1. The perfect ones

His life is the perfect general
Of reality’s empty dreams.

His soul is the perfect soldier
Of dream’s empty reality.

His goal is the perfect voice
Of Eternity’s empty choice.

His God is the perfect slave
Of Immortality’s empty role.

2. What God has made me

My body desired to be
 A great runner.
But God has made me
 A God-lover.

My vital desired to be
 A great warrior.
But God has made me
 A God-lover.

My mind desired to be
 A great thinker.
But God has made me
 A God-lover.

My heart desired to be
 A God-lover.
But God has made me
 Another God.

3. No difference

No difference
His earth-life
His arrows of dark desire-night.

No difference
His Heaven-life
His stars of blue Perfection-Light.

No difference
His God-life
His love-flames of Oneness-Delight.

4. Slow trains

The world’s slow train:
 My love-cry.
Alas, what can I do?

The world’s slower train:
 My sacrifice-smile.
Alas, what have I done?

The world’s slowest train:
 My oneness-embrace.
Alas, what shall I do?

5. Time

  O seeker,
You are the user of Time.

  O meditator,
You are the seer of Time.

  O lover,
You are the fulfiller of Time.

  O God,
You are the Player of time.

6. When I think

When I think of myself
 I know
What an invading pleasure is.

When I think of God
 I know
What a perishing pleasure is.

When I think not,
 I know not
Where pleasure-treasure is,
When I judge not
 I know
Where perfection-satisfaction is.

7. He and imperfection

He and his imperfect life
Feel that they can perfect the world.

He and his imperfect heart
Feel that God’s arrival is overdue.

He and his imperfect dream
Feel that Reality-sun purposely delays.

8. O suffering Christ

O suffering Christ,
My heart of love
Suffers with you and for you.

O forgiving Christ,
My love of life
Enjoys with you and for you.

O illumining Christ,
My life of love
Is for you, only for you.

9. Perfection-touch, imperfection-key

God has given me
His Perfection-touch;
Satisfaction is within my easy reach.

Man has given me
His imperfection-key;
I fail to open God’s Compassion-door
And my own aspiration-door.

10. My two lovers

Death loves me;
He has bandaged
My heart of bleeding experience.

Immortality loves me;
She has engaged
My incapacity
To blossom in her divinity.

11. Not for them

Not for the complaining stream
 The Silence-sea.

Not for the complaining lamp
 The Illumination-sun.

Not for the complaining mind
 The Liberation-God.

But for the complaining soul
 The Compassion-Lord.

12. The reason is obvious

 My brave day sinks
In my darkening night.
 My confident heart sinks
In my trembling fear.
  Do you know why?
The reason is obvious.
When I was wearing my victory-crown
When I was sitting on the victory-throne
I consciously forgot
To place at God’s Feet
My garland of surrender-gratitude.

13. Perfection-moon, Satisfaction-sun

O Darkness-night,
Don’t spread your jealous wings.

O Effulgence-day,
Heighten your zealous heart.

O Perfection-moon,
Quicken my life-boat.

O Satisfaction-sun,
Brighten my Reality-shore.

14. She

 He speaks,
Yet he says nothing.
 She speaks not,
Yet she says everything:
The depth of God-realisation
The height of man-perfection.
Man adores her
She is his voice.
God loves her
She is His peerless Choice.