Part I: Questions and answers

FW 259-286. In November, Sri Chinmoy asked members of the Meditation Group to submit spiritual questions for him to answer during the Group’s regular meetings. These are questions answered on 16 and 26 November 1976.

Question: Each year, does the United Nations try to achieve something new and if so, what has it tried to achieve inwardly and outwardly this year?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it is true that each year the United Nations tries to achieve something new. This year, 1976, it was trying to achieve two things — a glowing hope and a searching mind, and a fulfilling promise and a dedicated heart.

Question: When we invite our co-workers who are interested in meditation but know nothing about it, is it preferable to just have them come and learn through silence or is it a good idea to explain meditation as best we can beforehand?

Sri Chinmoy: It is always advisable to explain meditation as effectively as you can, according to their receptivity, before you invite them to come to meditate. Otherwise, they will be totally lost and they will not be inspired to come again.

Question: What is the best way to unite the ways of politics and the ways of the soul of a country?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way to unite the two is to convince the politicians and the political world that there can be no branches without a tree. The tree is the soul. The political world as such has no peace and will never have peace unless and until some illumining light comes to the fore from the inner world. This inner light is always of the soul, and it is always for all who want to remain united and, at the same time, enjoy real freedom in co-existence and oneness-light.

Question: When does God want His Name spoken?

Sri Chinmoy: God wants His Name to be spoken at every moment, at every place, by every human being. We are His fruits. If the fruits can be aware of their seed, then the fruits will taste much better. That is to say, the individuals will be able to become better instruments, more illumining seekers and more fulfilling hero-warriors of God for God’s manifestation on earth.

Question: What stands between the outer goal of the United Nations and the inner goal of the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, we have to know what the two goals are. The outer goal of the United Nations is the expansion of its lofty ideas. The inner goal of the United Nations is the manifestation of its illumining and fulfilling ideals. A lack of self-giving stands between the ideas and ideals. If individuals and nations, instead of being self-centred become self-giving, then there would be nothing to separate the ideas from the ideals, the outer goal and the inner goal.

Question: For how long did the Supreme have the Dream of the United Nations before the soul was born and it became a reality?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul of the United Nations was born the day the Supreme embodied the Dream itself. For the Supreme, the Dream-Reality and the Reality-Dream are always together and are always the same thing. But human beings see the dream one day and the manifestation of that dream some other day. With regard to the birth of the soul of the United Nations, human beings had the dream two hundred years ago when America got its independence. Real independence, real freedom and real union are inseparable. Oneness is within; freedom is without. And the soul of the United Nations became vivid to us the day President Wilson’s dream manifested itself in the form of the League of Nations. It is the same soul that is operating in and through the United Nations, infinitely more powerfully and infinitely more convincingly.

Question: What does the soul of the United Nations need most from the Member States?

Sri Chinmoy: The United Nations needs most from the Member States a true sense of compassion in the inner world and a true sense of co-operation in the outer world. The sooner the Member States become more self-giving and more co-operative, the sooner the world harmony, world peace and world satisfaction will come into being.

Question: What is the spiritual significance of a photograph?

Sri Chinmoy: A photograph is at once meaningful and fruitful. The inner life can be seen on the outer face. The inner reality can be visible on the face of the outer reality. The inner height can be measured by the outer eyes. The inner depth can be felt by the human heart. Each photograph, if it is taken from a higher plane of consciousness, leaves behind a new hope, a new aspiration and a new realisation for Mother Earth to cherish and treasure.

Question: How can we help the speed of the United Nations increase?

Sri Chinmoy: We can help the speed of the United Nations increase by increasing our own inner speed. Our inner speed increases only when we have acquired a peaceful mind, a soulful heart and a fruitful soul.

Question: How can we awaken spirituality in the other workers at the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: We can awaken spirituality in the other workers at the United Nations by our own examples. If they see something divine in us, something truly satisfying and fulfilling, then sooner or later, unconsciously or consciously, they will try to emulate us. Then they will be awakened the way we are awakened.

Question: As the United Nations evolves, will it become less of a political centre and more of a spiritual centre?

Sri Chinmoy: A divinely political centre and a truly spiritual centre are not two different things. We have to know that the United Nations has to be both divinely political and truly spiritual. When it is truly spiritual, it covers entirely the inner and outer existence of reality. And then it needs an opening to express itself. The divine politics, which is inside the devoted hearts of the individual nations, can at that time be of great assistance to humanity.

Question: How can we best fulfil our roles at the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: We can best fulfil our roles at the United Nations by consciously feeling at every moment that we are divinely chosen instruments of God, divinely chosen to play a significant role at the United Nations. Once we think and feel that we are chosen instruments, then automatically we can fulfil our roles. For inside this feeling of ours, divine fulfilment looms large in a special way.

Question: What qualities on the material and spiritual plane can we offer to the United Nations to best fulfil the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you have to know what the spiritual qualities are and what the material qualities are. Spiritual qualities are many; material qualities are also many. But the first and foremost material quality on the earth plane is concern. And the first and foremost quality on the spiritual plane is self-giving. So, if our body, vital and mind have true concern for the United Nations, then we have to know that the quality that we have exists on the material plane, on the earth plane. Again, if we have the inner attitude of constant self-giving, if we have the constant message of self-giving, then that is a spiritual quality that we have. This spiritual quality and material or earth quality can be unified only when each is fulfilled in its proper way. That is to say, when we look at the body of the United Nations, we will look with our concern; we will see that humanity is depending on the vision of the United Nations to lead it to greater progress. And when we think of the soul of the United Nations, the inner reality, we have to feel that its fulfilment can take place only on the strength of our own self-giving. We have to give ourselves to the cause, to the vision and to the goal that the United Nations has placed before us: world peace, world harmony and oneness-light.

Question: How can we fulfil the hearts and souls of the children of the world?

Sri Chinmoy: We can fulfil the hearts and souls of the children of the world only by becoming the hearts and souls of the children of the world. What do we mean by that? At every moment we shall have enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about Truth, more about Light, more about Delight. At every moment we must cultivate an eagerness to learn something illumining and fulfilling. It is our eagerness to learn that will give us a childlike heart, a childlike soul. This is the only way we can fulfil the hearts and souls of the children of the world.