1. Give and surrender

Give! Grasp not!
You will reach far beyond
Your grasp.

Surrender! Demand not!
Your achievement will far surpass
Your imagination-sky.

2. When all else has passed away

When all else has passed away
Your imagination-dreamer
Will remain with you.

When all else has passed away
Your inspiration-runner
Will remain with you.

When all else has passed away
Your aspiration-climber
Will remain with you.

When all else has passed away
Your realisation-diver
Will remain with you.

3. My ancient promise

Lord, You are with me;
I am not afraid
Of the darkening and frightening clouds
In my mind.

Lord, You are with me;
I am ready
To brave the storms
In my heart.

Lord, You are with me;
I shall be worthy
Of my ancient promise to You:
  In the core of my body-life.

4. God’s Dream-Reality

I think
I am an animal,
And I mean it.
God declares
I am another God.
Who is right?
We both are right.

  God lives in the Dream-Reality
Of His Perfection-light.
  I live in the reality-dream
Of my destruction-night.

5. Slowly and quickly

Descend to the level of dust.

Ascend to the heights of Heaven.

Run to the farthest corner of the outer world.

Dive into the deepest depths of the inner world.

6. Because of you

Lord, You love me proudly;
You are on my lips

Lord, I love You devotedly;
I am on Your Lips

Lord, because of me
Your Boat may sink.
“Son, because of you
  My Boat will sail

7. Accept what comes

Don’t pick, don’t choose;
Accept what comes!
If you devotedly
Accept what comes,
Then in the heart of your world history
You unmistakably shall become
What God eternally is.

8. Progression

What isolates, divides.
What divides, tempts.
What tempts, frustrates.
What frustrates, destroys.
What destroys, fails.
What fails, conceals.
What conceals, is exposed.
What is exposed, surrenders.
What surrenders, becomes
  The future God.

9. Manifestation

All manifestation
In the outer world
Is an imitation-fool
A limitation-cave.

All manifestation
In the inner world
Is a perfection-light
A satisfaction-smile.

10. Express and sublimate

Express, do not suppress.
If you suppress,
Your destruction will be drawing nigh.

Sublimate, do not eradicate.
If you eradicate,
You may die before you reach
  Your Perfection-Goal.

11. What they tell me

My desire-night tells me
What I can easily do.

My aspiration-light tells me
What I can eventually become.

My Realisation-Perfection tells me
What I eternally am.

12. Love, serve and surrender

   Love God.
You will be able
  To go to God.

   Serve God.
God will definitely
  Come to you.

   Surrender to God.
God will offer you
His transcendental Throne.

13. Who am I?

Who am I?
A poor singer.
Who am I?
A poor poet.
Who am I?
A poor seeker.
Who am I?
A rich lover of God.

14. Pure thinking

Pure thinking is not escaping

Pure thinking is not observation

Pure thinking is not experimentation

Pure thinking is not God-fearing