She Wanted Me To Do More

When I lifted 604 pounds with one arm, my physical mother appeared before me in the inner world, full of compassion, to watch. After the fourth attempt, she wanted me to do more. I said, “I am tired. I am satisfied with this.”

— 27 October 1986

Help In Reaching My Goal

This morning I reached my ultimate goal — 705 pounds. I have done it with my Beloved Supreme’s infinite Grace. Just before I started lifting, my prayer was:

My Lord Supreme, My Beloved Supreme, Your infinite Compassion decides The choice hour for me. Your infinite Compassion also transforms My human greed Into Your divine Need.

When human greed becomes His divine Need, then one can be of real inspiration and true service to mankind. So this was my prayer, and a few minutes after it was offered, I was able to lift 705 pounds.

When I lift, there is always some divine Grace in the form of gods, goddesses or relatives and friends who come to inspire me. They are of real help. Today it was my dearer-than-the-dearest Mother Kali who came. Inside me she is always visible, but today I saw her very vividly on the wall, where the window is. She had a larger-than-the-largest garland around her neck. I saw it when I was lifting. On my third attempt she was looking at me so powerfully and compassionately. On my fourth attempt I clearly saw her placing her feet on the metal plates and the bar. Then I saw in my intuitive world that I was going to lift it. On that attempt, I was looking only at her face. My concentration was so powerful at that time, I didn’t see the garland, and I was wondering where it went. Then, in my highest point of concentration, I saw that the garland was on my neck. Then I made the attempt and I was successful. She had garlanded me before I had actually made the lift. Then I lifted it again on my fifth attempt. After that she was playing with the garland she had placed on me.

Now I can cut jokes. About a month ago some of the disciples didn’t have faith that I would be able to lift 700 pounds. I said I would put them into garbage bags. So many disciples I put in garbage bags! Today I can open up the garbage bags and release them.

— 1 November 1986

All Credit To Mother Kali

This morning when I was attempting to lift 800 pounds with one arm, Mother Kali was right in front of me, full of compassion and power. When I was about to make my fourth attempt, Mother Kali said to me, “My son, it is already done.” Then I did lift 800 pounds.

So for both 700 and 800 pounds, all credit goes to my dearest Mother Kali.

— 7 November 1986

A Visit From Nivedita

Early this morning while I was taking exercise, Mother Kali and the soul of my physical mother were there. The soul of Nivedita was also there for at least 45 minutes.

Nivedita’s soul is most beautiful, most beautiful. So lovingly she was watching me while I was taking various exercises. She was moving around and telling me, “My Lord, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!” And she was absolutely right, absolutely right! This morning I lifted up 1,007 ľ pounds. As soon as I completed the lift she offered me a most beautiful flower, and while offering the flower she said, “Congratulations, my Lord, and my eternal gratitude.”

These visions are more real to me than my own name, Chinmoy. Chinmoy is just a fleeting name, an earthly name. But my God-realisation-experiences, visions and illuminations, which come from my Beloved Supreme’s infinite Compassion, are infallible and immortal.

— 10 November 1986

Jim Smith’s Farm

The day after we inaugurated the meditation at the British Parliament, we went to visit Jim Smith, the Registrar of Records for the British Amateur Weight Lifters’ Association. He lives about an hour and a half from London on a farm. There he has a flock of sheep and some cows. One of the rams was very bad-tempered, so he had to grab it by the horns. He used the word “nasty” when talking about the ram.

He also has six or seven ducks which he wanted to show me. I said, “Oh, this reminds me of my Chittagong days. Every week there I used to eat duck and duck eggs.”

He couldn’t believe it. He never eats duck, but he eats chicken and chicken eggs, which I never ate. He said he also eats fish. I said, “I used to eat fish every day. And until the age of 11 or 12, I used to eat turtle and duck.”

— 16 November 1986

Brenda Smith

When I first arrived, Jim Smith’s wife, Brenda, didn’t want to shake hands with me. She said her hands were dirty because she had been baking. Finally she said, “Do you mind if I shake hands with my left hand?”

She is very simple, with a very good heart. She had all kinds of refreshments, plus four or five kinds of tea. Since I don’t drink tea, I asked for hot chocolate, and she was miserable that she didn’t have it. So I had orange juice. After I drank a second orange juice, I put the glass on the floor. Then, while I was talking I accidentally kicked the glass. I had forgotten that it was there, but fortunately I had already drunk the juice. I apologised like anything, but Brenda said, “Oh never mind, never mind. There is nothing inside.”

