Problems going up1

The other day while I was running in Flushing Meadow Park, a gentleman came up to me and inquired whether our marathon would be held in Flushing Meadow.

I said, “Yes.”

Then he said, “In October?”

I said, “On the third of October.”

He was very happy. So there are people like me who like to run on a flat course. We have problems going up. Of course, in the inner world if you have problems going up, then you are lost.

  1. RB 608. 9 September 1982


If you look at Cahit Yeter after he has run a marathon, he looks as if he has just warmed up. Yes, some other runners defeated him in our Plainsboro marathon, but nobody looked as fresh as he did. Everybody else was out of breath, dying. Because of his ultra-marathoning, 26 miles was nothing for him. But then, if one says to him, “You are an ultra-marathoner,” he will say, “Oh, I am not an ultra-marathoner. So and so is a real ultra-marathoner.”

  1. RB 609. 13 September 1982

Dying for a picture1

When I was giving out the prizes for our Plainsboro marathon, the girl who came in third came up to me with such devotedness! Then, she was dying to have her picture taken with me. She came up with such respect and then she was waiting for a picture. Bhashwar took one, so I will send it to her with my autograph.

  1. RB 610. 12 September 1982

A champion in walking1

One day I saw Nemi running so fast. I knew that I could not keep up with her, so I surrendered. I said, “Let me walk so that I can say I was just walking and not trying to keep up with her.”

Recently I have started practising walking. I sincerely want to become a champion in walking.

  1. RB 611. 14 September 1982

The kidnappers1

This morning I left to go running and walking at about 4:30 a.m. As usual, my road crew was following me in a car. Around 5 a.m. a newspaper delivery truck pulled up next to me, and the driver asked, “Tell me, are the people who are following you your friends?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I was worrying because the car was following you.” He thought they were going to kidnap me.

  1. RB 612. 14 September 1982

Encounter in the dark1

After going six and a half miles I saw a gentleman riding a bicycle. At that time I was absolutely dying because I was trying to walk the fastest for that mile.

When he saw me, he started shouting, “Sri Chinmoy, Sri Chinmoy!” Can you imagine? Even in the dark, people recognise me. Now so many people know us when we run.

Later in the day he came into Annam Brahma and spoke to Dhanu. He said to him, “It was still quite dark. What was Sri Chinmoy doing out there so early?”

  1. RB 613. 14 September 1982

Not a runner1

At one point in today’s run, there was an old man standing by the side of the street with his dog. I was running quite fast, but perhaps I had a tortured look on my face because of my injury. Anyway, when he saw me he said, “You don’t look like a runner!”

I said, “You are right. I am not a runner.”

God was speaking through that man. The man should have told me, “You should give up running and be a non-runner like me.”

  1. RB 614. 16 September 1982

An annoying runner1

Today as I was running back to my starting point on 150th Street, for a mile another runner was bothering me. As soon as she saw me approaching, she began running faster, always staying just a little ahead of me. At first I thought it was Kirsty, but then I saw that she had black hair, whereas Kirsty’s hair is golden.

Every time I came near her, she would go faster, so I couldn’t pass her. Then I stopped running for a while and said, “I don’t want to see her face.” Finally she made a left turn onto a side street.

  1. RB 615. 16 September 1982

Greeting from the street1

During a recent run I saw a middle-aged lady running towards me. I was running on the street and she was running on the sidewalk. In order to draw my attention, she left the sidewalk and started running on the street. Then she smiled, raised her hand and said, “Hi!” When men greet me, I say “Hi!” back, but when women greet me, I only smile.

After she passed by me, I turned around and saw that she was again running on the sidewalk. It seems that she went into the street only because there were some parked cars in between us, and she thought that perhaps she would not see me if she remained on the sidewalk.

  1. RB 616. 16 September 1982

Crazy man1

While I was race-walking in Flushing Meadow Park, two black men saw me. One of them said, “Crazy man, as if you are going to do a full marathon!”

  1. RB 617. 19 September 1982

The rainbow1

As I was finishing a seven-mile walk from my house to Flushing Meadow Park, I was passing by the fountain in the park. An elderly man said to me, “Great walker, can’t you appreciate the rainbow?”

So I turned around and saw that there was an extremely beautiful rainbow in the fountain. For at least fifty metres I was walking very slowly, watching the rainbow. Then immediately I remembered, “O God, my timing!”

  1. RB 618. 19 September 1982

The bag lady1

About three or four days ago I was walking and running on 150th Street. When I was only three hundred metres away from my starting point, a bus stopped and an elderly lady with two shopping bags got off. The shopping bags were full of groceries. With greatest difficulty she lifted up one bag and walked towards her house on a side street.

I looked at her and said, “May I help you?”

She said to me very abruptly, “Of course not!” She spoke so sharply that she practically took my soul out of my body. Then she looked at me again and said, “You are such a great man! Are you not Sri Chinmoy?”

So I gave her a smile and I picked up the other bag and walked with her. When we got to her house, I put the bag on her steps. Again she looked at me in utter amazement.

  1. RB 619. 26 September 1982

Amazingly beautiful1

The following afternoon Dhanu, Databir and quite a few visitors were watching me walk along Main Street. There we have a very accurate course marked off every hundred metres. All the marks on my courses are now accurate because Nirvik has done them. He has done a most careful and accurate job, measuring everything while walking with the wheel.

Since I didn’t know where some of the new marks were, Databir went ahead of me to show me. At one point an old, very fat black lady — twice my size, but very short — saw us as we were crossing the street. She had two shopping bags, one in each hand. I think that Databir may have said something to her — God knows. But as I came closer, she was so kind. When I was two metres away, she took the bag from her left hand, put it in her right hand and gave me the right of way. I said, “Thank you so much.”

Then she looked into my eyes and said, “Amazingly beautiful!”

Again I thanked her. Then she walked away.

  1. RB 620. 26 September 1982

Crazy Nathan1

In our 24-hour race this weekend, Kim was the nicest runner; she was nice all the time. Next was crazy Nathan. Every time he passed me, he had to say some crazy thing. But he was also very nice.

Once Nathan said to me, “Do you have a moment?” At that point I was walking and he was running. He continued, “I want to sing song for you.”

I said, “That is fine.”

His song was, “Oh, what a wonderful sponsor you are. I will owe it all to you.” Then he sang it again. He had set a very nice tune to it, so I thanked him.

The funniest thing Nathan said was about meditation and contemplation. He asked me, “Do you meditate while you are walking and running?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I thought so. I can’t meditate, but I contemplate.” I said, “That is the highest state. That means you are higher than I am.”

He looked at me and said, “It can’t be higher than meditation.” His wife is also very nice, but she does not act so crazy.

  1. RB 621. 26 September 1982