My Lord Supreme,
Do tell me if You are in a mood
To answer a few spiritual questions.
"My child, I am always in a mood
To answer all your questions,
Spiritual and unspiritual."


My Lord Supreme,
Do You remember the first promise
I made to You?
I have totally forgotten it.
"My child, You have forgotten your first promise,
But I clearly and perfectly remember it.
Your first and foremost promise
Was to manifest Me in My own Way
At every moment here on earth."


My Lord Supreme,
Why do I limp along the path of impurity
Every day?
"My child,
You limp along the path of impurity
Every day
Because you and your mind
Do not want to study
At the prayer-school,
You and your heart
Do not want to study
At the meditation-college,
You and your life
Do not want to study
At the surrender-university.


My Lord Supreme,
Will You be happy if I become
The heart of greatness?
"Definitely, My child,
But I shall be infinitely happier
If you become the breath of goodness."


My Lord Supreme,
Is there any way that I can be
Constantly happy?
"Yes, My child,
Just make your day and night
My Command-Fulfilment-Satisfactions."


My Lord Supreme,
Please advise me
What You would like me to do.
Shall I put my arms around the world
Or place my head at the foot of the world?
"My child,
I want you to do both.
Your humility-mind will soulfully
Press the world inward-
Deep, deeper, deepest.
Your sincerity-heart will powerfully
Lift the world upward-
High, higher, highest."


My Lord Supreme,
Why is my inner progress-road
Always so bumpy?
"My child,
Your inner progress-road
Is always so bumpy
Because instead of ignoring
You are adoring your busy body-mind."


My Lord Supreme,
How can I arrest
The doubt-intruder?
"Easy, My child,
Just make friends
With the faith-protector."


My Lord Supreme,
Please be extremely honest with me.
Do You ever care
For my desire-deformation?
"My child,
To be extremely honest with you,
I do not have the time to care
For your desire-deformation."
Then, my Lord Supreme,
Do You have time to care for anything?
"Yes, I do, I do, My child.
I have always time to care
Only for your aspiration-perfection."


My Lord Supreme,
I know You are extremely busy.
Do You think You will be able
To ask my soul to be
My life's decision-maker?
"My child,
I can ask your soul
Only on one condition:
If you are ready to become
Your heart's sincerity-cry."


My Lord Supreme,
When I deliberately
Put destruction-thorns
In your beautiful Vision-Eye,
Do You not get hurt?
"No, My child, not at all.
But I do get hurt
When you do not dare to claim Me
As your own, very own."


My Lord Supreme,
How can I make You
Extremely and eternally happy?
"My child,
You can make Me
Extremely and eternally happy
If you sleeplessly soar
With your soul's selflessness-wings
And make a solemn promise to Me
That you will at once become
A lifelong citizen of Heaven on earth
And a lifelong citizen of earth in Heaven,
For I sleeplessly need you
In My streaming human cries
And in My illumining divine Smiles."


My Lord Supreme,
Am I the only spoiled child
In Your Family?
"No, no, no, My child,
There are five more:
Your ingratitude-heart-sister,
Your impurity-mind-brother,
Your insincerity-vital-cousin,
Your stupidity-body-nephew
And your lethargy-life-niece."


A sincere
Does not need
Stretching exercises.