Visits from the soul of Japan

The soul of Japan has come to me several times since we arrived. The first time was at the airport. The second time was in a furniture store, where Kirit was buying me a chair.

The third time the soul of Japan came to me was early yesterday morning. Since then, almost every morning I have had a wonderful talk with the soul of Japan. Yesterday it was all about Japanese political matters. The soul was advising me about Japanese politics. I said, “I am the right person to understand politics!”

— 19 December 1982

Self-torture never ends

In Japan I announced that I was going to write 27,000 more poems. Just as God-realisation never ends, my self-torture also does not end. In Japan I completed 1,500 poems for Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, and by August I plan to have all 10,000 completed. Then that will be followed by Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants.

Not only in the evening of my life but actually on the last day of my life perhaps I will be writing poems. Will you read them? Get ready! In August I will start the new series, but I will go very slowly — at bullock-cart speed.

— 7 January 1983

City and village consciousness

Comparing the Okinawa consciousness to the Japanese consciousness is like comparing the village consciousness to the city consciousness. The city consciousness feels it is superior because it has the mind, whereas the village consciousness feels it is superior because it has the heart.

The village consciousness says, “You say we are uncivilised. But what has your civilisation taught you? To be indifferent!”

If one village person needs money, others will give it to him. In the city, a rich man will not give you anything even if you are the poorest man.

— 12 January 1983

The spiritual realtor

I was looking for a small apartment in Florida. When you go apartment hunting, if you like something, you can’t get it. The reason: because you meditate. Three apartments I couldn’t get because I belong to a “cult.” In Florida they observe Sri Chinmoy Day, but in Fort Lauderdale I got this kind of treatment.

The realtor was working so hard and taking me to so many places. For one particular apartment, the price they were asking was too high. The realtor was furious and disgusted. He told the owner he would give up his commission if the man gave me the apartment at a lower price. But the owner did not believe him. They were having a fight on the telephone.

The realtor came from Rhode Island. In his office he had a magazine that had a short article about our triathlon. Outwardly he does not pray, but he was more than spiritual. He wanted to invite me to his house for dinner. Most of the time I salute realtors from a distance. They have given me so many unpleasant experiences. But with this man God wanted to show me that there can be good realtors on earth.

— 26 January 1984

The bald head

I went to our new Florida Centre for a rest. Between book stores and sports stores — that was my rest!

One funny story Dristi was telling about a lady she met. They were talking about spiritual matters, and the lady asked Dristi the name of her guru.

Dristi said, “Sri Chinmoy.”

The lady said, “My guru is also Sri Chinmoy.”

Dristi is the head of our Centre, and she had never seen this lady before. But the lady said that every day for the past ten or eleven years she has been meditating on my picture. She said, “The bald head.”

A little bit painfully and hesitantly, Dristi admitted, “Yes, he has a bald head.”

The next day the lady brought a picture of the person she was meditating on to prove that Sri Chinmoy was her guru.

It was a picture of Ramana Maharshi. Bald-headed people are all brothers!

— 26 January 1984

The Italian lady

Always on long plane trips I write poems. On my flight to Puerto Rico I was deeply absorbed in writing poems for Silence Speaks. A very old lady was sitting next to me. After two hours she had to get up. She said, “Sorry to bother you.” So I smiled at her and got up.

When she came back, again she said, “Sorry to bother you.” Then in very poor broken English she started talking to me. She said she was three or four years old when she came to this country. Now she lives in Douglaston.

I said, “Our best tennis players come from there.” She didn’t understand what tennis is. She said she has been in America for 74 years, yet still she can barely understand English.

She was born in Italy. I said, “I have been in Italy at least six times. I met with the Pope.” She couldn’t understand the word ‘Rome’. Then when I said ‘Roma’, she understood.

An American lady sitting next to us said, “He has met with the Pope.” The old lady didn’t believe it. The American lady said, “In this world there are some people who will believe anything you say, and there are some people who won’t believe you even after you do something right in front of their eyes.” This is her philosophy. I should have shown her my Luminaries booklet.

Then the plane descended. My carry-on bag was so heavy because it was filled with weights and books. Also I had bought some candies. Because my bag was so heavy, I wanted everybody else to leave the plane first. I stood up to let the old Italian lady go by, but she didn’t want to go. She wanted to wait.

It was so difficult for me to take my bag. I couldn’t carry it in one hand; I had to keep it on my shoulder. The old lady was laughing at me in a sarcastic manner, saying, “Great man, great man!” She had a cruel nature. There are people like that on earth. Seventy years in America and she doesn’t have to learn English! My neighbour, Mr. Cino, was Italian, but he could speak and understand English much better than this old lady.

