Life means opportunity. Opportunity means a fresh start. A fresh start means a satisfaction-dawn.


Do you want to know something incredible but absolutely true? The heart of the universe is your soulful smile.


Be pure, be pure! Lo, God is fast approaching to teach you how to throw yourself into His Perfection-Arms and Satisfaction-Heart.


An open mind is what you ultimately can have. A receptive heart is what you eternally are.


I learn from the roots of all religions the message of compassion-height, and I see in the branches of all religions the message of perfection-light.


To love only your own religion is to love the body-reality of sound-division. To love all religions equally is to love the soul-immortality of silence-oneness.


There are countless human voices; only the divine voice is wanting.


Our inner world goes to rack and ruin if we do not consciously go beyond the blind belief-barrier of unawakened religion.


As the years advance upon you, the desiring man in your human life remains at your journey's start, whereas the aspiring man in your life divine not only runs towards the destination, but also reaches the destination.


You are appreciative. Therefore, you are good. He is sympathetic. Therefore, he is better. I am loving. Therefore, I am by far the best.


Because you are ignorant, I am afraid of you. Because you are innocent, you are not afraid of me.


Non-resistance is the supreme power that eventually conquers the disproportionate power of militarism.


Your mind-idea was meaningful. Your heart-ideal is soulful. Your life-reality shall be fruitful without fail.


Yesterday you returned good for evil. Therefore, you were good. Today you are transforming the very existence of evil. Therefore, you are not only becoming perfect, but you have already become perfect.