My salutation to the soul of Australia1

My aspiring heart is saluting you.
My illumining soul is loving you.
In you, I see a perfect combination of the
   mind’s height and the heart’s depth.
In you, I see a perfect combination of the
   body’s service and the vital’s dynamism.
Your soul is at once the embodiment
  of the ancient sun and the revelation
  of tomorrow’s dawn.
Your body-consciousness is the expansion
  of vastness.
Your heart-delight is the perfection
  of illumination.
Slowly and steadily your body walks.
Dynamically and confidently your vital marches.
Pointedly and unerringly your mind runs.
Devotedly and unconditionally your heart dives.
Eternally and supremely your soul flies.
Your life’s greatness-dream is humanity’s
  transcendental pride.
Your life’s goodness-reality is humanity’s
  universal treasure.

/ — Sri Chinmoy/

  1. From audio transcript 1974. The first edition published 1976, did not include line 9 “Dynamically and confidently your vital marches.” Also, in the first edition, line 6 and 7 read 'body's consciousness' and heart's delight'


Before I give a short talk on aspiration, I wish to offer my soulful gratitude to the soul of Australia for having granted me the opportunity to come here and serve her sweet children. I have been here for only twenty-four hours. During this very short span of time, seekers, friends and acquaintances have bestowed upon me their blessingful love, sympathy and concern. For that I am extremely grateful. Also, from the inmost recesses of my heart, I wish to offer my most soulful gratitude to the Dean of Perth. This morning I had the golden opportunity to be blessed by his august presence. His heart's magnanimity has touched the very depths of my heart. With all the sincerity at my command I pray to the Christ-consciousness to grant Mother Earth a few more sincere seekers and sincere lovers of mankind like the Dean of Perth, so that our planet earth can have a better peace, a more fulfilling heart and a more satisfying reality.


My dear Australian sisters and brothers, you are all welcome in my house. My house is my heart, my heart of aspiration and my heart of dedication. My heart of aspiration shall love the divine in you and my heart of dedication shall love the Supreme in you.

As you all know, there are two mighty forces that govern this world of ours. These mighty forces are desire-night and aspiration-light. Desire-night is the love of power and aspiration-light is the power of love. The love of power wants to destroy and devour the entire world. The power of love wants to feed and immortalise the entire world. The love of power is self-love; the power of love is God-love. When we utilise the love of power in our day-to-day activities, we consciously and deliberately bring to the fore the vital and destructive anger in us When we utilise the power of love in our multifarious activities, then God, out of His infinite Bounty, showers His choicest Blessings on us.

The life of greatness and the life of goodness. We aspire. Why do we aspire? If we aspire to become great, then our aspiration is not the real aspiration. If we aspire to become good, then our aspiration is real divine aspiration. Goodness is the aim of true aspiration. Greatness alone is constant competition. There is no satisfaction in it. By competition alone we can never achieve satisfaction. But if we become good, if we become divine instruments of God, then we achieve satisfaction far beyond our imagination's flight.

God is good. His goodness cannot be separated from His greatness, for true goodness always embodies greatness. The Christ, the Buddha, Lord Krishna — all spiritual Masters of the highest order — were Goodness incarnate. What do we see and feel in them? Greatness as well. So real greatness and real goodness go together. They are inseparable, like the obverse and reverse of the same coin.

The desire-night and the aspiration-light. If we walk along the road of desire-night, fulfilment will always remain a far cry. Our inner and outer expectations will never be satisfied. Yesterday we had a house; today we want two houses. If we get two houses today, we will not be satisfied. Tomorrow we will want to have one more. No matter how many things we possess, we will not be satisfied. Each time our expectation is fulfilled, a new expectation will come to take its place. But if we live in aspiration-light, when we achieve even an iota of satisfaction, we feel that inside that satisfaction one day will loom large infinite, boundless satisfaction. The aspiration-road must be followed. Each individual seeker must live in aspiration-light if he wants satisfaction. If he lives in desire-night, there can never be satisfaction.

Each individual on earth is crying for only one thing and that is satisfaction. But if satisfaction comes, it has to come through self-giving. Self-giving is the precursor of God-becoming. The more consciously and soulfully we can give our body, vital, mind, heart and soul to the Supreme Pilot within us, the sooner we can become an exact prototype of His divine Existence.

God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. But the sincere seeker is he who feels that God is most divine not because God is all Power, but because God is all Love. It is the love aspect of God that conquers the heart and soul of the true aspirant. When we live in desire-night, we become friends with human love. Human love is always the song of bondage. In human love, we try to bind others and others will naturally want to bind us. There is no satisfaction in this mutual bondage. Human love is eventually followed by frustration, and frustration is immediately followed by destruction.

