Part I — United States of America (1976-1999)

Spiritual power, occult power and will-power1

Spiritual power is vastness. Occult power is swiftness. Will-power is readiness.

Spiritual power says to the seeker, “Eternity is at your disposal.” Occult power says to the seeker, “Here, here and now.” Will-power says to spiritual power and occult power, “We are friends. Both of you are perfectly right; therefore, I wish to help you, serve you, manifest you and fulfil you in your own way.”

Spiritual power is the sea. Occult power is the river. Will-power is the current of the river and the tranquillity of the sea.

Spiritual power is self-awareness. Occult power is self-confidence. Will-power is self-experience.

Slowly, steadily and unerringly the spiritual power within us grows until eventually it reaches the destination. Occult power speedily, dynamically and amazingly reaches its destination. Occult power has the speed of a deer. It runs very fast and reaches its goal quickly, but that goal is not the Ultimate Goal. Will-power has faithfulness and devotedness. It is devoted to occult power and, at the same time, it is devoted to spiritual power. With its devotedness and faithfulness, will-power reaches its destination. We can safely say that will-power acts like a faithful dog.

The seeker who is far advanced in the spiritual life tells us that he uses his spiritual power in order to climb up high, higher, highest. The seeker who is far advanced in the spiritual life tells us that he uses his occult power in order to run fast, faster, fastest. The seeker who has tremendous will-power, who is inundated with will-power, energises the seeker who has spiritual power and the seeker who has occult power. The role of the seeker who is inundated with will-power is to help the seeker who has spiritual power and the seeker who has occult power.

Spiritual power almost whisperingly tells us that right is might. If you have the divine right, inside that right you must feel the divine power. If you have the right, then use your power. Occult power bravely tells us that might is right. If you have the capacity, that is your right. Occultism is simple. But the seeker with tremendous will-power will tell us that the cry of Mother Earth is the might of Mother Earth and the Smile of Father Heaven is the right of Father Heaven. We need only one might and that is the inner cry of Mother Earth. We need only one right and that is the Smile of Father Heaven.

How do we acquire spiritual power? We acquire spiritual power by self-giving, constant self-giving. How do we acquire occult power? We acquire occult power by self-examining. How do we acquire will-power? We acquire will-power by self-affirming. In self-giving, what do we give? We give what we have and what we are. What we have is love of God and what we are is concern for mankind. In self-examining, what do we examine? We examine sincerely our capacity and our incapacity. We examine our incapacity in order to transform it into capacity and we examine our capacity in order to make it absolutely perfect. In self-affirming, what do we affirm? We affirm ourselves. But we have to know that this self-affirmation is not like the self-affirmation of Julius Caesar, who declared, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Our self-affirmation will be: “I came, I loved and I became.” This is our divine self-affirmation: “I came into the world, I loved all human beings and I established my inseparable oneness with all human beings.”

If we properly use spiritual power, then we can live here on earth in Immortality’s Reality. If we properly use occult power, then the Universal Reality is always at our disposal. Nothing will be able to hide from an occultist’s vision. Anything in the creation will be within an occultist’s reach sooner than at once.

If we misuse spiritual power, we shall be extremely, extremely poor in the spiritual life. Sometimes it has happened that advanced seekers, after misusing spiritual power, have become poorer in aspiration than they were right at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Similarly, if an occultist misuses his occult power, then he becomes totally blind in the spiritual life. This blindness is not physical blindness; it is a much more serious blindness. It is a loss of his inner vision. This seeker will not be able to see the truth anymore. And something worse: when occult power is misused, the power that is misused eventually comes and attacks the occultist. In the case of spiritual power, he who misuses it sometimes escapes the attack of the misused spiritual forces; but when occult power is misused, the person who has misused it will eventually be attacked and punished by the forces that were once upon a time his own and at his beck and call.

With will-power, what can we do? With will-power we can identify ourselves with God’s Creation; we can identify ourselves with God’s Reality. Will-power is conscious identification with the reality that exists or with the reality that is going to blossom. Each individual here has a certain amount of will-power. But will-power can also be cultivated. As we develop our muscles, even so, we can develop our will-power. But while developing will-power, we have to know whether we are going to use this will-power purely to build in ourselves the temple of truth, the temple of light, the temple of peace, the temple of delight. If this is our goal, then will-power will always be ready to help us, mould us and shape us into perfect Perfection. Otherwise, will-power can also be a true obstacle in our spiritual path.

Spiritual power tells us in unmistakable terms, “I am, I eternally am.” Occult power tells us unmistakably, “I can, I immediately can.” Will-power unmistakably tells us, “I enjoy, I divinely enjoy, I supremely enjoy. I enjoy, not in a human way, but in a divine way, in a supreme way.”

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Heaven-vision and earth-reality1

Heaven-Vision and earth-reality. Heaven-Vision is great; it is appreciated, admired and adored by earth-reality. Earth-reality is good; it is liked, loved and embraced by Heaven-Vision. Heaven-Vision is God’s Duty: eternal expansion. Earth-reality is God’s Beauty: infinite manifestation. Heaven-Vision tells the seeker that there is only one thing that the seeker needs and that is illumination—liberation from the meshes of ignorance. Earth-reality tells the seeker that he needs only one thing and that is transformation—total transformation of his human nature.

When the cry of the finite grows and glows into the smile of the Infinite, we call it liberation. When the darkness of the body is transformed into the light of the soul, we call it transformation. Liberation is of the entire being. Transformation is mainly of the physical nature, the earth-bound nature. Illumination is the connecting link between liberation and transformation.

When one is liberated, one feels and knows that there is another world to take rest in; and when one is transformed, one feels that it is here, here on earth, that he has to manifest the Absolute Supreme. When one is liberated, one feels that he has worked very hard and now it is high time for him to take rest in some other plane of consciousness. When one is transformed, when one’s outer being is transformed by light, one feels that he has been granted the golden opportunity to be a perfect instrument of God here on earth.

The light descends from the soul into the heart. Liberation usually starts with the heart. Then the flame of liberation enters into the vital, which may be aggressive, emotional or animal. And, finally, the flame of liberation enters into the gross physical. The light descends from the soul into the heart, from the heart into the mind, from the mind into the vital and from the vital into the physical. This is how liberation takes place. But transformation starts right in the physical and for the physical, when the light descends from Above.

In the unaspiring human being, Heaven-Vision cannot abide even for a fleeting second. Earth-reality also finds it almost impossible to reside inside the unaspiring human being. But just because human beings remain on earth, with boundless compassion and boundless patience earth-reality does abide inside unaspiring human beings. But it is inside aspiring human beings that Heaven-Vision discovers the only way to reveal God. And inside aspiring human beings earth-reality finds its goal, its only goal: the manifestation of God here on earth.

At the beginning of his spiritual journey, the seeker says to Heaven-Vision, “All that I am is from You. All that I have is from You: it is Your Light, Your Delight, Your Silence, Your Sound.” At the end of the journey’s close, the seeker says to earth-reality, “All that I am and all that I have is for you: infinite patience, infinite compassion, infinite forgiveness.”

Heaven-Vision tells the seeker that if he knows how to believe, then it can make him a perfect instrument of the Absolute Supreme. Earth-reality tells the seeker that if he can listen to the dictates of his Inner Pilot, then earth-reality can make him a perfect instrument of the Absolute Supreme. The sincere seeker knows how to believe and he will believe. He knows how to listen and he will listen to the dictates of his inmost being, the soul, the direct representative of the Supreme.

Heaven-Vision is a flower that grows petal by petal inside each seeker. Earth-reality is a fruit that comes into existence at the end of climbing aspiration in the inner world and soulful dedication and loving self-giving in the outer world. Each seeker deep inside him has Heaven-Vision and earth-reality. The Heaven-Vision in the seeker starts the journey. If the seeker starts with earth-reality, he will be making an Himalayan blunder. Heaven-Vision is the Consciousness-tree. The seeker has to climb up the tree and only then can he share the reality-fruit with the world at large.

