1. Thank you, my Lord

Thank you, my Lord,
For unwinding my vital life.

Thank you, my Lord,
For unlocking my mental life.

Thank you, my Lord,
For illumining my psychic life.

Thank you, my Lord,
For fulfilling my dreaming life.

2. Stay forever

Love, stay on earth

Bliss, stay in Heaven

Gratitude, stay in my heart

Compassion, stay in God’s Heart

3. Not because

I think of God
Not because I love Him.

God thinks of me
Not because He loves me.

I think of God
Not because He thinks of me.

God thinks of me
Not because I think of Him.

I think of God
Because He alone knows how to smile.

God thinks of me
Because I alone know how to cry.

4. In a minute

In a minute
I shall meditate on God.
Lo, God is crying with joy.

In a minute
I can realise God.
Lo, God is running with joy.

In a minute
I can and I shall manifest God.
Lo, God is flying with joy.

5. My daily visit with God and man

From my daily visit with God
I learn one thing:
Surrender unconditional.
First He asks me to do something,
And then He does it for me.

From my daily visit with man
I learn three things:
Depression constant,
Frustration immediate,
Destruction total.
First man gives me
His possessions,
And then he claims them again
As his own.

6. You

You had what you needed:

You have what you need:

You shall have what you will need:

Inspiration made you run
To the farthest end.

Aspiration makes you fly
To the highest height.

Realisation shall make you dive
Into the deepest depth.

7. I need

I need an idea
To prove my life.

I need an ideal
To prove my love.

I need a Goal
To prove my perfection.

8. To become

I must defeat
My black weaknesses
To become a real God.

I must surrender
My blue love
To become a real Man.

9. My declaration

Who was I?
God’s starting point.

Who am I?
Vitamin L, Love.

What do I need?
I need the declaration
Of my dependence
On God’s

10. Look

Look ahead;
There is no black sinner.

Look behind;
There is no white saint.

Look above;
There is no grey sky.

Look below;
There is no gold joy.

11. Four pioneers

Is the pioneer-sea of Love.

Is the pioneer-moon of Bliss.

Is the pioneer-sun of Perfection.

Is the pioneer-will of Sound.

12. Three questions answered

The first question:
Where from?

The second question:
Where to?

The third and last question:

The first answer:
From God-sky.

The second answer:
To God-sea.

The third and last answer:
Through self-transcendence.

13. Deeply, strongly and unreservedly

Yesterday I enjoyed
Fear’s company.
We loved each other

Today I am enjoying
Doubt’s company.
We love each other

Tomorrow I shall enjoy
Will’s company.
We shall love each other

14. Where are you?

O Voice of Silence,
Where are you?
I need your golden wings to fly.

O Voice of Sound,
Where are you not?
I want to live there.

O Voice of God,
Where are you?
For my sake, do not hide
Any more.