When we live in aspiration-light, we make friends with divine love. At each moment divine love tries to expand its reality. Divine love is our continuous growth in divine reality. This divine love illumines us, liberates us and helps us to realise the highest Absolute. It illumines the obscure and impure life within us. It liberates the ignorance-bound and earth-bound realities within us. It satisfies the divine realities within us.

Fear is the obscurity within us. Doubt is the impurity within us. When illumination dawns, fear is transformed into strength and doubt is transformed into faith: the life-saving, life-immortalising faith. Insecurity is the ignorance-bound reality within us. When illumination dawns, our insecurity is transformed into all-illumining confidence. Our doubt-reality is transformed into a willingness to open to the inner light and our fear-reality is transformed into a willingness to open our heart's door to the divine realities. Finally, when realisation dawns, the earthbound realities, which did not allow us to accept the divine realities soulfully, lovingly, devotedly and unconditionally, now soulfully surrender to the divine power of the divine realities. When our undivine part surrenders to the divine in us, our entire being becomes absolutely perfect.

Aspiration is the inner cry, the mounting flame. Aspiration is at our journey's start and it is also at our journey's close. Ours is not an ordinary, earthly, human journey. Ours is a divine journey; therefore, this journey has neither a beginning nor an end. It is a birthless, deathless journey. This journey has a goal, but it does not stop at any goal, for it has come to realise that today's goal is only the starting point of tomorrow's journey. Once we start consciously and sincerely aspiring, we feel that we are walking along Eternity's road and that we shall eternally walk along this road, receiving and achieving Light, more Light, abundant Light, infinite Light. We shall offer this Light to the aspiring humanity so that this world of ours can become a Kingdom of Heaven.

Here we are all seekers. We have made an outer promise and an inner promise. Our outer promise is to Mother Earth and our inner promise is to Father Heaven. Our outer promise is that we shall become inseparably one with the excruciating pangs of Mother Earth. Our inner promise is that we shall become inseparably one with the all-illumining and all-fulfilling Smile of Father Heaven. We shall become inseparably one with both our Mother Earth and our Father Heaven and then we shall become a direct link between Mother Earth and Father Heaven. The aspiration of Mother Earth we shall carry to Father Heaven and the Realisation-Reality-Light of Father Heaven we shall bring down to Mother Earth for manifestation. Mother Earth and Father Heaven are both of equal importance. We need Father Heaven for God's supreme Realisation and we need Mother Earth for God's supreme Manifestation. Both realisation and manifestation are of paramount importance. When we realise and manifest, we complete the cosmic Game.

/St. George's Cathedral Perth,/
2 March 1976

Questions and answers

Question: I come from Auroville and I was wondering if you are carrying on the mission of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo?

Sri Chinmoy: I am carrying on the mission of the Supreme. The entire creation belongs to the Supreme, and the Supreme out of His infinite Bounty has granted me an iota of light and has commanded me to be of service to Him in aspiring humanity. So when I serve Him, I serve everyone: Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Lord Krishna, the Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna and all others. When I serve the Supreme, I serve all the spiritual Masters that have ever come into the world.

Question: Are you a Christian? Do you believe that Christ was God?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to have implicit faith in the Christ, one does not have to be a Christian. The Christ is not a Christian. The Christ is the Saviour, the Son of God. He is the all-pervading Reality, so we can't bind him. I was born a Hindu, yet I have every right to call him a Saviour, to pray to him and meditate on him. Just because I am not a Christian does not mean that I am not entitled to invoke his Consciousness or his Light. I am sorry if I did not understand your question. You asked me if I am a Christian. Yes, in a sense I am a Christian, because I love the Divinity and I invoke and worship the supreme Reality which the Christ embodies. In that sense, if I am not a Christian, who else is a Christian?

Again, if we enter into the mental world, then there is conflict between this division of Christianity and that division of Christianity. But I wish to say that although I was born into a Hindu family, I see no conflict in my acceptance of the Christ, for I know that he is of God, he is in God and he is for God. Since I am a seeker, I have transcended the religion barrier. For me there is only one religion and that religion is love of Truth. Whoever embodies Truth in boundless measure is my Saviour.

Question: How can we transform surrender from a theoretical notion into a practical one?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to know one thing. Theory does not give us abiding satisfaction, whereas through practice we do get abiding satisfaction. If surrender is forced, then always it will be in the world of theory. But if it is spontaneous and unconditional, if it is coming cheerfully from the depths of our heart, then automatically it becomes practical. Just because someone else has surrendered to God, if you feel that you are also supposed to surrender to God, then you are mistaken. You have to wait for your hour. Today the hour has struck in his life; tomorrow your hour will strike. You have to wait cheerfully, devotedly and unconditionally.

