1. No difference

No difference

No difference

2. Don’t be aloof

Don’t be aloof.
God does not want that.

Don’t be aloof.
The world cannot brook that.

Don’t be aloof.
Your soul does not understand that.

Don’t be aloof.
Your life may revolt
Man, the future God.

3. Tell me the difference

Tell me the difference
Love divine
Permanent liberation.

Tell me the difference
Expansion divine
Lasting perfection.

Tell me the difference

4. Appreciation

I appreciate my heart
It deserves appreciation.

I appreciate my mind
It wants appreciation.

I appreciate my vital
It cries for appreciation.

I appreciate my body
It needs appreciation.

5. Dreams

Bad dreams frighten me,
My helpless vital.

Good dreams enlighten me,
My fearless heart.

Earth-dreams discourage me,
My infant mind.

Heaven-dreams illumine me,
My orphan-body.

6. Sound-boat, silence-boat

When the sound-boat
Touches the Silence-shore,
I see the glorification
Of the finite
In the core of the Infinite.

When the Silence-boat
Touches the sound-shore,
I discover the perfection
Of the Infinite
In the core of the finite.

7. The kingdom of God’s Soul

O dark cave of my mind,
Do not feel sorry.
My Lord Supreme
Shall visit you tomorrow,
Without fail.

O vast palace of my heart,
Lo, who is at your gate?
Don’t you recognise Him?
He is your Beloved Supreme.

“O boundless kingdom of My Soul,
Do you not remember
That you embody My Dream-sky,
That you reveal My Reality-sea
That you manifest My Divinity-height?”

8. Stay with the present

Stay with the past.
You will receive
Thunder-kicks from death.

Stay with the future.
You will see
The destruction-frown
Of measureless temptation.

Stay with the present.
You will eat
The Reality-fruit
Of Divinity-dawn.

9. Our different occupations

Earth speaks untiringly.
Heaven dreams ceaselessly.
The seeker in mankind seeks rarely.
The lover in mankind fails miserably.
God pilots unconditionally.
And I sleep in ignorance eternally.

10. God honours me

When I aspire
God honours me.
He tells the world
That I am His fond child,
I am His choice instrument.

When I do not aspire
He also honours me.
He tells the world
That I am His future Choice,
I am His future Voice,
I shall embody His future Race,
I shall reveal His future Face.

11. Two unlucky souls

Lord, how long
  Can we endure our separation?
Let us settle our dispute
  Once and for all.
I shall share with You
What I have: ignorance-night.
You shall share with me
What You have: Nectar-light.

Daughter, I try and cry,
  Cry and try,
To share with you.
You neither receive
  My cherished treasure,
Nor do you share
  Your treasure with Me;
We play the role of
Two unlucky souls
  And two helpless lives.

12. The barrier of nearness

The barrier of nearness
At times does exist.
   But why?
The seeker does not surrender
His earthbound fondness to
The Master-leader;
The seeker builds a paradise of his own
  Where he wants to possess
  The Master ceaselessly
Before the Master
  Claims and proclaims him
  Compassionately and proudly
   As his own, very own.

13. Because he is weak, because he is compassionate

  Because he is weak,
I love and support man
Against the denizens
Of the other worlds.

  Because He is compassionate,
I love and support God
Against me, my life
And my world.

14. To buy a blessing

  I have spent
All my aspiration-wealth
  To buy a smile
From the face of Heaven.

  I have spent
All my dedication-wealth
  To buy a cry
From the heart of earth.

  I have spent
All my surrender-wealth
  To buy a blessing
From the Feet of God.