751. Transience

Earth-life is a transient cry.
Heaven-life is a transient smile.
Death-life is a transient fear.
God-life is a transient imagination.

752. Faith

Courage is the eye of faith.
Love is the heart of faith.
Truth is the head of faith.
God is the soul of faith.

753. Nobody knew

Nobody knew
About his taut confines.
Nobody watched
His slow decline.
Nobody believed
His great inner triumph.
Nobody sympathised
With his utter outer failure.

754. The supreme secret

Fear cannot please
His body any more.
Depression cannot please
His vital any more.
Doubt cannot please
His mind any more.
Insecurity cannot please
His heart any more.
Because he has discovered
The supreme secret:
That he is of God-Delight
He is for God-Light.

755. I thank time

I thank each moment
For its generous heart.

I thank each day
For its gracious life.

I thank each year
For its glorious role.

756. They are left alone

His desire-life
And the prince of hell
Are left alone.

His aspiration-life
And the prince of Heaven
Are left alone.

His God-life
And here and now
Are left alone.

757. My escorts

Pride escorted me
To the country of orphan humiliation.
Humility escorted me
To the country of high glorification.
Love escorted me
To the country of blossoming perfection.

758. The Answer supreme

No more questions!
No more questions!
I shall drown all the questions
In the Light-sea of my heart.

No more answers!
No more answers!
I have seen God’s Face,
The Answer supreme,
In the freedom-sky of my soul.

759. Why do I welcome desires?

I can live my life
Without a single desire.
Then why do I welcome desires?

I welcome desires because
My unchallenging life
Wishes God always to live
His God-life above
My desire-life.

760. My oneness-goal

Is my beauty’s body.
Is my duty’s life.
Is my sacrifice-soul.
Is my oneness-goal.

761. My peerless discovery

I am not God;
That all of you know.
I am the future God;
That you do not know.
I love you all;
I gladly share with you
My peerless discovery.

762. Perhaps they know

Where is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my heart-flame knows.

Who is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my soul-sun knows.

Why is God?
I do not know.
Perhaps my love-life knows.

763. You are the right person

God, why do You love me?
“Son, I love you
I need you.”

Why do You need me?
“I need you
You embody My Sound-life.”

Why do You want me to embody Your Sound-life?
“I want you to embody My Sound-life
My Silence-life needs its counterpart.
Needless to say,
You are absolutely the right person.”

764. A life of surrender

A life of surrender divine
Is the joy of Olympus-height.
A life of surrender human
Is the torture of ignorance-sea.
A life of divine surrender supreme
Is the Perfection-embrace of God.