1. Sleep

Lord, is sleep death or rest?

“Son, sleep is death; sleep is rest.
Sleep is fulfilling rest
When angels visit you
You enter into the world
Of the illumining Beyond.
Sleep is death
When the vital world
Threatens you and frightens you.
Sleep is death
When you fail to see
The flow of Eternity’s river
Your consciousness-realm.”

2. Precious

Each thought is precious
 When we live in the world
  Of desire.

A precious thought blossoms
 In the Garden
  Of God’s gracious Light.

A precious will is born
 In the Heart
  Of God’s Intuition bright.

A precious surrender is born
 When God and man
  Barter their precious treasures:

   Man, his agelong ignorance-sea;
  God, His Infinity’s Peace and Bliss.

3. Cover

My sweet Lord,
Do You cover
 My falsehood-life,

“My sweet daughter,
I cover them not;
Again, I expose them not.
I claim your possession-world
As my reality’s substance
And essence.
I own your little world
I endeavour to change the face
Of your little world
To My Satisfaction-Light.”

4. Smile

Lord Supreme,
I smile to draw the attention
Of my little world around me.
But why do You smile?
What makes You smile?

“My daughter,
Nothing compels Me to smile.
Nothing compels Me to do anything.
But yet I do and act,
For I know I am not only the Doer
But also the action;
I am not only the Speaker
But also the speech.
If I fail to unite My creation-flower
With My Creator-seed,
Nothing can breathe on earth
Even for a fleeting second.
My child, I smile
Because inside the Heart of My Smile
Beauty’s day dawns;
Inside the Body of My Smile
Duty’s morn breaks.”

5. Grace

Lord Supreme,
Is there any difference
Your supernal Grace
Reality’s face?

“My daughter sweet,
No difference at all.
I tell you a secret supreme:
The outer world,
My outer creation,
Pays no attention
To the omnipotent power of Grace.
But I depend, on earth,
On the descending flow
Of My own transcendental Grace.
My Grace is not only My preparation-seed
But My Perfection-Tree.”

6. Self-forgetfulness

My sweetest Lord Supreme,
Is self-forgetfulness
 A divine blessing
 An animal curse?

“Self-forgetfulness can never be
 A curse.
It can only be
 A sad experience
In a seeker’s ever-running and
 Transcending journey
  To the Beyond.
The self-forgetfulness of the puny “I”
Is a blessing supreme indeed,
As the self-remembrance of the giant “I”
Is an unparalleled blessing
On the seeker’s march along the path
 Of reality’s space.
Forget the sad and the saddening past;
Remember the illumining and the illumined present.
Accelerate the birth and the life-flow
 Of the fast-approaching future-noon.
Before the dawn of realisation-height,
Self-forgetfulness at times saves
The seeker’s inner sky
 And outer moon.
After the birth of realisation-height,
Self-forgetfulness in the heart
 Of a Master divine
Is the zenith of impossibility remote.”

7. God’s first secret

Do you know
What God told me the other day?
I am telling you
In top secrecy.
If you breathe a word to God
I shall never tell you anything again.
Remember, be careful!
Needless to say,
God has shared with me
Millions of His sacred secrets.
Now I shall share with you
His first secret:
 At the end of your journey’s close
 Your epitaph will read
  ‘An unfulfilled tear of God’;
 My epitaph will read
  ‘A fulfilled smile of God.’
Remember, be careful!
If you breathe a word to God
I shall not share anything else with you;
 No, not even the precise hour
      of your God-realisation
  Which God told me
 Only this morning
  In top secrecy.

8. Trophies and smiles

I love the trophies
Of a world-conqueror.
They show me
What God the Beggar
Needs and gets.

I love the smiles
Of a world-lover.
They show me
What God the Emperor
Gives and is.

9. O child of the Sun-God

O child of the Sun-God,
Did you ask your Father
How much Wisdom-power
He has kept aside
 For you?
“I did ask my Father!
He said
He has not kept aside
Even a flame of Wisdom-power
 For me.
I shall have to deserve and acquire.”

O child of the Moon-Goddess,
Did you ask your Mother
How much Love-perfection
She has kept aside
 For you?
“I did ask my Mother!
She said
She has kept aside
Her Love-perfection-universe
 For me.
She is eagerly waiting
For me to claim it as my very own.”

10. Echo

Echo of my life:

Echo of Heaven:
 I don’t have it.
 Love? I don’t have it.
 Perfection? I don’t have it.

Echo of God:
 Son, what have you done
 With My Love?
 What have you done
 With My Perfection?
 Have you squandered everything
 Like an earthly fool?
No, Father, no!
 Where then is My boundless Love?
 Where then is My deathless Perfection?

11. O Lord, I trust

Lord, I trust Your sacred Heart.
It tells me
 I am all Yours.

Lord, I trust Your secret Breath.
It tells me
 You are all mine.

Lord, I trust Your open Soul.
It tells me
 I shall perform the things
 That You Yourself have failed
 To perform on earth:

12. God’s bounden duty

O my infant eyes,
Don’t worry!
God is nearing
Your vision-light.

O my orphan heart,
Don’t worry!
God the Father
God the Mother
Are totally incomplete
Without you.
It is Their bounden duty
To blossom within you
For you, for you alone.

13. My hymns

My mind-desert hymn:
  God is dry.
My mind needs Him, His dryness,
To be away from the world.

My heart-forest hymn:
  God is dense.
My heart needs Him, His density,
To be in the heart-life of the world
The love-soul of the world.

14. When I left the body

My bugle grieved
When I left the body
For a future hope-life.
Do you believe it?
Well, I tell you,
God believes me totally,
And needless to say,

My bugle smiled
When I left the body
For a future surrender-love.
Do you believe it?
Well, I tell you,
God believes me unreservedly,
And needless to say,