How do we make our surrender practical? There is a simple and, at the same time, effective way. Before we pray and meditate, if we offer our soulful gratitude to the Almighty Father, the Inner Pilot, then our surrender becomes practical. Why does it become practical? It becomes practical because inside our gratitude-light we see the Supreme's infinite Compassion. We are grateful to Him because out of millions of people He has chosen us to pray to Him, to meditate on Him, to invoke His Light, to invoke His Presence. When we develop gratitude, we expand our reality. And when we expand our reality, love blossoms petal by petal inside us and we become inseparably one with God's Will. When we are inseparably one with God's Will, our surrender becomes cheerful.

Forced surrender the slave will make to the master. But in spiritual surrender we have to feel that we are surrendering to our own highest Reality. It is not to somebody else, a third person, but to our own highest Reality. Right now we feel that our self is a tiny drop. Why? Because we have separated our existence from the mighty ocean. As long as we maintain our sense of separativity, we will not dare to enter into the ocean. If we take the theoretical approach and feel that the ocean in front of us will always remain vast, then we will always remain the drop. But when we are very practical, we just dive and throw our existence into the ocean and become one with it. Then, on the strength of our feeling of oneness, we enter into the ocean and lose our little, limited individuality and personality and become the infinite ocean itself.

Question: Does the practice of Kriya Yoga hasten this process?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, certainly. The practice of Kriya Yoga undoubtedly hastens and expedites the process. Like other branches of Yoga, Kriya Yoga will also expedite the spiritual journey. It really depends on the individual seeker. If you like Kriya Yoga more than other Yogas, then you are at perfect liberty to practise Kriya Yoga. If somebody likes some other form of Yoga, then naturally he will practise this Yoga. No matter which Yoga you follow, if it is sincere and genuine and self-giving, it is bound to expedite your goal.

Question: Sir, there seems to be inside me a dark meanness which appears more spontaneous than my love and kindness. How can I combat this dark power?

Sri Chinmoy: I fully sympathise with you. But now that you are aware of this meanness, you are already half way to curing yourself. There are many people who are not aware of their shortcomings, but in your case you are aware of your shortcomings. Now, how do you cure meanness? Not by thinking of meanness all the time. From now on, kindly take the positive side. Meanness is self-centred. By always thinking of night, by always looking at night, you cannot go into light; whereas if you all the time consciously think of vastness, the sympathetic heart or oneness-heart, then automatically meanness disappears from you.

There are two rooms: one is the room of meanness, the other is the room of vastness. If you always remain inside the meanness-room and say, "How did I get this meanness? How am I going to combat this?" then you are scared to death. The best thing is to take the positive side and remain in the other room, which is vastness, oneness. If you stay there for a couple of years, then your entire being will become surcharged with vastness and oneness. Then if you enter into the room of meanness, that room will be changed into vastness and oneness.

Both the rooms belong to you, but you have been staying in the dark room which is meanness. You are trying desperately to come out of this room, but there is a subtle resistance in your life. You don't like it, but at the same time you do like it. Unconsciously you may treasure it, although consciously you do not. If you consciously treasured meanness, then the question of getting rid of it would not arise at all. But unconsciously we do quite a few things. So if you can consciously remain in the room that is vastness and oneness, there comes a time when your entire being will be surcharged with illumination-light. Then you can enter into the meanness room, which is dark, obscure and impure, and illumine it.

Question: I feel as though my being is going through an arid night. How can I find purpose in this world?

Sri Chinmoy: Each seeker has two individuals in him: one is the desiring man, the other is the aspiring man. The world has offered you considerable frustration. Now, who is responsible for this frustration? The desiring man in you. The aspiring man in you will never be frustrated; he will always try to see light in God's own way. If constantly you feel the presence of the desiring man, he will give you what he has: frustration. Then you see no purpose in life. But if you feel the aspiring man in yourself, then at every moment you will see a glowing purpose in your life. Each thought, each idea, each ideal will have a purpose. Each moment will have a purpose. Inside each moment you will see a vast, conscious operation. So if you want to discover the purpose of your life, from now on kindly try to feed and nourish the aspiring man in you. Then you are bound to discover the purpose in your life.

Philosophy, spirituality and yoga

Philosophy is God-speculation. Spirituality is God-expectation. Yoga is God-union. God-speculation, God-expectation and God-union.

