601. A hero with some defects

I got up late,
I made friends with ignorance-king,
I dined with darkness-prince,
I sang with imperfection-princess,
I danced with weakness-queen.

I must say,
These are all my little indulgences.
I am not what I was.
I am now a hero with some defects.
Of course, these are all minor defects.

602. Integrity

You struggle and struggle
For integrity.
You have no integrity,
You say.
I tell you,
You don’t have to cry
For integrity!
Integrity will run
To embrace you
If you just request
Your heart-friend
To look after it.
Just speak to your heart-friend.
Lo, all integrity is yours.

603. Two new realities

Your high conceit-horse
Your low vanity-bull
Were your only realities.
Now your aspiration-deer
Has offered you two new realities:

604. His four lives

When he lives
In his heart,
His heart-life is exemplary.

When he lives
In his mind,
His mind-life is literary.

When he lives
In his vital,
His vital-life is arbitrary.

When he lives
In his body,
His body-life is perfunctory.

605. What is it?

Human revolt, what is it?
It is something that strikes and breaks.

Divine revolt, what is it?
It is something that soars and glows.

Human surrender, what is it?
It is something that fears and dies.

Divine surrender, what is it?
It is something that loves and lives.

606. Ancient roots and modern fruits

The dark disputes of the ancients
And the moderns
Over their supremacy,
Who can settle?
None, save and except
The surrendering and fulfilling oneness
Of the ancient roots
And the modern fruits.

607. Existence and necessity

Religion proved
The existence of his home,
And also
The necessity of his sincere
And searching life.

Yoga proved
The existence of his
Conscious oneness with God,
And also
The necessity of his pure
And elevating life.

God proved
The existence of his divinity
And also
The necessity of his sure
And ever-transcending life.

608. A diamond universe

Science-prince had
A silver universe.
His mind used it and used it.

He has now
A golden universe.
His heart is now trying and trying to use it.

He soon shall have
A diamond universe.
Once achieved,
His soul will use it

609. Reason and certainty

Reason and certainty
Always each other need.
Yes, they do!
But I know and I tell you
Truth-life is
Far beyond the reason-sky
And far above the certainty-sea.

610. Attacks on his authority

His attacks on his past authority
Made him sincerity-sky.

His attacks on his present authority
Make him purity-moon.

His attacks on his future authority
Will make him reality-sun.

611. Therefore they love me

I am insecure.
God’s Compassion loves me.

I am inadequate.
Man’s kindness loves me.

I am insufficient.
My consideration loves me.

612. Another reason

Another reason for his physical collapse:
He ate too much.

Another reason for his vital collapse:
He fought too much.

Another reason for his mental collapse:
He thought too much.

Another reason for his psychic collapse:
He slept too much.

613. The beauties of New York City

The beauties
Of New York City:
It does not sleep
At night.
It has forgotten how to walk;
It just runs and runs.
It uses little of its necessity
To endear,
And much of its capacity
To steer.

614. Two kingdoms

You are the King
Of two kingdoms:

You are the King
For two kingdoms: