1. Do the gods feel sorry?

Do the gods feel sorry?
 Yes, they do.
 Because men surpass them.

Does God feel sorry?
 Yes, He does.
 Because most men
Do not dare to play with Him,
  Let alone compete with
   Or surpass

2. Motion and rest

Motion and rest
 Complete God’s Game.
Motion and rest
 Are two brothers.

Rest prepares;
 Motion distributes.
Rest dives deep within;
 Motion flies far without.

In rest God dreams
 His Reality-life.
In motion God becomes
 One and inseparable
  With His Dream-fulfilled Boat.

3. What is it?

Wisdom, what is it?
Peace, what is it?
Satisfaction, what is it?
Perfection, what is it?
    More Light,
     Abundant Light,
      Light infinite.

4. After the long inner struggle

There was a time
When he was far removed from Truth.
Now he measures
 Not only
His life
 But also
The immensity of God’s Depth
The infinity of God’s Height.
After the long inner struggle
 He sees the meaning of life,
 He feels the meaning of light.

5. Contradictions

Human birth
Are contradictory.

Human life
Are contradictory.

Human goal
Are contradictory.

6. No sin, no virtue

When sin plagues him
 He cries aloud.
When virtue plagues him
 He cries aloud.
His Lord today tells him:
“No sin, no virtue, My son.
 Only think that
I experience the life-breath
 Of every moment
In a different way,
That’s all.”

7. When I confide

When I confide my secrets
 To my mind,
My mind betrays me
  In a jungle of confusion.

When I confide my secrets
 To my vital,
My vital throws me
  Into a tornado of destruction.

When I confide my secrets
 To my heart,
My heart takes me
  To my soul
 For special guidance.

And when I confide my secrets
 To my soul,
My God-Goal immediately
  Runs towards me.

8. Words

A man of strength
Is a man of few words.

A man of silence
Speaks no words.

A man of divinity
Uses words
 To please God,
 To bring down God,
 To manifest God the Dream on earth
 To fulfil God the Dreamer in Heaven.

9. Of you, for you

You have seen
 What was never kept concealed.
You have found
 What was never kept hidden.
You have found your God,
 Who has always been
 In the heart of your love-light.
No matter how sincere you are,
No matter how hard you work
 To disqualify yourself for God-realisation,
You shall sadly fail.
 For God’s Transcendental Dream is of you,
 And God’s Universal Reality is for you.

10. Expectations

I expect nothing from earth,
I expect nothing from Heaven.
My Supreme expects
   In and through me
From earth’s life.
My Supreme expects
   In and through me
From Heaven’s soul.
Earth has fulfilled our expectation:
Heaven has fulfilled our expectation:

11. Two wicked sinners, two loving friends

Doubt and jealousy are
 Two wicked sinners.

Faith and hope are
 Two loving friends.

Courage and sacrifice are
 Two noble souls.

Beauty and Purity are
 The seeker’s heart.

Truth and God are
 Reality’s eyes.

12. One with extinction’s sigh

He avoided humanity
 Because humanity was sick and weak.

He avoided Divinity
 Because Divinity was strong
   and indifferent.

He stayed inside his fearful cave
   and tearful heart
Until he become one with extinction’s sigh.

13. Three messages

He had only three messages to give:
   One to Heaven,
   One to earth,
   One to hell.
“Dear Heaven,
 Be careful of your indifference-power.
Dear earth,
 Be careful of your ignorance-length.
Dear hell,
 Be careful of Satan’s autocracy.”

14. To receive

To receive humanity
 I need an abundance of space.

To receive divinity
 I need an abundance of grace.

To receive God
 I need an abundance of surrender.

To receive my own lower being
 I need an abundance of power.