When we close the door of the doubting, questioning, suspicious mind and open the door of the loving, sympathising oneness-heart, Heaven-Vision enters into us. When we use our indomitable will to see the face of Truth and to grow into the very name of Truth, earth-reality claims us as its very own. When we cry in the purest recesses of our heart, Heaven-Vision answers. When we smile at the ignorance-sea that is inundating the human world, earth-reality embraces us.

Heaven is vision, earth is reality. Again, earth is vision, Heaven is reality. Heaven is the seed, earth is the fruit. When we look at Heaven-Vision in seed- form, we see that Heaven-Vision is the pioneer. Again, when we look at the fruit which will offer its seeds, we know that earth-reality is the pioneer. Today the seed is the vision and the fruit is the reality. Tomorrow the same fruit will be the unveiling of vision and the seed will be the illumined and fulfilled reality.

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Consciousness and Immortality1

In the spiritual life, in the life of aspiration, in the life of dedication, there are two indispensable realities, and these realities are Consciousness and Immortality. Consciousness and Immortality are inseparable. They are like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. At this moment, Consciousness plays the role of a seed and Immortality plays the role of the fruit; the next moment, Immortality turns into the seed while the same Consciousness becomes the fruit. Then the fruit again becomes the seed in a self-perpetuating cycle. In this way, Consciousness and Immortality remain always inseparable. The seed-form we call Consciousness. The fruit-form we call Immortality. But they can and they do change their respective roles.

Consciousness is birthless and deathless Eternity within and without. Immortality is self-giving. We offer our body, vital, mind and heart in order to grow into something divine. When we grow into something divine, the divine existence that we have developed or have unveiled is the immortal Reality in us. Today we give what we have to the Lord Supreme; tomorrow He gives what He has and what He is to us. We give Him our inner cry, we give Him our ignorance, our darkness, anything that we feel belongs to us or that we have been cherishing. In His case, everything belongs to Him; and when He feels that we are ready, He gives us everything out of His infinite Bounty.

Consciousness-sea loves reality and eventually becomes reality. Immortality is our silence-life which envisions the Truth and our sound-life which manifests the Goal, the Transcendental Reality, here on earth.

Immortality loves life, embraces life and, finally, fulfils life here on earth and there in Heaven. The soulful cry of earth is Immortality in the seeker’s life. The soulful smile of Heaven, too, is Immortality in the seeker’s life. The soulful inner cry is immortal and the all-illumining, all-fulfilling smile within is also immortal.

How is it that earth-consciousness at times does not accept Heaven’s bounty of Compassion, Love and Light? It is precisely because Heaven’s divine qualities, which have developed in various forms, are unfamiliar; therefore, the unlit earth-consciousness resists the divine qualities, divine capacities and divine blessings of Heaven. Again, at times Heaven will not help even when earth sincerely tries to do something correctly. Earth wants to grow into the divine reality and it needs Heaven’s assistance, but there are times when Heaven remains indifferent. Earth does not remain always receptive and Heaven does not remain always concerned. But there comes a time when the seeker unifies both earth’s cry and Heaven’s Smile. Just as earth cannot remain always unlit, so Heaven cannot remain always indifferent. Then earth gives soulfully, devotedly and unreservedly its peerless world-cry and Heaven gives smilingly, unreservedly and unconditionally its peerless Heaven-Smile and inner Consciousness, divine Consciousness, supreme Consciousness.

The expansion of Consciousness controls and conquers doubt. This doubt is a hungry tiger in us. It wants to devour the real in us, the divine in us, the beautiful in us. But when Consciousness expands, the doubt-tiger is brought under control; it is conquered and illumined. Faith is the roaring lion; doubt is the devouring tiger. The lion has to grow, so it must be fed. The Delight of Immortality feeds the divine lion, the golden faith-lion within us.

When we conquer fear, doubt, jealousy and impurity, at that time Immortality dawns in our vital existence. When we claim the vastness of reality as our very own and grow into that vastness within, Immortality dawns in our mind. And when we hear the oneness-song and see the oneness-dance in everything that we say, do or think, Immortality dawns in our oneness-heart. Finally, when perfect Perfection looms large in our earth-life and in our Heaven-life, when Perfection inundates our earthly existence and our Heavenly existence, then we grow into the supreme Immortality.

Ego-consciousness, human consciousness, Divine Consciousness, Supreme Consciousness. Ego-consciousness is nothing but destruction here, there, everywhere. Human consciousness is man’s preparation for the higher life, for the divine life, the life which will satisfy human beings totally and unmistakably. Divine Consciousness is aspiration, the road of absolute Perfection, the road of Transcendental Height. The aim of supreme Consciousness is to constantly transcend the already-achieved goal. The supreme Consciousness always transcends its own achievement. There is no fixed goal. Today’s goal is tomorrow’s starting point; therefore, the supreme Consciousness inspires us, energises us and carries us to a Goal which is an ever-transcending Reality. That Goal is Immortality in earth-life, Immortality in Heaven-life, Immortality in each individual consciousness, Immortality in the collective consciousness, Immortality in the Universal Consciousness and in the Transcendental Consciousness.

Human consciousness and divine Consciousness, earth-bound consciousness and Heaven-free Consciousness. Human consciousness is nothing short of the self-forgetfulness of the Infinite in the finite. Divine Consciousness is the self-awareness, self-illumination and self-perfection of the Infinite in and for the finite. Earth-bound consciousness sees reality the way reality functions here on earth, but reality functions on earth in a very limited way. Here we see reality in infinitesimal measure. Often it opens to countless wrong forces. Earth-bound consciousness constantly tells us that there is no goal and, even if there is a goal, it will always remain a far cry. It tells man that even when desire is fulfilled, man becomes frustrated because the fulfilment of desire can never give abiding satisfaction. Today a man desires to have a car, so he buys a car. Tomorrow he wants to have two cars. If he is wealthy enough to buy them, then the next day he will want to have three cars. Each time he gets something, he wants to get something more. But there comes a time eventually when he does not or cannot get what he truly wants. Then he looks around and sees that somebody else has that very thing in boundless measure. So again frustration comes into the picture.

Earth-bound consciousness always gives us the feeling of frustration with the things that we do not have and the things that we do have. But Heaven-free Consciousness constantly gives us the message of satisfaction. We want boundless Delight; we want everything in boundless measure. But right now if we get even an iota of Delight, we feel a sense of satisfaction. Then, from a tiny drop we grow into the vast ocean. Today a tiny drop of the ocean of Delight we have received or have achieved; therefore, we are exceedingly happy. And when we are happy, our receptivity grows. There are few other ways to increase our receptivity than by remaining happy all the time. When we are happy, our receptivity grows; and when receptivity grows, Heaven-free Consciousness can grow in us.

Consciousness and Immortality. Consciousness is at once the flower and the beauty. Immortality is also both the flower and the beauty. But when we look at the flower with our human eyes, we see what is in front of us, not what is within us. We see the beauty as long as it lasts—for a few hours or a few days. But the beauty that we see also enters into us, into the inmost recesses of our heart. The essence of the flower which remains inside us is Immortality. So we can say that Consciousness is the beauty of the flower before us, which enters into us, and Immortality is the beauty of the flower within us, that previously was before us. Each seeker sees the outer beauty of the flower and each seeker sees the inner flower, which is beauty unparalleled.

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Two God-instruments1

Both the Master and the disciple are eternal students. The Master is like Socrates, for he is consciously aware that he is an eternal student, whereas the disciple does not know that he is an eternal student. The true Master is God. The spiritual Master is a conscious and dedicated servant of God, a conscious and dedicated student of God. The Master knows that there is a Source and he belongs to that Source; he is of the Source and he is for the Source. He is consciously aware of it. The disciple, unfortunately, is not aware of his oneness with the Source. But the disciple does not always remain unconscious. He, too, develops inner maturity and inner light. Then he feels, like his teacher, that he is also an eternal student.