Philosophy most of the time operates on the mental plane. Spirituality most of the time operates in the outer being. Yoga operates in the oneness-heart and in the perfection-life.

Philosophy has come to the conclusion that God is stupendous. Spirituality has come to the conclusion that God is glorious. Yoga has come to the conclusion that God is gracious, loving, compassionate, illumining and fulfilling.

God says to philosophy, "My child, you have known Me as someone stupendous. I shall make you stupendous." God says to spirituality, "My child, you have known Me as someone glorious. I shall grant you all My Glory." To Yoga God says, "My child, you have known Me as someone gracious. Of all My qualities, My most treasured quality is Grace. You are also aware of My Love. Nothing is equal to My Love. Because you are aware of My Compassion and Illumination, I shall bestow My choicest, blessingful Compassion and Illumination on you in infinite measure. And not only that, but also I shall eventually fulfil you by making you another God."

A student of philosophy studies in the mind-school. He wants to measure God's Infinity. A student of spirituality studies in the body-school, vital-school and mind-school. He wants to reach God's Eternity. A student of Yoga studies in the heart-school and in the soul-school. In the heart-school he studies for liberation from ignorance-night and in the soul-school he studies for the perfect perfection of life here on earth.

Who can measure God's Infinity? It is absurd to think of trying. Who can catch God's Eternity? Nobody. But who can try to become liberated? Who can try to become perfect? Everybody. You, he, I everybody. Everybody in God's creation can make a soulful attempt to become free from the meshes of ignorance and to be perfect. In the heart-school and the soul-school, the student of Yoga learns something else: he learns how to become an unconditional instrument of God. He learns to live on earth only to please God in God's own way.

The student of philosophy is puzzled. The student of spirituality is astonished. The student of Yoga is awakened, totally awakened. The student of philosophy wants to address the world assembly. He wants to prove that God exists. The student of spirituality wants to carry God's Light throughout the length and breadth of the world. The student of Yoga has been commissioned by God Himself, out of His infinite Bounty, to embody, reveal and manifest God in God's own way.

Philosophy and spirituality belong to the domain of knowledge, whereas Yoga belongs to the domain of wisdom. I am extremely happy to learn that the motto of this august university is "Seek Wisdom." When a seeker practises true Yoga, he comes to realise that there can be nothing more important in his life than wisdom-light. He discovers that there is a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is nothing more than the accumulation of world-facts and information. These facts and pieces of information do not and cannot illumine his aspiring consciousness. But wisdom-light can and does illumine his entire being — his earthly life and his earthbound reality. What is proper wisdom? Proper wisdom is the realisation that God is at once one and many, the Creator and the creation. In the inner world He is Silence and in the outer world He is Sound. The seeker with wisdom-light also realises that God needs him as much as he needs God.

Each individual has to launch into the path of the spirit. He can start as a philosophy student. Then he can become a spirituality student. Then he can become a student of Yoga. The most important thing for each human being is to start the journey. There is no end to our journey. There is no end to our goal. One should consciously start, even if he starts only out of curiosity. If he has even a little thirst for God-discovery, let him start with curiosity. Naturally, there comes a time when mere curiosity does not satisfy him. So he tries to go deeper. Then he resorts to imagination. He tries to imagine God in whatever way he wants to. But soon there comes a time when he is no longer satisfied with imagination. Then he goes one step ahead: he knocks at the door of inspiration. Then he continues his journey with inspiration for some time.

But eventually there comes a time when the seeker realises that imagination and inspiration cannot carry him far enough. Then he tries to go deep within to discover if there is anything else he needs for his inner journey. He discovers that he is missing something, and that thing is aspiration. Once he has discovered aspiration in the inmost recesses of his heart, all his problems are solved. All past, present and future problems put together are helpless in the face of aspiration, for aspiration is the burning, glowing flame within. It is a birthless and endless flame that mounts high, higher, highest and purifies the things that have to be purified in our unlit, obscure, impure nature. While illumining the unlit, obscure, impure qualities in us, it immortalises the divine qualities in us: faith in God, love of God and unconditional surrender, which says to God, "Let Thy Will be done."

Winthrop Hall
University of Western Australia
Perth, Australia
3 March 1976


Dear seekers, dear sisters and brothers, I am also a seeker like you. We all are in one Boat. Our Goal is one: the Golden Shore of the Beyond. Here we are all members of the same divine family, so I feel that here I can be perfectly safe. Here I don't have to be something other than what I eternally am. What I eternally am is a seeker of the Absolute Truth. You are also the same, seekers of the Eternal Truth walking along Eternity's Shore.

