1. Lord, I am tired

Lord, I am tired.
"Since you are tired, My son,
Even before
Your journey's start,
I shall run for you."

Lord, I am tired.
"Since you are tired, My son,
Even before
Your journey's start,
I shall sail your dream-boat
And reach for you
Your golden Reality-shore."

2. Who am I?

Who was I?
A man-slave.

Who am I?
A freedom-lover.

Who shall I be?
Another Perfection-God.

3. My Heaven-stars

My Heaven-stars
Tell me
I shall become
A living God.

My earth-doubts
Tell me
I am Eternity's
Immortal fool.

4. The bridge

I was the frustration-despair-bridge
My vital's first dark hour
My body's last deep sleep.

I am the rapture-treasure-bridge
My heart's birthless hour
My soul's deathless life.

5. Three defects

Three defects of doubt
At long last I have discovered:
It fears to come out
Of its prison-mind.
It fears to marry
It fears to believe in
Its own existence-might.

6. I live

I lived
To fly desire-kite.

I live
To brave desire-surge.

I shall live
To bury desire-prince.

7. Just wait and see

With Compassion-rain
God will clasp your life-dreams.
Just wait and see.

With Liberation-train
God will carry your heart-blossoms
To His Promise-Paradise.
Just wait and see.

With Perfection-reign
God will offer you
His Throne of Infinity's Silence-light
His Crown of Eternity's Sound-might.
Just wait and see.

8. Your life-book

Do you want to exclude something
From your life-book?
Exclude your doubt-chapter.
God will bless you

Do you want to include something
In your life-book?
Include your confidence-chapter.
You will bless yourself

9. Four unfinished stories

Four unfinished stories
I must finish:
Man's journey into the Unknown,
Earth's despair-death,
Heaven's indifference-smile,
God's Perfection-dream.

10. Something I often notice

There is something
I often notice in God.
Do you know what it is?
He cries and tries
And tries and cries
For the transformation-light
Of futility's hush: man.

There is something
I often notice in man.
Do you know what it is?
He smiles and flies
And flies and smiles
Like a cosmic god
Of freedom-skies.

11. Definitions

Definition of the soul:

Definition of the heart:

Definition of the mind:

Definition of the vital:

Definition of the body:

My definition of God:

12. Be sure to take care

Be sure to take care
Of yourself
God wants to see
Your capacity's light.

Be sure to take care
Of God
God wants to test
Your duty's height.

13. No news

No news from death-mire
Is always good news.
No news from life-fire
Is always sad news.
No news from earth-temptation
Is always hope-news.
No news from Heaven-illumination
Is always death-news.

14. How I deal with them

My mind's nothingness
I face.
My heart's emptiness
I fill.
My soul's nearness
I treasure.
My body's helplessness
I measure.