The spiritual Master is not actually a teacher for his disciples; he is a private tutor. The teacher teaches and then he examines, but it is the student who has to pass the examination with his own effort. If the student does not do well, then he remains in ignorance. But a private tutor gives us special assistance so that we will not remain in ignorance. In the spiritual life, the private tutor is the Master. He helps us to face the ignorance-sea. He privately teaches us how to face the ignorance-sea and how to discover our soul’s reality. In every way he helps us in our self-discovery.

There are some seekers who, unfortunately, feel that the Master is God. But no human being can be God. The Master is not even the real father of the spiritual family. The real Father is the Absolute Lord. The Master is only an elder child in the family and the disciples are the younger children. The Father has taught the eldest son to teach those very things to the younger ones. The younger ones may not know that their real father is not the eldest brother, but someone else. But they eventually come to realise this. The role of the eldest brother is over only when he can soulfully, devotedly and successfully take the younger members of his family to his Father, who is also their Father.

The Master plays the role of realisation and the disciple plays the role of aspiration. But realisation and aspiration are inseparable. What we call aspiration is realisation on another plane of consciousness. Here on earth we call it aspiration, but that very thing is realisation on another plane. Similarly, what we call realisation on another plane, on this earth-plane we call aspiration. Realisation is nothing but a continuous act of ever-transcending aspiration and aspiration is nothing short of realisation—either partial realisation or ever-illumining, ever-glowing realisation. It entirely depends on the seeker’s standard, on his inner growth.

The disciple offers his aspiration to the Master. The Master offers realisation to the disciple. The Master offers to the disciple what he considers to be the best in his life of realisation. The disciple offers to the Master what he feels is the best in his life of aspiration. But the Master tells the disciple, “No, this is not your best. It is high time to get up, my child. Do not sleep any more. Do not wallow in the pleasures of ignorance. Awake, arise!” Then the disciple gets up and enters into the life of dynamic spirituality. At that time, the Master tells him, “Please do not delay. Sit on my shoulders. I shall carry you the length and the breadth of the inner world.”

Spirituality is like a divine game. There are quite a few players and each player has a distinct role. The Master plays a significant role and the disciple plays a significant role. But on the highest plane it is the Real in us, the Supreme, who plays the role of the Master in one individual and the role of the disciple in another individual. He is the giver in the heart of the Master and He is the receiver in the life of the disciple.

The Master is the bridge, the connecting link between humanity’s aspiration and Divinity’s realisation. He takes what humanity can offer to him for Divinity—its soulful cry—and he carries down what Divinity can offer to him for humanity—its illumining Smile. The Master is also a messenger. He carries humanity’s hope into the world of God’s Vision and he brings down Divinity’s Promise into the human world, He climbs up to the highest with humanity’s hope and he climbs down to the lowest with Divinity’s Promise. What for? For the earth-consciousness, for the transformation and perfection of humanity.

The Master is a servant. In the ordinary life, you need the assistance of the servant in order to see the boss. In the spiritual life also, if a seeker or a disciple pleases the Master, who is God’s servant, the servant will tell the Boss that there is someone waiting to see Him. It is the servant who opens the door and tells the real Boss, the Supreme, that somebody is looking for Him. The Master is the secretary. You approach the secretary if you want to make an appointment with the boss.

The role of the Master is to do dedicated service in the silence-life. It is in the life of inner silence that he most effectively works in and through his disciples. It is the silence-life, as a matter of fact, that he offers to his disciples. And it is their sound-life that the disciples offer to him. Silence-life is for realisation; sound-life is for manifestation. Both are of paramount importance.

The Master is most sincere when he becomes part and parcel of humanity’s cry. When humanity is hungry for peace, light and bliss, the Master, on the strength of his oneness, suffers from the same hunger. Like humanity, he also is pinched with an eternal thirst and hunger. But again, the same Master goes up high, higher, highest and becomes one with the Source of infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. There in Heaven he enjoys a feast, a sumptuous feast, and here on earth he is compelled to starve. But both he does devotedly and soulfully. His role in God’s Cosmic Drama is to carry humanity’s cry into Heaven’s Delight and to bring down Heaven’s Delight into humanity’s cry.

In God’s Eye, both the Master and the disciple are of equal importance. God knows that His little child, who is known as a disciple, will not always remain young and helpless. He will also be endowed some day with boundless Peace, Light and Bliss. And also God knows that it is He who is playing the role of a little child in and through each disciple. It is He who wants His Creation to remain ever-new and fresh. Ever-transcending newness and freshness is the world-song in each individual and each Creation of His. At the same time, He inspires us and makes us feel that He is the ever-transcending Truth which both the Master and the disciple must embody.

The Master and the disciple become one on the day the inner initiation takes place. Now, initiation can take place in various ways. It can be done in the traditional Indian way, by chanting a mantra and offering a few symbolic sacred items. In this way the disciple is given a sense of renunciation, which is of paramount importance in the spiritual life. Initiation can also take place through the eyes. The Master offers a portion of his soul’s light or a portion of his life-breath to the disciple through the eyes. This is how he accepts a disciple as his very own. Through the Master’s compassion-power the disciple brings to the fore from the inmost recesses of his heart peerless gratitude. When gratitude and compassion work together, initiation takes place. At that time the Master makes a solemn promise to the disciple: “My son, your ignorance of millennia is now in me. I shall illumine it, transform it and make it a perfect instrument of the Lord Supreme.” On the strength of the Master’s absolute oneness with the Supreme and with his disciple, the Master feels that all that he is, all that he was and all that he will be, the disciple himself is, in seed form.

In the course of time, the disciple, like his Teacher, becomes fully aware of the undeniable truth that he is also an indispensable instrument of the Absolute Supreme. Then the disciple says to the Master, “Master, you are the body of eternal Truth and I am your limbs. You need me for your manifestation and I need you for my realisation. Let us function together, for it is so ordained. You will play the role of the Universal Consciousness, the Transcendental Height, and I will play the role of your earth-manifestation instrument. Together we shall manifest and fulfil the Absolute Supreme.”

The Master, while serving the disciple in silence, knows and feels that he is loving the Beloved Supreme inside the disciple. And there comes a time when he does not see his Beloved Supreme inside the disciple as a separate entity but he sees his Beloved Supreme inside the entire existence of his disciple. He sees the disciple as his Beloved Supreme. And there comes a time when the disciple does not see the Master as another human being but he sees the Master as totally one with his Lord Supreme.

There comes a time when the Absolute Supreme makes both the Master and the disciple feel that He needs them equally, for He embodies both Vision and Reality. His Vision-Light He has already offered to the Master and His Reality-Light is growing inside the disciple. Both His Vision and His Reality must work together in order to establish the world of perfection here on earth. The Master without the disciple is lame and the disciple without the Master is blind. But when they are together, they are neither blind nor lame; they are perfect instruments of the Absolute Supreme manifesting the Supreme in His inimitable Way.

In conclusion, I wish to say that the Master and disciple are both God’s indispensable chosen instruments. They are indispensable precisely because they want to please the Absolute Supreme in His own Way. If the Master wanted to please the Supreme in the Master’s own Way, then the Master would not be indispensable. If the disciple wanted to please the Supreme in the disciple’s own way, then the disciple would not be indispensable at all. But when both the Master and the disciple cry and try, try and cry, to please and fulfil the Absolute in the Way the Absolute wants to be pleased and fulfilled, then they are pure, perfect and conscious instruments of God.

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Transcendence and perfection1

Transcendence and perfection are two supreme realities. At this moment transcendence plays the role of the seeker and perfection plays the role of the goal. The next moment perfection plays the role of the seeker and transcendence plays the role of the goal, the ever-transcending goal.

Perfection and transcendence at times play hide-and-seek. Transcendence searches for perfection. When perfection is caught, perfection surrenders and offers to transcendence its infinite wealth, which is the delight of Light. Perfection searches for transcendence. When transcendence is caught, transcendence offers to perfection its infinite wealth, which is the light of Delight. In this way both perfection and transcendence enjoy continual satisfaction.

