401. In your daily life

Where is your temple?
Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your shrine?
Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your duty?
Is it not in your daily life?

Where is your God?
Is He not in your daily life?

Who is God?
He who sings the songs
Of self-transcendence
At each hush-gap.

402. The other day, the other night

I played with Eternity the other day.
Neither Eternity nor I won the game,
Neither Eternity nor I lost the game.

I sang with Infinity the other night.
Indeed, we two are the singers
Of the transcendental Heights.

I danced with Immortality the other day.
At the end we bartered our lives.

I walked with God the other night.
When He felt tired, I carried Him along
On my shoulders.
When I felt tired, He carried me along
Inside His Heart.

403. With no difficulty at all

With difficulty I discovered
The face of the earth.

With greater difficulty I discovered
The life in the world.

With greatest difficulty I discovered
A sun on earth.

But with no difficulty at all
I discovered the transcendental Silence-Height
Of the Absolute Supreme.

404. I sleep with God

From the golden morn
To the fiery noon
I pray to God.

From the fiery noon
To the retiring eve
I meditate on God.

From the retiring eve
To the starry night
I contemplate on God.

From the starry night
To the Golden Dawn
I sleep with God.

405. They make their own selections

The soul selects
Its own members.

The heart selects
Its own brothers and sisters.

The mind selects
Its own mentors.

The vital selects
Its own admirers.

The body selects
Its own fellow-dreamers.

406. Here is the difference

  Here is
The difference between
A doleful cry
A soulful smile:
A doleful cry
Is a human query;
A soulful smile
Is an answer divine.

407. O Messenger

O Messenger of death,
I feel your universal hunger.

O Messenger of life,
I know your universal Truth.

O Messenger of love,
I am, I am Your universal Light.

408. O my world

  O my world,
Sleep not with a groaning age.

  O my world,
Stay not with a moaning age.

  O my world,
Live, live with a climbing face.

  O my world,
Love, love with the dawning grace.

409. You, only you!

  O orphan hope,
Who were your parents?

  O infant love,
Where are your parents?

  O constant fear,
Who are you?

  O instant joy,
You, only you!

410. All are born to transcend

All are not born to see.
All are not born to feel.
All are not born to run.
All are not born to dive.
All are not born to fly.
All are born to love,
All are born to serve,
All are born to progress,
All are born to perfect,
All are born to transcend.

411. They have given me

Earth has given me
  What it has: lasting cry.

Heaven has given me
  What it has: lasting smile.

Doubt has given me
  What it has: lasting torture.

Faith has given me
  What it has: lasting confidence.

God has given me
  What He is: lasting Love.

412. The favourite

He is Heaven’s favourite lover.
He loves the world

He is earth’s favourite server.
He serves the world

He is God’s favourite hero.
He defends the world

413. To please God, to please man

  To please God
I offer my life’s little lamp.
  And God is unreservedly satisfied.

  To please man
I offer my soul’s vast sun.
  Yet man is unquestionably dissatisfied.

  Who can please God?
Whoever wants to.

  Who can please man?
No one, not even God.

414. I am known to surrender

You are happy
You are unknown to doubt.

He is happy
He is unknown to failure.

Heaven is happy
It is known to tomorrow.

Earth is happy
It is known to joy.

Finally, I am happy
I am known to surrender, constant surrender, unconditional surrender.