Author’s introduction


Today the poet in me has written these 50 poems.

Today I offer my most sincere gratitude to the perfect typist and the untiring server in Nivedan.

Today the great and divine artist in Pratyay deserves my most special gratitude.

Today the exemplary services rendered by Kalyan, Ashpriha, Mangal, Joe, Dhanu, Sevananda, Bansidhar, Jose Luis, Kanti, Indu, Jolie, Daisy, Drona, Madhavi, Ananta, Eulogio, Nadeshwar, Eshana, Aidita, Lester, Ricky, Anna and many more have found their home in my grateful heart for masking, printing, collating and completing this book to my great satisfaction.

(signed by) Sri Chinmoy
29 January 1974

1. Don’t believe

My foolish heart,
Who told you
That I do not love you?
Don’t believe insecurity.
I tell you,
Insecurity is a graceless liar.

My foolish mind,
Who told you
That I do not need you?
Don’t believe doubt.
I tell you,
Doubt is a hopeless liar.

My foolish vital,
Who told you
That I hate you?
Don’t believe impurity.
I tell you,
Impurity is a shameless liar.

My foolish body,
Who told you
That I force you?
Don’t believe lethargy.
I tell you,
Lethargy is a useless liar.

2. When I explored

When I explored
The frontiers of my mind,
Vastness-Light embraced me.

When I explored
The frontiers of my heart,
Oneness-Height embraced me.

When I explored
The frontiers of my soul,
My cry found its perfect home
  In God’s Smile
  God’s Smile found its perfect Home
In my cry.

3. The songs of love

What makes an animal an animal?
    Animal love.

What makes a man a man?
    Human love.

What makes God God?
    Divine love.

Animal love is Eternity’s destruction.
Human love is Infinity’s suspicion.
Divine love is Immortality’s Perfection.

4. The songs of power

What is flower-power
If not my ever-expanding horizon?

What is candle-power
If not my ever-climbing height?

What is incense-power
If not my ever-deepening depth?

What is my aspiration-power
If not God’s unconditional love for me?

What is my realisation-power
If not my oneness-manifestation
With Perfection-God?

5. My four points

Was my starting point.
Is my finishing point.
Shall be my ever-becoming point.
Shall be my ever-transcending point.

6. The songs of expansion

Expand your unaspiring individuality.
Lo, you are a fragment
Totally isolated.

Expand your aspiring individuality.
Lo, you are searching
Significantly fulfilling.

Expand your surrendering individuality.
Lo, you have revealed
Supremely manifested
God the Dreamer in you
You the Lover of God.

7. The songs of unhappiness

O my unhappy old age,
I suffer with you.

O my unhappy God-face,
I suffer for you.

O my unhappy God-grace,
Where are you?
I don’t see you.
I assure you,
  From today
I shall love you only.
I shall fulfil you only.

8. The songs of my inner family members

Aspiration is the secret life
   Of my soul-seed.
Realisation is the sacred life
   Of my heart-plant.
Revelation is the confident life
   Of my mind-tree.
Manifestation is the inspiring life
   Of my vital-flower.
Perfection is the fulfilling life
   Of my body-fruit.

9. The songs of acceptance

For the world-acceptance
I wrote my books
With the tears of my desire-eyes.

For God-acceptance
I write my books
With the tears of my aspiration-heart.

For my own acceptance
I shall write my books
With the tears of my perfection-soul.

10. Alas

Alas, the twain have met:
My helpless body and my hopeless vital.

Alas, the twain have not met:
My searching mind and my loving heart.

Alas, will the twain ever meet?
My serving soul and my fulfilling Goal.

11. My desire-world and my aspiration-world

In my world of desire
My body and my soul
Were the dreamers of different dreams.
My body’s sleepless dream: temptation.
My soul’s ageless dream: compassion.

In my world of aspiration
My body and my soul
Are the dreamers of one single dream:

12. He passed beyond

He passed beyond the world
Of imitation-admiration.
His vision-sky is divinely happy.

He passed beyond the world
Of illumination-realisation.
God’s Existence-Light is supremely happy.

He passed beyond the world
Of revelation-perfection.
He and God are
    Infinity’s Beauty,
    Eternity’s Duty
    Immortality’s Reality.

13. Alternatives

You exhausted
Your Heaven-free
Therefore death-frown
Wanted to devour you.

You have exhausted
Your earth-bound
Therefore God’s Crown
Shines in you,
God’s Palace
Treasures you,
God’s Kingdom
Embraces you.