What is perfection? Perfection is not and cannot be a finished product; it cannot be an ultimate height that defies transcendence. Perfection is something that continuously transcends its own reality, its own height, its own goal. Perfection is like a river that flows constantly to the ever-expanding, ever-transcending sea. It is not like a stagnant pool or lake; it is a dynamic river that flows towards the ever-transcending Beyond.

Here on earth we observe perfection in two sublime realities: cry and smile. When a child cries soulfully, in his soulful cry we observe perfection. When a child smiles soulfully, in his soulful smile we observe perfection. Perfection is bound to be there where the existence of the soul looms large. The soul is the direct representative of God, the conscious messenger of God. The soul is the harbinger of new life, new light, new dawn, new realisation, new perfection on earth.

There is an inner perfection and there is an outer perfection. The beauty of a flower is the outer perfection: the fragrance of the flower is the inner perfection. Anything that has to be transcended inwardly is bringing us the message of perfection in the inner world. Anything that has to be increased, illumined and fulfilled outwardly is bringing us the message of perfection in the outer world. When we can feel and really see each individual being as another God, at that time we observe perfection in the inner world. To see each and every individual on earth as another God is to see nothing but inner perfection. Again, to see and feel God’s Presence in each human being is to see outer perfection. In inner perfection we see each individual as another God. In outer perfection we see God and nobody else inside each individual.

What is transcendence? Transcendence is a never-ending climbing process, a dynamic reality. The Goal also is a transcending reality. Why do we want to transcend? We want to transcend precisely because we need satisfaction within and satisfaction without. How do we achieve satisfaction? We achieve satisfaction by becoming a mounting flame of aspiration. And when we become a mounting flame of aspiration, satisfaction is achieved by the God-lover in us, the Truth-server in us.

Our world has two realities which we use in order to transcend ourselves. Ignorance-night is a reality and wisdom-light is a reality. Ignorance-night we conquer. By conquering it, we transcend the reality that we have been forced to embody for millennia.

Wisdom-light we inwardly are. When we become aware, fully aware, of the wisdom-light within us, we transcend the reality which we already are and we grow into a higher reality. Ignorance we conquer and, by conquering ignorance, we derive satisfaction. Knowledge we increase and, by increasing knowledge, we derive satisfaction.

Transcendence and perfection give us one most significant thing: satisfaction. This satisfaction is in God, it is of God, it is for God and, finally, it is God Himself. In our world of reality, there are quite a few rungs of the satisfaction-ladder. It starts with imagination, then inspiration, then aspiration, then realisation, then revelation and then manifestation.

Imagination is a world of its own, which embodies reality. A scientist enters into this world of imagination and discovers something unknown. Then the scientist offers satisfaction to the members of the world-family.

Inspiration is a world of its own. It is a world of movement. Either this world enters into us or we enter into this world. Forward, upward, constantly it wants to move, and it invites us to move along with it. It tells us, “Movement is satisfaction. Movement is the harbinger of perfection.”

Aspiration is a world. In the world of aspiration, God, who was at the very beginning One, wanted to become Many. When He wanted to become Many, He sang the song of self-transcendence. By fulfilling Himself in the world of multiplicity, He offers us the dance of perfection. It is in the aspiration-world that we see God the One and God the Many, God the eternal Silence and God the infinite Sound.

Realisation is a world. In the world of realisation, perfect realisation, we see that the finite and the Infinite are inseparable. Here on earth the finite unconsciously and consciously wants to maintain its sense of separativity. It is afraid of the Vast, of the Infinite; it feels that only by remaining alone is it safe. The Infinite says to the finite, “Brother, by remaining alone you will never see the face of supreme satisfaction. I am within you and I wish to serve you. Allow me to do the needful. The supreme satisfaction is also within you. Only surrender your ignorance-vision, your ignorant way of seeing the Truth. Feel that the Lord Supreme has a special message to fulfil in and through you. He is inside the tiny ant and He is also inside the universal Creation. But there is a specific message which He wants to fulfil in and through the finite. Be conscious of His message and thus become perfect. The world of realisation is the world of perfection in God’s tiniest possible Creation and also in God’s largest possible Creation.”

The world of revelation is the hyphen between the realisation-world and the manifestation-world. It unites both realisation and manifestation. It is aspiration that feeds revelation. It is on the strength of aspiration that revelation can grow into manifestation. If aspiration is taken away from the inmost recesses of the revelation-reality, realisation will become soulless and manifestation will become hopeless.

At our journey’s start what we need is aspiration; at the end of our journey’s close what we need is aspiration. Aspiration is the mounting flame which has neither beginning nor end. It is a birthless, deathless reality. There comes a time in the march of world-evolution when we grow into this ever-mounting flame of aspiration which is always transcending its already-achieved goals. It is aspiration which is the real satisfaction in transcendence, and it is aspiration which is the real satisfaction in perfection. With aspiration God commenced His journey and with aspiration He will eternally continue His journey, for aspiration is constant transcendence, constant perfection and the ever-increasing satisfaction of His infinite Vision and eternal Manifestation.

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Self-discovery and world-mastery1

Self-discovery is an inner movement. World-mastery is an outer movement.

Self-discovery is an inner journey. World-mastery is an outer journey.

Self-discovery is an inner adventure. World-mastery is an outer adventure.

Self-discovery is an inner experience. World-mastery is an outer experience.

Self-discovery is an inner perfection. World-mastery is an outer perfection.

Movement, journey, adventure, experience and perfection.

The inner movement is the vision of the silence-life. The outer movement is the vision of the sound-life.

The inner journey knows the Goal even long before it has arrived at the Goal. The outer journey knows the goal only when it has reached the goal.

The inner adventure is inspired by aspiration and sustained by dedication. The outer adventure is inspired by imagination and supported by determination.

The inner experience is: God and I are one; we are eternally one. The outer experience is: God need not and cannot remain always a far cry; He is within our easy reach and, if we look for Him, we are bound to see Him, feel Him and grow into Him.

The inner perfection is: “I am.” The outer perfection is: “I have.”

The inner journey of self-discovery encounters on the way an adversary by the name of doubt. Doubt delays our self-discovery indefinitely. The outer journey of world-mastery encounters on the way an adversary named fear. Fear delays our world-mastery indefinitely. Doubt tries to destroy the cosmic seed within us. Fear does not allow us to see either the cosmic seed or the cosmic tree.

We need meditation and we need concentration. For self-discovery what we need is meditation, a life of meditation. For world-mastery what we need is concentration, the power of concentration. Our meditation longs for Infinity’s Reality. Our concentration longs for Reality’s immediacy. Concentration wants something here and now, in the twinkling of an eye. Meditation wants everything slowly, steadily and unerringly. Concentration gives utmost importance to speed, while meditation gives utmost importance to silence.

Self-discovery shows us a road. This road is between our spirit’s involution and life’s evolution. Spirit is involved in matter and now it is trying to evolve itself. There is a road between the involution of spirit and the evolution of life. This is what we learn from self-discovery. Now, there is another significant road, the road between our revelation and our manifestations here on earth. This road is the road of world-mastery. We reveal what we have within and then we manifest our revelation. How do we do it? We do it on the strength of our world-mastery. We walk along the road between our revelation and our manifestation when we have world-mastery.

He who has discovered his highest Self is an instrument of God, conscious and illumined. He who has acquired world-mastery is also an instrument of God, conscious and fulfilling. He who has realised God in the inner world is undoubtedly a better instrument in the inner world than he who has only acquired mastery in the outer world. But he who has acquired mastery in the outer world is a better instrument in the outer world of dedication than he who has only acquired self-discovery in the inner world.

There are some spiritual figures who give more importance to self-discovery than to world-mastery, while there are others who give more importance to world-mastery than to self-discovery. Both are right in their own way. They feel that self-discovery is aspiration and world-mastery is dedication. But aspiration and dedication should go together. Again, when we dive deep within, we feel that in aspiration also looms large the life-breath of dedication; similarly, in dedication the life-breath of aspiration also looms large. They are one. They should be inseparable, like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. He who has discovered the Highest in himself, he who has discovered his Source and at the same time has acquired world-mastery, is undoubtedly an unparalleled instrument both here on earth and there in Heaven.