Before we left, Brenda gave gifts to everyone — a tie or a muffler made from their own sheep’s wool. She gave me a beautiful brown and white sheepskin, which she said I should stand on while I do my lifting.

— 16 November 1986

The Gold Medal

Jim Smith was so surprised to see the pictures of my elephant lift. When he saw the truck and the plane, he put his hands on his head. He was so happy when he saw the 800-pound one-arm lift. I asked him, “Is it all right?”

He saw very clearly that I was lifting the weight off the power rack. Then he said, “I am sure you have done 1,000 pounds by now!”

We were still hiding the 1,000-pound picture, but then we showed it to him. When he saw it, he used the term “balmy.” He looked at it for a few seconds, then went running to the gym to show it to his students.

When he came back, he gave me a gold medal that he had had made when he heard I was definitely coming. He showed it to me and then put it around my neck. It says, “Sri Chinmoy — 5x bwt,” which means “five times body weight.” Then it says, “Right arm, November 1986.” Under that it says, “British Amateur Weight Lifters’ Association.” Then in Latin on a kind of crest or shield is written, “Faith moves mountains.” Jim apologised that the medal was already out of date, because he didn’t know before that I had already lifted more than six times my body weight. But he said he had definitely been expecting me to do it.

— 16 November 1986

An Olympic Hopeful

Jim expects one of his students to be in the Olympics in 1992. He is doing very well in weightlifting. At one point, this boy came up to me with the picture of my 1,600-pound calf raise. He was telling me that he has been practising for four or five years but he cannot lift more than 300 or 400 pounds. He wanted to know how I can do 1,600. He is only about 18 years old, and quite short, but very strong.

— 16 November 1986

Agraha’s Weightlifting

Jim Smith is dead against my using dumbbells. He said that using a dumbbell with one hand is not good, whereas barbells give better protection. You can see if anything is going to happen.

He was giving a demonstration with a 60 or 70-pound barbell. Then he wanted his best friend Agraha to come and join him. Agraha, poor fellow, was absolutely miserable. First Jim Smith requested him; then it became almost a command. So Agraha went to try.

First Jim Smith told him, “Now lift up the barbell to your knees.”

So Agraha lifted it up to his knees.

Then Jim Smith said, “Don’t look at me. Only look at my shoulders. Now you have to lift it to your shoulders!” The command was coming absolutely from the commander-in-chief. So Agraha lifted it up to his shoulders. Afterwards, his face was totally pale.

Then Jim Smith practically shouted at him, “Now you have to lift it over your head!” It was such a powerful command that Agraha did lift it over his head. They are such good friends!

— 16 November 1986

Constant Encouragement

I have never seen any Briton with such a kind, sympathetic oneness-heart. I used to always say that the British are measured; each word they say is measured. But for Jim Smith there is no measurement. It is all immeasurable — a spontaneous flow right from the beginning.

Jim Smith’s concern for me and his constant encouragement are really something. Jim Smith and Bill Pearl — one from America and one from England — have offered me constant, constant encouragement and inspiration.

When I told Jim that I am now aiming at 1,300, he said, “No, no, not 1,300 — 1,500! 1,300 is not necessary. Now that you have gone beyond what the mind can comprehend in your weightlifting, you can do what the mind can’t even imagine!”

— 16 November 1986

Spiritual Power Is Still Alive

A friend of mine at the Ashram has said, “In the West people don’t believe in spiritual power. They think that spiritual power is dead. So here is the proof that it is alive.”

He says that by my weightlifting I am proving that spiritual power is still alive.

— 16 November 1986

Mother Kali Is Always There

When I was lifting 1,317 ľ pounds with one arm, again Mother Kali came! Mother Kali is always there.

— 17 November 1986

An Uplifting Meal

Today, with my seated calf raise machine, I lifted some of the actual kinds of food that I get from Annam Brahma — nearly 500 pounds each of rice, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, onions and dab. So all these my disciples will eat next Sunday. Annam Brahma will make a very special meal using the actual vegetables that I have lifted.

— 18 November 1986

The Strongest Man In The World

The other day Saral was eating in a vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan. A man and a woman sitting next to him were talking about the proper diet for athletes. The man was a weightlifter. He was saying that weightlifters don’t need much protein. Then he said, “Well, the strongest man in the world, Sri Chinmoy, doesn’t eat any meat.” Later Saral talked to the man and gave him some of my books and pictures.

— 18 November 1986

The Bengali Miracle Man

Just an hour ago I spoke to my sister in India. Two days ago in an Indian newspaper in Calcutta there was an article about my lifting the big elephant. The paper said I was a “miracle man,” and claimed me as a Bengali.

— 25 November 1986