— 26 January 1984

Trying to lose weight

While I was in Florida, I weighed myself on a doctor’s scale: 155 pounds. Savyasachi, Alo and the realtor were the witnesses! Then I came to New York and stood on my own doctor’s scale: It said 158. I don’t know whether I cried or laughed, but I did something.

From 158 pounds my goal was to come down to 150. Yesterday I came down to my goal in one day by eating very little and then running a lot.

Now I want to go down to 145 pounds in two days. But the mathematics isn’t working. You can lose eight or ten pounds in one or two days by starving and exercising, but then you can’t keep losing the same amount every day. The body just rebels.

— 27 January 1984

Birthday in the air

While I was on the plane to Puerto Rico, one man said to the stewardess, “Today is my friend’s birthday.”

The stewardess said, “Really?”

The man said, “Yes!”

Then four or five of the airline crew brought out a cake, although the man’s name was not on the cake.

I didn’t know they observed birthdays on airplanes.

— 15 February 1984

The mystery of the coconut water

During my first two days in Puerto Rico I fasted and starved, drinking only coconut water. Always Shubhra gave it to me. She does not allow anybody else to serve me. Nobody dares to give me anything if Shubhra is there. Saraswati and Shubhra are sisters, so Saraswati doesn’t mind.

In the morning I was thirsty. I was in the meditation room and Shubhra was not there. Alo said, “I will go get you something. There is coconut water in a glass in the refrigerator.”

So she brought the coconut water and gave it to me to drink. I took a sip. It was soap! Alo was so furious. A glass of soapy water inside the refrigerator! Then she said she knows Shubhra quite often puts coconut water inside the refrigerator, and she thought this was coconut water.

Everybody was saying Gauri was the one who had put the soapy water in the refrigerator, since she is the one who washes the dishes. But Gauri was begging me to use my occult power to see who was the culprit.

I said, “I don’t know who did it, but everybody is blaming you.”

— 19 February 1984

The cellist

We have a new disciple who plays the cello with the Puerto Rico Symphony. She also has about 50 students and teaches five or six hours daily. One by one her students come and play in front of her. When her good students come, she gives them five minutes. When the bad students come, after a minute she says, “Oh, you are playing very well. I am pleased with you.” Then she sends them away immediately.

I wanted to practise the cello while I was in Puerto Rico, but this new disciple did not want to let me play on her cello. But after she refused, then for the whole day she felt totally miserable. So on her own she brought me her cello the next day. She said her cello cost $5,000. It was good, but mine is better. She herself was supposed to play that day, so she borrowed a cello from somebody else.

When I tried her cello she flattered me, saying that my intonation was good. That is why she allowed me to use it.

The day I was supposed to return the cello, I told her to come at twelve o’clock and take it back. She came exactly at twelve. I had brought her a trophy, and she said, “Can I not also have a plaque to put on this trophy that says you gave it to me?”

After I returned the cello, she told Alo that she felt some higher power was guiding her hand when she played it. When she played she felt that it sounded as if Pablo Casals were playing. So she was very happy that she had let me use it.

— 19 February 1984

Small world

The world is so small! The University of Cologne, where I was today, is where my Ashram coach Saumitra studied. From this university in Germany he went to the Ashram in India. And now I have come from India to his place!

— 23 March 1984

A long journey

I went into a store to buy something, and a German lady came up to me and said, “Are you Sri Chinmoy?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said she had come all the way from Munich to attend tomorrow’s concert.

— 23 March 1984

Before the concert

Before the concert in Germany, the technicians were looking at me with such respect, admiration and awe. It was because they saw how my disciples were behaving.

One of the security guards came near me and asked, “Are you nervous?”

So in a joking way I deliberately started shaking and trembling.

Then he said, “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous!”

— 29 March 1984

The beginning of something unique

An unprecedented thing took place in Cologne on the 27th. It is the very beginning of something unique. “Peace: God’s Beauty in His Oneness-Home” has started radiating its divinity and immortality all over the world.

The Germans have spent thousands and thousands of dollars. But I tell you it is not their money-power that achieved this tremendous success. It is their heart-power, oneness-power and cooperation-power that has succeeded. Heart-power, oneness-power, money-power: all the powers should go together.

Over eight thousand people came. Needless to say, they did not come to see the musician in me. They came to me to see a God-lover and peace-distributor. The inner peace that I have and that I am is what they felt long before they even came to the concert. So peace-lovers are the ones who have come to our peace concert.

God’s fondest child is peace. Whoever needs peace in life, in his entire being, is bound to be the most perfect instrument of God.

— 29 March 1984