In order to become a perfect instrument in the inner world and in the outer world, one has to practise both aspiration and dedication. Aspiration is the inner wealth, inner achievement and inner secret. Dedication is the outer wealth, outer achievement and outer secret. Both are of paramount importance. But at the time of the seeker’s very start in the spiritual life he has to practise aspiration first, then dedication. When the seeker has been in the spiritual life for some time, then he can practise both simultaneously. At that time, he sees they are like complementary souls. But at the very beginning, at the journey’s start, it is always better for the seeker to pay utmost attention to his aspiration, and then to dedicate himself later. Once he is safe in his aspiration, then it is of paramount importance for him to practise self-dedication, too.

When we aspire, when we dedicate ourselves, we eventually discover what we eternally are: our eternal Self. And when we dedicate ourselves, we attain world-mastery. It is through our world-mastery that we can inspire our fellow citizens, our brothers and sisters of the world, to enter into the life of aspiration and self-discovery.

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The world within and the world without1

Silence is the world within. Sound is the world without. Silence is the seed-message of the world within. Sound is the fruit-message of the world without. Silence eternally is. Sound eternally becomes.

Progress is the world within. Success is the world without. Progress consciously liberates the finite. Success unconsciously dominates the finite. Progress devotedly and soulfully embraces the world at large precisely because it is an inner awakening, inner revelation and inner manifestation. Success unconsciously and sometimes deliberately tries to lord it over the world at large. Success quite often sees a yawning gulf between its own achievement and the world’s lack of achievement; therefore, success quite often assumes the authority of superiority.

Perfection is the world within. Manifestation is the world without. Perfection is cherished and treasured by both the finite and the Infinite, by man and by God. Manifestation is measured by both man’s expansion and God’s Transcendence. Perfection is the voice of the inner world. Manifestation is the voice of the outer world. The inner voice tells us that what we see and feel today is the reality that we are going to possess and grow into tomorrow. It tells us that everything is at our disposal, that there cannot be anything in God’s Creation which we cannot claim as our own, very own. The outer voice quite often tells us that what we see, we may achieve; but there is no surety, there is no guarantee. Still, the outer voice says, “Try, it is good to try. There is no harm in trying, but I cannot assure you of success.”

The world within inspires us first to dive deep and then to look around. This is what we hear from the world within. When we dive deep within and look around, to our wide surprise we see Immortality’s Life awaiting us with boundless love, boundless concern and boundless pride. The world without inspires us to go forward and look around. When we go forward and look around, to our wide surprise we see Infinity’s Beauty awaiting our arrival.

The world within tells us that to love God is our supreme responsibility, our sole responsibility and our bounden duty. The world without tells us that to serve God, the Supreme Authority, is our bounden duty.

If we live in the outer world and do not aspire at all, then we shall be plagued by many questions. The first and foremost question will be, “Who is God?” The answer will be given by the inner world, but we will not hear it. The inner world’s answer is, “Who is not God?” This is the unmistakable answer we will get from the inner world. Although it is also a question, inside the question looms large the answer: everybody is God, God in the process of self-preparation, self-revelation and self-manifestation.

There are mature seekers and there are immature seekers. There are aspiring people on earth and there are unaspiring people on earth. The unaspiring people will tell us that the inner life is worthless. They will say that spiritual seekers are running after a goalless shore. There is no goal: it is all mental fantasy, mental hallucination and self-deception. Aspiring people who are not mature from time to time try to make others feel that they are mature. They offer their own wisdom and judgement. They say that the outer world is nothing short of a mad elephant, that aggression reigns supreme, destruction reigns supreme. They feel there is no soul, no goal, no reality, but only a mad elephant or a devouring tiger that is destroying the outer world.

But seekers of the supreme Truth who have some light know unmistakably that the inner world and the outer world are both God’s Creation. When we think of the inner world, we are at once reminded of God the Creator. When we think of the outer world, we are at once reminded of God the Creation. The Creator and the Creation must go together. God feels that He is complete and perfect precisely because He has Creation within Him, with Him, around Him and for Him. Creation feels that it is perfect because God, who is all Perfection, is the Source. Without the assistance and capacity of the inner world, one cannot make progress; he is blind. He needs inner light in order to walk along the road of perfection or he cannot reach his Destination, which is far, very far. Again, if one does not offer due value to the capacities of the outer world, to the achievements of the outer world, then he will not be able to make progress, for he will have no legs. Both eyes and legs are needed, both the inner world and the outer world are necessary in order to become perfect. The inner world embodies vision, which is the real reality. The outer world embodies power, the dynamic power, which is also indispensable. Light is necessary and indispensable for realisation in the inner silence-world and dynamism is necessary and indispensable for manifestation in the outer sound-world.

The world within and the world without. He who wants to grow into Infinity’s Life, Eternity’s Reality and Immortality’s Beauty must offer due attention to both worlds. Both worlds are of paramount importance: the inner seed-world and the outer fruit-world. It is from the seed that we get the fruit and from the fruit that we get the seed. In the inner world God claims us and eternally keeps us as His very own. In the outer world we try and cry to claim God eternally as our very own and reciprocate God’s Love for us.

When we pray and meditate, when we dive deep into the inmost recesses of our being, we not only feel that we are in the inner world, but we also feel that we are the inner world itself. When we make our outer existence into a helping hand, a serving heart and a loving life here, there, everywhere, when we become an all-loving existence—not only do we live in the world without, but we become one with the world without in all its Reality’s Height.

In the world within there is an immortal, invaluable treasure, and that treasure is constant inner cry to know the Highest and to grow into the Absolute. In the world without there is also an invaluable, immortal treasure, and that treasure is smile, illumining smile. The seeker smiles at God’s vast Creation. His smile is the identification-oneness of his own existence-reality with God’s entire Creation. Both in his inner world and in his outer world the seeker cries and smiles devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally. He cries to reach the Absolute Height in God’s own Way, at God’s choice Hour. He smiles in order to see, feel and manifest God. He sees God, feels God and manifests God, the Supreme Reality, in the way God wants him to see, feel and manifest Him.

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Love human, love divine, Love Supreme1

Dear seekers, dear sisters and brothers, I wish to give a short talk on love. Love is most significant in our human life, in our earthly existence. Love is life, life is love.

Love human, love divine and love supreme. Human love wants to possess and be possessed by the world. Divine love wants to establish its inseparable oneness with the world and then it wants to divinely enjoy this oneness. Supreme Love transforms human love into divine love and blesses divine love with boundless joy and divine pride.

Fear and doubt quite often torture human love. Cheerfulness and confidence increase and support divine love. Perfection and satisfaction fulfil Supreme Love. This perfection is continuous progress and continuous self transcendence. This satisfaction is something that each individual needs in his eternal journey towards the ever-transcending Reality-Height.

Human love is nothing but incapacity. If we dive deep within human love, then we see clearly that it is weak and impotent. Divine love is capacity. Slowly and steadily it wins the race. There comes a time when human love becomes transformed into divine love. When divine love wins the race, it is not filled with pride. It shares its success cheerfully and soulfully with the transformed human love. Supreme Love, out of its infinite bounty, grants divine love the boon of transforming humanity and, at the same time, living in the boundless immortal Consciousness. Supreme Love is the endless Reality which always transcends and the immortal Vision which always illumines the earth-consciousness and Heaven-Consciousness.

Human love craves for a satisfactory result. Then, when it does not get a satisfactory result, it is doomed to disappointment. It sinks into a chasm where it finds something quite unknown, a stranger: despair. Despair soon is devoured by frustration and this frustration eventually devours human love itself.

Divine love makes a soulful attempt to reach the Goal. It does not pray for or long for the result as such. Its aim is to make a soulful attempt and then it leaves everything in the blessingful care of the Supreme Pilot. It says to the Inner Pilot, “It is up to You to give me success or failure, which is only an experience. I wish to please you, O Supreme, in Your own Way.” This is divine love.

