1. What do I do?

What do I do?
I meditate.
 On whom?
  On God.
 For whom?
  For God.

And what do I do
In my spare time?
 I write love-letters to God.
 I compose love-songs for God.

2. I can wait for Him

I know that
My Lord Supreme
Will come at His choice Hour.
I know that everything in me
Will reach Perfection’s height.
Devotedly I can wait for Him.
I certainly can.

3. Thinking, planning, doing

  Father Supreme,
You know what I am thinking,
You know what I am planning,
You know what I shall be doing.

  In case You do not know,
 Let me tell You:
I am thinking of loving You more.
I am planning to serve You more.
I shall be doing everything for You
Beloved Supreme, I sincerely mean it.

4. I am happy

My sweet Lord,
 I am happy
  I am always in Your world.
 I am happier
  You are always in charge of my life.
 I am happiest
  I need You only.

5. The beauty of Eastern light

Why did he leave his church?
 He left his church
 Not because it was unaspiring.

Why did he leave his priest?
 He left his priest
 Not because he was uninspiring.

He left his church,
He left his priest,
 Because he needs his life’s
  Total and immediate transformation.
And for that what he needs
  Is the beauty of Eastern light.

6. Oneness-heart

Doubt, I am sorry,
I have already told you
That I shall go with somebody else.
I may, however, do you a last favour.
You want to know who he is?
He is my very old, forgotten friend
And your eternal enemy:

7. Earth and Heaven, what is happening?

Earth, what is happening?
Why are you so sad?
You mean you do not know
That God needs you?
I tell you, He definitely needs you.
For God’s sake, do not treasure
False thought-world.

Heaven, what is happening?
Why are you dancing?
You mean God always needs you?
Don’t be a fool.
God can perfectly live without you.
I warn you,
He certainly can.

8. Supreme reliance

I was super-confident
 Of my success-life.

I am confident
 Of my progress-life.

I shall rely only on God’s
 Unconditional Compassion-Life.

9. You are more than beautiful

O my surrender-light,
All the divine qualities
Are beautiful,
But you are more than beautiful;
You are fruitful.

Love I need
To see the Face of God.
Devotion I need
To feel within my heart
The Presence of God.
You I need
To please God constantly,
To fulfil God unconditionally.

10. In common

Earth, I need you,
We do not have anything
  In common.

Heaven, I love you,
We do not have anything
  In common.

God, I need you,
 I love You
You and I have many things
  In common.

Alas, where are You?
And where am I?

11. God is charmed by me

Alas, why did I fall
In love with ignorance-night?
I should have known long before
What it was really like.

Now God is unmistakably
Charmed by me.
Alas, will I be able to give Him
All my attention
Pay Him His absolute due?

I hope it is not too late —
  Alas, alas!

12. Earth-promise and Heaven-indulgence

 You are on earth,
Be pure in your heart,
Be sure of your life.

 You are in Heaven,
Be sincere to your earth-promise,
Be careful of your Heaven-indulgence.

13. My presence and Your Presence

Lord Supreme, the difference
My presence in You
Your Presence in me
  Is this:
My presence helps You
 To relax and rest.
Your Presence makes me
 Feel safe and secure.

14. What is worth becoming?

Lord Supreme, what is worth loving?
“Son, oneness-beauty.”

Lord Supreme, what is worth doing?
“Son, satisfaction-duty.”

Lord Supreme, what is worth becoming?
“Son, perfection-reality.”