51. My desire, aspiration and realisation

My desire says
Although God is good
I do not need Him
Right now.

My aspiration says
Since God is good
I wish to see Him
As soon as possible.

My realisation says
Since God is good
I shall always remain
With Him.

52. Death does not shorten

Death does not shorten,
Awakens life.

Truth does not destroy,
Enlightens life.

Love does not question,
Immortalises life.

53. In Heaven, on earth

In Heaven
When I stumbled
God came, stood beside me
Lifted me up compassionately and gently.

On earth
When God starved
I came, stood beside Him
Fed Him devotedly and sumptuously.

54. Big dreams, small dreams

His small head
Had big dreams.
His big head
Has small dreams.
He is waiting
For his head
To become larger than the largest
So that his small dreams
Can die down
Secretly, unnoticed,
And his reality-friends
Can stand living with him
Openly and fruitfully.

55. When

He is an angel
When he smiles.

He is a yogi
When he meditates.

He is a lover
When he cries.

He is a seer
When he sleeps.

He is a dreamer
When he speaks.

He is divinely great
When he is for God.

He is supremely good
When he is of God.

56. Don’t give up!

Pray and meditate;
Meditate and pray.
Don’t give up!
If you give up,
Then you will be
As bad as the worst.

Pray and meditate;
Meditate and pray.
Reach the Goal.
No matter when you reach the Goal,
You will be
As good as the best.

57. His realisation

His realisation is skin-deep
Who says that the body’s beauty is skin-deep.
When will he know
That the outer beauty
Of a human being
Is a solid portion
Of God the Beauty.

His realisation is sea-deep
Who feels that man can transcend himself.
Ah! He will know,
He will know without fail
That today’s man is tomorrow’s God.

58. A thing

A thing of beauty
Is always a great expense.
A thing of duty
Deserves always a great reward.

A thing of necessity
Always surrenders.
A thing of surrender
Commands man to surrender
To the demand of price.

59. I believe it

When the world says
That I am a fool,
I believe it.

When the world says
That I am a rogue,
I believe it.

When the world says
That I am a helpless,
Hopeless and useless creature,
I believe it.

But God, when You tell me something,
Why do I find it so hard to believe it?

“Son, your love
Of ignorance-night
Far surpasses your love
Of Knowledge-Light.

“Empty your experience
Inside My Heart unreservedly.
I shall flood your being
With Light and Delight
Devotedly, soulfully and perpetually.”

60. They welcome

A lazy man welcomes
A crazy man welcomes
A wise man welcomes
A good man welcomes

61. The writer

Before he writes a book
He reads ten books
Written by others.

After he has written his book
He stops reading altogether
Books written by others.

He reads and reads and reads
His book until he empties
His appreciation-mountain,
Admiration-ocean, adoration-moon
On his beloved creation-son,
A mere book.

62. Before and after

You use your wise eyes
Before and after
You buy anything.

He uses his proud nose
Before and after
He buys anything.

I use my clever ears
Before and after
I buy anything.

God uses His Oneness-Heart
Before and after
He buys anything.

63. He

He loved God
When he was
9 years old.

He judged God
When he was
18 years old.

He forgave God
When he was
27 years old.

He realised his ignorance
When he was
36 years old.

God gave him everything
When he was
45 years old.

He became God
When he was
54 years old.

The world kicked him
When he was
63 years old.

The world killed him
When he was
72 years old.

And then immediately
The world gave him

64. A mother’s two Gods

Each mother has two Gods:
One is the God in Heaven,
The other is her own son.

To her God in Heaven
She prays,
To her God on earth
She surrenders.