Supreme Love unconditionally gives and gives. What does it give? Compassion in infinite measure, Love in infinite measure, Peace in infinite measure. It depends on the individual to receive its boundless Compassion, Light, Peace and Bliss according to his soul’s receptivity. According to his life’s progress, the individual receives these immortal treasures from Above.

Human love says to the world, “I love you; therefore, I have the supreme authority to strike you and punish you if and when necessity demands.” Divine love says to the world, “I love you; therefore, I feel that it is my bounden duty to perfect you so that you can become a perfect instrument of the Supreme Pilot.” Supreme Love says to the world, “I love you; therefore, I feel at every moment a constant necessity in My cosmic Vision and in My cosmic Reality to claim you as My own, very own. I also wish for you, too, to claim Me as your own, very own, at every moment here on earth and there in Heaven.”

Slowly, steadily and gradually human love decreases; and finally it dies. Slowly, steadily and unerringly divine love increases in the aspiring humanity; and then it flies. Compassionately, ceaselessly and unconditionally Supreme Love always remains the boundless sky. From there it guides and illumines the aspiring humanity and the illumining divinity.

A doubtful mind, a suspicious mind, an insecure mind is quite often visible in human love. A soulful heart, a climbing heart, a glowing heart is always visible in divine love. A fruitful life, within and without, is eternally visible in Supreme Love.

Imagination reigns supreme in human love. With imagination, human love starts its journey and, at its journey’s end, again it sees imagination. It sees the soul, the body, the vital, the mind, even the goal itself as imagination.

Conviction paramount, conviction illumining, conviction fulfilling always reigns supreme in divine love. This conviction is the soul’s Reality-Light that illumines the entire world. It is this conviction that divine love offers to the seekers of the Absolute Truth. This conviction is the treasure-reality which, at the beginning, belongs to the Ultimate Source and which the Ultimate Source offers to the soul to share with aspiring mankind.

Compassion eternal reigns supreme in Supreme Love. This Compassion is the Supreme’s highest Power, deepest Peace and brightest Light. He offers His infinite and immortal Reality to us unconditionally and we receive it according to our inner capacity and our outer receptivity.

Love of the limited self, the very limited self, is another name for human love. Love of the entire world is another name for divine love. A cheerful, beckoning Hand the Supreme offers to divine love for earth’s illumination, salvation and perfection. Love of the limited, unaspiring, desiring, binding and blinding human in us and the unlimited, eternally aspiring, self-giving divine in us is another name for Supreme Love.

In the process of evolution, each individual starts with animal love, love that destroys. Gradually this animal love makes progress. It receives an iota of light and changes its consciousness. Then it develops into human love, which is the song of possession, the song of doubt and insecurity. Eventually this doubtful existence is transformed into faithful existence; this life of insecurity becomes a life of security and confidence — for human love grows into divine love, which feels its identification and oneness with God’s entire Creation. Divine love is finally transformed or given the golden opportunity to grow into Supreme Love, which is Infinity’s Perfection and Eternity’s Satisfaction. This is how each individual walks along Eternity’s Road to reach the ever-transcending and ever-fulfilling Goal.

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What does it mean to be spiritual?1

What is spirituality? Spirituality is a divine subject. Anyone can study this subject; this subject is open to all. This subject is at once theoretical and practical. If one wants to see God only in Heaven, spirituality is theoretical. If one wants to see God not only in Heaven but also on earth and everywhere, then in his case spirituality is practical.

Spirituality is an inner cry for the Source. Spirituality is an inner cry, an inner decision and an inner determination for perfection. Perfection is not a fixed standard. It is a continuous progress. Perfection is the seeker’s divinely surrendered self-expansion in God’s illumining Satisfaction and fulfilling manifestation. Perfection is self-transcendence. Perfection is the act of piloting Eternity’s Boat in Infinity’s Sea towards Immortality’s Shore. Perfection is self-giving. Perfection is the flower which grows into a God-nourishing fruit.

Napoleon says, “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” Surprisingly enough, spirituality is both ability and opportunity. Ability is an inner and outer oneness with God’s Vision. Opportunity is an inner and outer oneness with God’s manifestation.

What does it mean to be spiritual? To be spiritual is to be normal, natural and spontaneous. To be spiritual is to be simple, sincere and pure. To be spiritual is to be a lover and server of truth and light. To be spiritual is to become a chosen and perfect instrument of God. To be spiritual is to become a God-representative on earth. To be spiritual is to become a liberator of humanity.

What does it mean to be spiritual? It means we long for God-discovery. It means we long for perfection in our body, vital, mind and heart. It means our old friend, desire-night, is no longer with us. It means we have a new friend: aspiration-day.

A spiritual person is he who loves God, not because God is great, not because God is good, but because God alone is.

How do we become spiritual? We become spiritual by loving, by serving and by surrendering. Whom do we love? We love man in God. Whom do we serve? We serve God in man. To whom do we surrender? We surrender to God the Transcendental Vision, God the Universal Reality and God the Eternal Will.

Why do we love? We love because love is life. Why do we serve? We serve because service is perfection. Why do we surrender? We surrender because surrender is satisfaction.

How do we love? We love soulfully. How do we serve? We serve devotedly. How do we surrender? We surrender unconditionally.

A spiritual person sees only one thing: God’s Beauty. A spiritual person feels only one thing: God’s Responsibility. A spiritual person becomes only one thing: God’s Compassion-Light. God tells the spiritual person only one thing: “You are My Satisfaction.”

You are spiritual; that means God comes first in your life. You are spiritual; that means God is the only Reality in your life. You are spiritual; that means God is your heart’s constant choice and God is your life’s constant voice.

He is a great seeker who feels that God loves him. He is a greater seeker who knows that he loves God. He is the greatest seeker who knows that God and he love each other. God loves man because man is God’s Creation. Man loves God because God is man’s salvation, liberation, illumination and realisation. God is man’s salvation from sin-consciousness. God is man’s liberation from bondage-life. God is the illumination of man’s darkness-existence. God is man’s realisation; and realisation is self-discovery and God-discovery. Let us cry and cry within. Then ours will be self-discovery. Let us smile and smile without. Then ours will be God-discovery.

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Psychic power and will-power1

AUM. I wish to offer a short talk on psychic power and will-power, but before I do, I wish to make a fervent request to all of you: that you make a sincere attempt to become one with the psychic power consciousness and the will-power consciousness. We shall meditate together and this meditation will be founded on our spiritual imagination. For a few seconds or for a minute or so we shall try to imagine, inside the very depths of our heart, the golden dawn. We shall imagine the golden dawn. This golden dawn is nothing short of our psychic power consciousness. 2

AUM. Now let us meditate on our forehead. Let us imagine that it is now midday. It is twelve o’clock and the sun is very, very bright. It is a blazing sun inside our forehead, in between the eyebrows but slightly above. There burns a blazing sun and it is twelve o’clock noon. This is for our identification with the will-power consciousness.

We have meditated on the psychic power-consciousness by imagining the golden dawn inside the very depths of our hearts. We have meditated on the will-power consciousness by imagining the blazing sun, the midday sun, inside our forehead, inside our third eye.

Now I wish to give a short talk on psychic power and will-power. Psychic power is the power of our aspiring heart. We have a human heart which is just a muscle, and we have a spiritual heart which is an aspiration centre. When we use the term aspiring heart, we refer to our spiritual heart. So psychic power is the power of our spiritual heart which is within us, in the very depths of our human heart. Will-power is the power of our daring mind, the mind proper that is inside our head. It constantly challenges reality to bring about perfection in reality or to get satisfaction from reality.

Psychic power is the power of oneness, conscious oneness, constant oneness, illumining oneness and fulfilling oneness. It is oneness with others, oneness with many and oneness with all. It is oneness with Infinity.

Will-power is the power of newness, conscious newness and continuous newness, newness in thought, newness in deed, newness in dream, newness in reality.

Psychic power is a friendship-power. It awakens the friend in all. It sees no enemies around it, only friends. It looks around and sees nothing but friendship. Friendship reigns supreme.

