my mind
Unnecessarily and foolishly
That without You,
My life will be compelled
To flicker feebly?


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Because I pray to You the whole night
To please You,
Sleep is displeased with me
And it is jealous of You.
Sleep has deserted me for good.
You have also deserted me.
Alas, where do I stand?
Alone, helpless, worthless and useless!


My Lord,
Alas, my mind has taught me
Only two mantras:
"What shall I do?
Where shall I go?"
I am sure You have taught
These two mantras
To my mind!


My Lord Beloved,
You have nothing better to do
Than subject me to the pain
Of Your Absence.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Are You blind
That I have to give You sight to see
That I am standing in front of You
In streaming tears?


My Lord,
I sing Your Victory-Songs
At the top of my voice.
I can clearly see
That You have kept
Your Ears completely sealed.