The six-day race1

At the six-day race, so many runners knew me. I smiled at them and they smiled at me. But my Cahit! He came off the track — he had to shake hands with me, talk to me and give me gifts. He couldn’t believe that I gave him such a big gift. All the runners smiled at me, but he came off the track to see me.

Fred Lebow was all appreciation for our Marathon Team workers. He spoke to me most gratefully about our contribution.

The leader, a Greek named Yiannis Kouros, is something! Once he ran 200 miles at a seven-minute pace.

  1. RB 811. 2 July 1984

Bringing sunshine1

Yesterday it was raining during the six-day race, so I left the track and went inside the car. Cahit came running to shake hands with me. He said that I bring sunshine to him. Then he said he was sorry he was unshaven. Where can I find another Cahit?

Sue Medaglia was so happy to see me at the race. She said, “Because of you, because of your group, I am alive, I am running.”

Today I saw divine Kim, with folded hands. She was smiling and smiling. Such a soulful consciousness she maintained throughout!

  1. RB 812. 8 July 1984

The best1

The other day I went to run a 3.1-mile race in Flushing Meadow Park. When I finished, a runner came up to me. He had finished long before me. He said that our races are by far the best. He has run in California and various places, and everywhere our races are the best.

  1. RB 813. 27 July 1984

The over-fifty champion1

The man who won the special prize in the over-fifty category in our Runners are Smilers race today is an excellent runner. He will always win, unless somebody else comes. He should bring all his friends by saying that he has got nice gifts. He should show them his trophy. Then his friends will come and challenge him. There is no other way.

  1. RB 814. 31 July 1984

Have a cup of coffee!1

The first day I was in Los Angeles for the Olympics, I went out running early in the morning. I asked a man where the stadium was. He said, “Forget the stadium. Go have a cup of coffee!”

On another day, I was walking on the sidewalk when I saw three men — simply undivine — coming towards me. I jumped into the street to avoid them. Very loudly one said, “Jesus!”

In silence I said to him, “Thank you for invoking a very good friend of mine!”

  1. RB 815. 8 August 1984

The mini-swim1

Today in the mini-triathlon only Databir, Pahar, Pulak and Dhanu couldn’t swim. In the big triathlon, they would be forbidden — we cannot afford to lose four or five lives.

On the boys’ side Kripan was the best! Luckily Kripan was not driving; he was swimming. First he would go to one side, towards Anugata. Then he would go to the other side. His wife was screaming. How much time he was wasting going to this side and that side! He totally forgot about geometry.

  1. RB 816. 3 September 1984

Giving out oranges1

When I was giving out oranges to the runners finishing our half-marathon in Flushing Meadow Park yesterday, some of them were mad. One fellow heard he was tenth or twelfth and his friend was eighth. I think his friend was also his rival. He was very disappointed and he said, “Damn it!”

Some runners didn’t take oranges. One or two perhaps didn’t like oranges, but others were mad at themselves. One or two, when they calmed down, came and took.

  1. RB 817. 19 November 1984

Blessings from the elderly1

During the race two or three runners were so nice to me. Some elderly runners were saying, “Guru, Guru!”

One of them was so happy. Another patted my shoulder with such affection. He was blessing me. He was running near me and then he went ahead.

  1. RB 818. 19 November 1984

Ali, Ali, Ali!1

Yesterday I was walking near the tennis courts behind P.S. 86 and Hillcrest High School. Six or seven young black boys saw me and started saying, “Ali, Ali, Ali! Champion 1999!” Then one of the boys told the others, “Shut up!” They were calling me Muhammad Ali!

Databir, Pulin and Bipin were following me in the car only 10 metres behind, but the boys didn’t notice them.

  1. RB 819. 1 February 1985

What speed I have!1

I was running at 6:30 in the morning on the Grand Central service road. When I stopped for a red light, I saw that Nemi was 50 metres behind me — at least. Then, in a minute she smiled and passed me very nicely. Then Sulochana came up and just went ahead of me. What wonderful speed I have!

  1. RB 820. 7 March 1985

My only rival1

In today’s two-mile Runners are Smilers race, Saroja was my only rival. The first mile I was ahead of her, but the second mile I was 10 or 15 metres behind her.

  1. RB 821. 20 April 1985

Smiling like anything1

This morning I ran four miles. The first mile I ran in 12:13. I said, “Great! Very near 13, my lucky number.”

The second mile I ran in 10:21. I couldn’t believe it! Instead of descending, I went faster. This was all because I got inspiration from Chidananda. After the first mile I saw Chidananda drive by in his car, and he was smiling like anything.

I said to myself, “Definitely he didn’t meditate at six o’clock. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be out at this hour.” Sunirmalya was in the car with Chidananda. They were going to play tennis. Later Sunirmalya told me they had left the house at 6:16, right after meditation.

My third mile was 9:37. Then my fourth mile was 8:57.

  1. RB 822. 22 April 1985

The challenge1

In today’s two-mile race, I saw Kritagyata and Pratyaya so far ahead of me during the first mile.

Then I challenged Lucy and Nilima. I was a few metres behind them, but I felt that I would be able to catch them at the one-mile point. Then, after I passed them, I started walking.

  1. RB 823. 27 April 1985

You must run!1

The other day while I was walking, a gentleman with a cane grabbed my left arm and said, “You are not doing the right thing. You must run, always run!”

I said, “Do you run?”

He said, “I can barely drag my leg, so I cannot run.”

A nice gentleman! But he didn’t realise that I also have serious leg problems!

  1. RB 824. 27 April 1985