Will-power quite often plays the role of a leader. Consciously or deliberately it manifests itself through leadership. Again it very often unconsciously plays the role of a leader and subsequently does not know what its objective was, that is, whether it was perfection or satisfaction, illumination or salvation. It totally forgets about the objective because it made an unconscious effort. So in a broad sense, psychic power is friendship and will-power is leadership.

Psychic power is the Truth-power that ultimately prevails. India’s motto runs, “/Satyameva jayate/ — Truth alone prevails;” “/nanritam/ — not falsehood.” Psychic power always feels the necessity of Truth-realisation. It feels that if it can identify itself with the Ultimate Truth, then it will last forever, as the Truth itself will last.

Will-power is constantly daring, challenging, becoming and fulfilling the reality the way it feels the reality has to be manifested and fulfilled. Sometimes before it exercises its power, it enters deep within to get inner light. But quite often, by dint of the force accumulated inside the mind, inside the brain, inside the forehead or inside the third eye, it exercises its own capacity or reality. This is what will-power does.

Psychic power is our soulful oneness, oneness with the Source, oneness with God’s Silence-Reality, oneness with God’s Sound-Reality. It is oneness with what God has and what God is. This oneness we have felt and heard in the supreme utterance of the Saviour Christ: “I and my Father are one.” This lofty, supreme utterance was founded on the Christ’s soulful identification or oneness with his Heavenly Father. This is the psychic power that expressed, revealed or manifested the supreme Reality. Then again, the Christ exercised will-power boldly, unfalteringly, unmistakably and with utmost inner conviction, when he declared: “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Psychic power is the blossoming flower of our consciousness. Inside us there is a gratitude-flower. This gratitude-flower slowly, steadily and unerringly blossoms, and the world devotedly, sincerely and unreservedly enjoys the beauty and fragrance of the gratitude-flower that is blossoming within us.

Will-power is the elephant-power that we feel within us and around us. This will-power we can use in a constructive way or in a destructive way. The sincere seekers, not to speak of the spiritual Masters, always use will-power in a constructive way. But the insincere seekers use this power in a destructive way. Psychic power is always used in a constructive way. It is the power of a little child. The psychic being acts as the soul’s representative on earth. It always tries to please the eternal Father in the Father’s own Way; so it is constructive. But he who has will-power is, in terms of earthly years or in terms of evolution, like an adult. He may not ask his father how to operate, for he thinks and he feels that he knows how to deal with everything, that he knows the whole world. As a result, while he is using his will-power, he may make an Himalayan blunder. Although he is using it for a constructive purpose, the result may be totally destructive.

Psychic power is softness, sweetness and forgiveness. But forgiveness is actually justice-light which operates in and through compassion-reality. This compassion-reality is the oneness-reality with the blind earth-consciousness. By virtue of his complete, constant and inseparable oneness with the world, the Christ said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But if an individual wants to challenge the world, wants to lord it over the world, wants to maintain supremacy all the time, then he will not walk along the road of sweetness, softness, kindness, affection and love, not to speak of forgiveness. No, he will always play the role of an autocrat, a dictator, a sovereign. He will try to identify himself with Caesar: “I came, I saw, I conquered,” or with Napoleon Bonaparte. With indomitable energy either he will try to conquer or devour the world.

Psychic power is the child-consciousness, the divine and immortal child-consciousness within us. This child-consciousness says to the Father Almighty: “Father, eternal Father, infinite Father, I love You and I need You. I love You only and I need You only.” The Almighty Father immediately says: “My child, you already have Me. You have Me in My entirety. You have My Vision, Transcendental Vision. You have My Reality, Universal Reality. Both My Transcendental Vision and My Universal Reality are all yours. You are part and parcel of their existence and they are part and parcel of your existence.”

Will-power is the adult-consciousness within us. The adult says to his Father: “Father, I want You and I have You.” The Father says: “Are you sure that you have Me?” The son says: “Yes, I am sure.” The Father says: “Then prove it.” When the son can prove to the Father that he has got his Father and can claim his Father as his own, divinely, triumphantly and supremely, then the Father says: “Son, you are right. Now conquer ignorance. If you conquer ignorance, you will totally satisfy Me. This ignorance is the root cause of world-perdition, world-destruction. I want My world to prosper, to grow and glow. Conquer world-ignorance.”

To the psychic child-consciousness, the Father says: “My child, I have already told you that you have Me. Now claim Me here, there, everywhere; within and without, claim Me. If you only claim Me, that will be more than enough for you to satisfy Me in My own Way. Just claim Me at every moment as your own, very own. That is what I want from you: your acceptance. And the moment you can claim Me soulfully, devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally, you can become what I have and what I am. What I supremely am and what I eternally have, you shall become.”

Psychic power is the growing, glowing, illumining and fulfilling divinity within us. Will-power is the daring, challenging, marshalling, devouring, conquering, fulfilling and manifesting reality within us. These two powers can work together if they want to. If the younger brother and the older brother want to work together, then that is absolutely the right thing, the ideal thing. The older one will get softness, sweetness, kindness and all charming qualities from the younger one; and the younger one will get all dynamic and ignorance-challenging qualities from the older one. The younger one will get the capacity to manifest divinity on earth triumphantly along with the older one.

Let us call psychic power our eye-power and will-power our arm-power. With our eye-power we envision reality. This is undoubtedly a power of the highest order. Our arm-power is our strength, physical and otherwise. When we use our will-power, we want the reality to act in our own way. But our own way can easily become God’s Way provided we exercise our eye-power and become one with God’s Will.

If we dive deep within before we use our will-power, then it can never be an obstacle, it can never be a hindrance. Far from it! Only we shall become one with God’s adamantine Will and God’s ever-transcending Reality. Will-power as such is not bad or discouraging. It depends on who uses it and how it is used. If the sincere seeker uses it on the strength of his oneness, in accordance with God’s Will, then will-power is a veritable blessing, instead of an unfortunate curse.

Psychic power right from the beginning plays the role of dependence, divine dependence on the loving, compassionate Will or Guidance of his Beloved Father Supreme. In psychic power the question of making deplorable mistakes does not arise. This power is safe. The child feels that the Father, the Source, will always take care of him, will guide him, mould him, shape him, perfect him and satisfy him the way the Father eternally wants to.

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Meditation is invocation. We invoke God’s Presence. God’s Presence is satisfaction.

Meditation is an act of inner listening. We listen to the dictates of God. When we listen soulfully, devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally, we derive satisfaction in boundless measure.

Meditation is acceptance. It is the acceptance of life within us, without us and all around us. Acceptance of life is the beginning of human satisfaction. Transformation of life is the culmination of divine satisfaction.

Meditation is self-giving. We give what we have and what we are. To the finite reality we give what we have. To the infinite Reality we give what we are. What we have is concern. This concern we offer to the finite. What we are is willingness. This willingness we offer to the Infinite.

Assurance we offer to the earth-reality. Acknowledgement we offer to the Heaven-Reality. To the earth-reality we offer our constant assurance that we are undoubtedly and unmistakably for the earth-reality, for the transformation and illumination of the earth-reality. To the Heaven-Reality we offer our most sincere acknowledgement of the supreme fact that we are of the Heaven-Reality, that our source is the Heaven-Reality.

Meditation and prayer are two aspects of one and the same soulful reality. The Eastern world is fond of meditation. The Western world is fond of prayer. Both prayer and meditation lead us to the selfsame Goal. Meditation and prayer are like brother and sister; they are divine twins. We can say that prayer is the female and meditation is the male. Prayer says to meditation, “Look, brother, there is something high above. Let us cry and fly, fly and cry, and there above we shall get everything that we have been longing for.” Meditation says to prayer, “Look, sister, there is something deep within us. Let us dive deep within and we are sure to get everything that we have been longing for from time immemorial. Let us dive deep within.”

Sri Krishna meditated. His meditation-power has taught us many things. But the most important thing it has taught us is this: Truth will ultimately prevail; the justice-light of Truth will one day inundate the entire earth-consciousness.

