Some highlights of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting to the end of 1988

26 June 1985 Began weightlifting with a lift of 40 pounds from the ground using right arm
6 September 1985 Lifted 85 pounds from the ground with right arm
9 October 1985 Lifted 106¾ pounds from a rack with right arm
18 November 1985 Lifted 155 pounds with right arm
16 January 1986 Lifted 170 pounds with right arm
6 March 1986 Lifted 200 pounds with right arm
10 April 1986 Lifted 103¾ pounds from the ground with right arm
1 June 1986 Standing calf raise of 400 pounds
14 June 1986 Standing calf raise of 1,000 pounds
30 July 1986 Standing calf raise of 1,500 pounds
31 July 1986 Lifted 250½ pounds with right arm
11 August 1986 Lifted 303¼ pounds with right arm (214th attempt)
21 September 1986 Lifted 400½ pounds with right arm
1 November 1986 Lifted 705¾ pounds with right arm
27 November 1986 Lifted 2,039 pounds with right arm
30 November 1986 Standing calf raise of 2,038 pounds
20 January 1987 Lifted 3,081¾ pounds with right arm
30 January 1987 Lifted 7,063¾ pounds with right arm
6 May 1988 Lifted 100 pounds in each arm simultaneously
13 May 1988 Lifted 120 pounds in each arm simultaneously
17 May 1988 Lifted 130 pounds in each arm simultaneously
13 June 1988 Lifted 150 pounds (equal bodyweight) in each arm simultaneously
26 June 1988 Began “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” programme by lifting Mahasamrat Bill Pearl
4 August 1988 Lifted 7,040¼ pounds with left arm
3 November 1988 Lifted 700th person (Fred Lebow) as part of “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart”
7 November 1988 Lifted his own bodyweight, 155½ pounds, overhead 100 times in 68 minutes 23 seconds, alternating arms
19 November 1988 Lifted his own bodyweight, 156 pounds, overhead 100 times in 22 minutes 43 seconds, alternating arms

My night-time tv appearance

I am sure you do not watch television at four o’clock in the morning, but had you been watching Channel 5 last night at four o’clock, you would have seen me lifting 200 pounds with one arm! Dhanu went to the store of the man who sold us the video camera that takes the weightlifting pictures and he said that he saw me on television. His little child was crying, so he had to get up at four in the morning. Then he turned on the television and saw me lifting. He was so happy and proud because he sold us the video camera which takes pictures of my weightlifting.

16 April 1986

Exercising to my Indian tapes

When I take exercise in my main room, I put the tape recorder in another room so that I do not become totally absorbed in the music. Usually I take exercise for about 40 minutes. Every day I take a new tape and listen to it. I specially like the tapes of some famous Bengali singers singing songs by Rabindranath Tagore. Indian tapes are so unique! Sometimes there is talking during the singing, sometimes they cough. Everything is there, and then they sell these tapes!

23 May 1986

Finding my picture

I wanted to find my picture in the magazine “Physical Fitness and Muscular Development.” When I was in Hawaii recently, I saw the clipping and so I knew it was in the November issue. When I went to buy the magazine, I saw that the cover was unbearable. Then I opened up the magazine and my picture was there.

2 November 1986

Bhavani’s achievement

Bhavani’s article about my weightlifting has come out in the British magazine “Strength and Health.” It is a big, five-page article. California has also had good luck. The Californian newspaper “City Sports” has said that I am a modern Hercules!

2 November 1986

Showing the little tennis players my weightlifting

In the airport in Buenos Aires, we met some little children who were tennis players. Among them were the number one and number two tennis players in Chile in the under 10-year old category. On the plane Agraha showed them some pictures of me lifting 2,000 pounds with one arm. Immediately a few of them ran to me all excited and asked, “Is this you?” Then they went back to show the other children.

21 December 1986
En route to Chile from Buenos Aires

The frustrated lifter

Ernie Franz, the man who certified my 2,000-pound lift, is so frustrated with his own lifting. He keeps the book of my lifts next to his bed for inspiration. He has such faith in my lifting. Then when he tries to lift up heavy weights, he has problems and becomes frustrated. That is how people give up. I should have said in my book that I failed 213 times before I lifted my 300 pounds.

30 December 1986, Chile

My telephone conversation with Mahasamrat

I spoke to Mahasamrat on the telephone and I was encouraging him about the New Year. Then Mahasamrat said, “Guru, I am telling you, I promised you I shall not fail you and I shall not fail you. I shall not fail you.” His mantra was only, “I shall not fail you.” His wife Judy was so happy. She has sent me a Christmas card and gifts.

R was in the other phone booth. She wrote down what I was saying; only what Mahasamrat was saying she could not hear.

1 January 1987 Chile

The largest dumbbell on earth

When I was talking on the phone with Mahasamrat, he said one very important thing. He said that it is not just that I have lifted 2,000 pounds with one arm, but I have lifted the largest and heaviest dumbbell that has ever been made on earth.

1 January 1987, Chile

Everything has been said

The first time I tried to call Mahasamrat today, he was not there. I was telling Agraha, “They have gone out for breakfast.” I know that they rarely go out for breakfast.

Then, when I finally spoke with Mahasamrat, I asked him, “Where were you?”

He said, “We went out for breakfast.”

Mahasamrat’s whole gymnasium is flooded with my pictures. All the different lifts that I have done he has collected. As you know, he has given most beautiful and inspiring comments about each one. Now he says that there is nothing more in the outer world that he will be able to tell me. In the outer world, everything he has said. Only he will be able to tell me things in the inner world.

1 January 1987, Chile

A surprise telephone call to England

Jim Smith was very, very happy when I called him this morning to wish him happy New Year. I gave him many, many prayers and also I told him all about our activities here. He was telling me, “What a wonderful surprise! What a marvellous heart you have!”

1 January 1987, Chile

Mahasamrat’s powerful advice

Mahasamrat has asked me not to dismantle my 2,000-pound power rack. He said people should see it. Then, to one of my disciples, he said, “As soon as your ego comes forward, only love Guru more.”

Yesterday his wife’s soul came to me ten times. She repeats her husband’s spiritual name and now she is dying to have a spiritual name.

5 January 1987, Chile

My little wrist

Even in India, when I was an athlete, my friends used to laugh at the size of my wrists. Now, just before I am about to lift, I concentrate on my right wrist because I know it will hold ninety per cent of the weight. After I lifted 3,000 pounds, I looked at my wrist and I could not believe it.

24 January 1987, New York

Weightlifting and inner poise

Among the spiritual qualities that I have, my inner poise is first and foremost. And this is the quality you can see in one of the pictures when I am lifting 3,000 pounds. There is no tension in this picture.

When people believe that by spiritual power I have lifted 3,000 pounds, when it is all settled in the mind-world, then only I shall show this picture. Otherwise, people will not believe that I am lifting that much weight. Once they believe it, I will show the picture.

When Mahasamrat heard the news, he said, “I won’t believe it!” And then he said, “I have to believe it!”

24 January 1987