301. In you I see

O sobbing sighs
Of the morning star,
In you I see the Beauty
Of the Lord Supreme.

O blossoming smile
Of the morning sun,
In you I feel the Duty
Of the Lord Supreme.

302. The green vast fields

The green vast fields
Of my aspiring heart
Are waiting for God’s Hour
In my surrendering heart of night.

The blue vast skies
Of my revealing soul
Are offering the power of love
In the fulfilling life of Light.

303. My consciousness-tree

Yesterday I loved
My sapling consciousness-tree
It embodied my journey’s start.

Today I love
My youngling consciousness-tree
It reveals my journey’s speed.

Tomorrow I shall love
My climbing, glowing and spreading consciousness-tree
It will fulfil my journey’s promise.

304. Silence-face, Forgiveness-smile

Life is but a day.
I try to finish
All my aspiring
All my loving
In the short span
Of one single day.

Life is but Eternity,
I sleep and dream,
I sing and dance
Dance and sing
In the Silence-Face, Forgiveness-Smile
Of the birthless and deathless Day.

305. No more!

I was my heart’s
Sleeping rocks.

I was my heart’s
Brooding clouds.

I was my heart’s
Burning anguish.

I was my heart’s
Sinking heights.

But no more!
I repeat:
No more!
Again I repeat:
No more, No more!

306. I breathe in, I breathe out

Quickly and lovingly
Smilingly and triumphantly
I breathe in
The blossoming breath
Of my golden morn.

Quickly and steadily
Helplessly and unreservedly
I breathe out
The fading breath
Of my folding eve.

307. The music of the heart

The music of the heart
Is the silence-light
Of Perfection-height.
The aspiration-world has discovered
This truth sublime.

The music of the vital
Is the elephant-ignorance
Of destruction-night.
The desire-world shall discover
This truth infallible.

308. Not born for death

Not one but three discoveries supreme
I have already made:

My heart of redolent gratitude-blossoms
Was not born for death.

My soul of perfect oneness-vision
Was not born for death.

My life of constant manifestation-light
Was not born for death.

309. My eyes need

My closed eyes
God the Beauty.

My open eyes
God the Duty.

My half-open and
half-closed eyes
God the Sovereignty.

310. Vital night and psychic light

When my vital night
Replaces my psychic light,
I die before I sink.

When my psychic light
Replaces my vital night,
I fly before I try.

311. I love

I love the dancing
Of teeming clouds
Of their thunder-power.

I love the singing
Of passing clouds
Of their diamond-wisdom.

I love the dreaming
Of weeping clouds
Of their sacrifice-soul.

312. When I woke up

Before I went to sleep
I saw my death’s dateless night.

During my sleep
I saw my life’s endless light.

When I woke up
I found Mother Earth’s Compassion
In my aspiration-heart,
And Father Heaven’s Perfection
Around my dedication-life.

313. Wait a minute, God, please!

Wait a minute, God, please!
I have more to tell You
About my inner pangs.

Wait a minute, God, please!
I have more to tell You
About my outer triumphs.

Wait a minute, God, please!
I have more to tell You
About my surrender-light.

314. His is the soul that loves

His is the vital that loves
The imperious waves.

His is the mind that loves
The spacious skies.

His is the heart that loves
The gracious sun.

His is the soul that loves
The precious moon.