Lord Buddha meditated. His meditation has taught us that this human life of suffering will, without fail, one day come to an end. The excruciating pangs that each human being undergoes will one day come to an end, and human suffering will be transformed into divine ecstasy.

The Saviour Christ prayed. His prayer has taught us many sublime, soulful and fruitful lessons. It has offered us the message of divinity in its tangible form. But his most essential teaching is that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. This Kingdom of Heaven is God’s Creation, God’s Vision and God’s Reality. God’s Transcendental Vision and God’s Universal Reality are within this Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us meditate devotedly, soulfully, unreservedly and unconditionally. From our meditation we shall discover the supreme truth that as we need God, even so, God needs us. We need Him constantly to reach our own highest height. He needs us constantly to manifest His own deepest depth.

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My Lord Supreme1

My Lord Supreme does not want to know what I have done for Him. He just wants to know how I am. I tell Him that I am perfectly all right and perfectly happy. Immediately He becomes exceedingly happy. He tells me that my happiness is everything to Him. When I am happy, He does not need anything else from me; I have given Him everything.

My Lord Supreme does not want to know if I see anything in Him. He just wants me to dive deep within; and if I see anything sweet, pure and divine in the inmost recesses of my heart, then that is more than enough for Him. He tells me that if I can see anything divine in the depths of my own heart, then I have seen everything inside Him. I have seen His illumining Vision and fulfilling Reality.

My Lord Supreme does not want to know how much I know. He just wants me to become His oneness-companion. He tells me that if I become inseparably one with His Compassion-Light and Satisfaction-Delight, then immediately I shall know everything. At that time, the past, present and future will open their doors to me.

My Lord Supreme does not want me to prove to Him how much I love Him. He just tells me to cry inwardly and soulfully and to smile outwardly and unreservedly. My inner cry and my outer smile are more than enough to inundate His Divinity within and His Divinity without with my love.

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A seeker’s resolution, revolution and evolution1

The seeker’s first friend is resolution. Resolution is his intimate friend. Revolution is the seeker’s second friend. This friend is also an intimate friend and undoubtedly a good friend as well. Finally, the seeker gets evolution as his friend. Evolution is the seeker’s birthless and deathless friend.

A seeker’s resolution-friend is in the idea-world. A seeker’s revolution-friend is in the ideal-world. A seeker’s evolution-friend is in the reality-world.

A seeker’s thinking and searching mind likes resolution-flames. A seeker’s challenging and dynamic vital likes revolution-fire. A seeker’s crying and sacrificing heart likes evolution-glow.

The seeker’s thinking and searching mind thinks that it can conquer ignorance-night. Indeed, this is an absurd idea. Nevertheless, this effort is a forward, upward and inward movement.

The seeker’s challenging and dynamic vital feels that it can easily conquer ignorance-sea. Indeed, this is nothing short of impossibility. Nevertheless, this effort is a forward, upward and inward movement.

The seeker’s crying and sacrificing heart knows perfectly well that it can never conquer ignorance. Only God, the Author of all Good, can conquer ignorance in him, through him and for him. At that time, and only at that time, will it be possible for the crying and sacrificing heart to see the face of transformation and illumination.

The seeker’s resolution, revolution and evolution have discovered that life is a continuous struggle. It is a struggle between what the seeker has and what the seeker has not. What the seeker has is frustration-possession. He wants to possess, but he finds that his possessions are nothing short of frustration to him. They are a heavy load that he has to carry. When he wants to run fast, faster, fastest towards the Ultimate Goal, he discovers that he is possessed and bound by his possessions. What the seeker has not is renunciation-light, dedication-light, love-light, devotion-light, surrender-light, oneness-light and perfection-light.

Resolution is in the inner world. Revolution is in the outer world. Evolution is in both the outer world and the inner world. First, the seeker resolves to become a good and perfect instrument; but still he is at the mercy of his own difficulties, shortcomings and weaknesses. Then there comes a time when he revolts against his own reality, which is ignorance, and he feels an indomitable urge to fight against it. Finally, there comes a time when the seeker wants to make progress both in the inner world and in the outer world. At that time, what he needs is necessity. But necessity is not enough. He has to go one step further and get the message of opportunity. Opportunity has to knock at the seeker’s heart-door; then only can necessity be fulfilled. Again, opportunity is not enough. Opportunity has to be helped by Divinity’s Reality. When God’s Hour strikes, only then is opportunity effective. Before that time, it is of no avail.

When, in the course of evolution, God’s Hour strikes, the seeker finally sees, feels and grows into his own inner mounting flame. He sees that God, his Almighty Father, is both his starting point and his Goal. He sees that God is in him, guiding him and running with him, teaching him how to run along Eternity’s Road in order to reach Infinity’s Light and Immortality’s Delight.

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A seeker1

A seeker is at once a giver and a receiver. A seeker gives his inspiration. How does he give? He gives soulfully. Why does he give? He gives because he feels that he has to establish his oneness-heart here, there and everywhere in order to get boundless joy and satisfaction in life.

A seeker receives. What does he receive? He receives love from Above. How does he receive? He receives devotedly. Why does he receive? He receives precisely because he wants to increase his capacity, both inner and outer, so that he can become a better, more fulfilling instrument in God’s Creation.

A seeker is an earth-lover. He is also a Heaven-lover. He loves the suffering and bleeding heart of earth. He loves the smiling soul of Heaven.

A seeker loves man. He loves man because he sees that, like him, each individual is struggling, struggling. Since other human beings are sailing in the same boat as he is, he feels that it is his bounden duty to sympathise with his fellow beings.

A seeker loves God. He loves God because God is always more than willing to shower His choicest Blessings upon His Creation, because God wants to inundate each human being with His boundless Compassion and fathomless Love and Concern.

A seeker is a representative. He represents earth and he represents Heaven. He carries earth’s excruciating pangs to Heaven and he brings down Heaven’s Light and Delight in boundless measure to earth. A seeker is humanity’s representative to Divinity and Divinity’s promise and assurance to humanity.

A seeker is his body’s representative. He is also his soul’s representative. He enters into the soul and tells the soul that he and his body are ready to enter into the field of manifestation and manifest the soul’s light here on earth. He comes to the physical body and tells the body that he and his soul are now more than willing to help the body-consciousness realise the highest Transcendental Consciousness.

A seeker is humanity’s progress when humanity aspires. A seeker is humanity’s success when humanity desires. But a seeker feels in the inmost recesses of his heart that a day will dawn when he will not have to carry humanity’s desire-life, for there will be no desire-life then, only aspiration-life. Then, with his heart’s ceaseless delight he will carry humanity’s progress alone to the higher worlds.

Success belongs to the ordinary world. Progress belongs to the inner world or the higher world. But Divinity does not and cannot expect a life of progress from humanity all at once. It knows perfectly well that humanity has to start with the message of success first. Then, eventually, humanity will have a higher goal: progress. Success is the satisfaction that does not last, because it is easily thwarted by others’ achievements. But progress has no competitor, no rival, since it is part and parcel of man’s inner cry.

A seeker climbs slowly, steadily and unerringly. He is a flower that blossoms petal by petal. When this flower is fully blossomed, it is all satisfaction, satisfaction in perfection.

A seeker and his Beloved Supreme sail in the same boat. This boat is the Supreme’s Silence-Victory-Boat, which is sailing towards the Sound-Reality-Shore.

The seeker says to the Supreme, his Beloved Lord, “Lord, I am giving You what I have: my heart’s inner cry.” The Lord says to the seeker, “My child, I am giving you what I am. I am your Source, I am your selfsame Divinity’s Reality. In you, through you, I fulfil My birthless Vision and My deathless Reality. My Creation and My Vision are inseparable, but My Creation is not always aware of My Vision, whereas My Vision is always aware of My Creation. My child, you are the Creation and I am the Vision. In Vision, what looms large is Creation; and in Creation, what looms large is Vision, My Vision. My Vision and My Creation shall eternally remain inseparable.”

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