If you have any spiritual questions, I will take them as a golden opportunity to be of service to you. I shall be extremely glad and grateful if you have anything to ask me.

Questions and answers

Question: Which would come first: realisation of the Divine or manifestation of the Divine, or both simultaneously?

Sri Chinmoy: As a principle, the realisation of the Divine must come first; then comes the manifestation. First you reach the height and then you bring down the fruit from above and share it with the world at large. This is the general theory. Again, there is another theory. If one has a spiritual Master, the Master may say to the disciple, "Look, I have realised the Highest, I have got the thing that you need. It is the Will of the Supreme that you start helping me in the manifestation of the Supreme."

At this point, while you are realising you are also manifesting. While you are realising the Divinity inside the Master, or directly inside the Supreme, you are at the same time manifesting the Supreme. So at this point realisation and manifestation go together.

As a matter of fact, it is the aspiration inside both the realisation and manifestation that we notice. Manifestation is not a finished product, just as realisation is not a finished product. There is no end to our realisation and there is no end to our manifestation. Let us take realisation as a tree. Somebody comes and stands in front of the realisation-tree and says that he has seen the realisation-tree. We can't deny it. But somebody else will come and touch the realisation-tree, while a third person will climb up a few metres. A fourth person will climb up to the topmost branch and the fifth one will not only climb up but also bring down the fruits and share them with the world at large. So his realisation is undoubtedly far superior to the realisation of those who either stayed at the foot of the tree or only climbed up a few metres.

If somebody has no Master and he wants to discover the Truth all by himself, let him realise God first and then listen to the dictates of God. God will direct him in manifesting God in God's own way. But if somebody has a God-realised Master, then it is up to the Master to tell him whether to realise God first in order to manifest God, or whether to realise and manifest at the same time. If the Master tells him to realise while manifesting and to manifest while realising, then the Master will be responsible and the individual should listen to the Master.

Question: There are many spiritual Masters in the world today, but it seems that they don't really agree or feel the same.

Sri Chinmoy: If they don't agree, that doesn't mean that they are wrong. As I said before, each one has seen the tree in his own way. Some have just seen, some have climbed up a little, some have climbed up to the Highest. So each one will talk about God according to his own realisation. It is up to the individual seeker to have implicit faith in one particular Master. I will say a particular thing. If you are not satisfied with what I say, no harm. Somebody else will say something which will satisfy you and then you may become his disciple. Again, a third party here may feel that what I am saying is correct, so he will become my follower. The fact that all spiritual Masters do not agree will not hinder the seeker's progress. Rome is the destination; many roads lead to Rome. The most important thing is to have faith in someone and follow his teachings; that will lead you to your destination. Sometimes the followers of a particular teacher may brag and, unfortunately, even the teacher may also brag that his path is the sunlit path, the shortest path and so many things. But if you as a seeker have implicit faith in one of the teachers, in one of the paths, and if you are satisfied, then you are right to walk along this particular path with the teacher you have chosen, no matter what others say. All the teachers and all the paths will take you to the same goal. The goal is one, but the roads will be many. If somebody says his road is better, far superior to others, it is up to the seekers to make a choice.

There are many teachers. But one teacher you will find who gives you immediate joy, boundless joy, though you cannot account for it in your mind; or he makes you feel that you had a previous connection with him or you have an affinity with him. Outwardly your mind cannot fathom the Delight or Peace or other sublime qualities that you are feeling, but you feel something in him. If you have this kind of experience with a certain teacher, then rest assured that he is meant for you. The teachers may differ and each one will say, "You come to my room. My room is full of beautiful things; it will satisfy you." But it is up to you to enter into a teacher's room and see whether or not the things that he has will satisfy you. If they do not satisfy you, then you go to somebody else's room-another Master-and if he satisfies you, then you remain there.

Question: Does not the desire for satisfaction represent a barrier to the realisation of the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to know what kind of satisfaction it is. If we remain in the desire-world, we immediately cry for satisfaction. We expect something and inside that expectation is the feeling that satisfaction will dawn if we walk along the road of desire. But if we walk along the path of aspiration, our aim is not satisfaction. Our aim is to become a perfect instrument of God. We are not crying for satisfaction; we are crying only to establish our unconditional surrender to God's Will. While we are aiming at this loftiest Goal, God, out of His infinite Bounty, says, "My child is trying so hard to please Me in My own way; it is My Duty to give him some satisfaction." But as seekers, we are not crying for satisfaction. We are crying only for one thing: to become good, perfect, unconditional instruments of God so that God can manifest Himself in and through us

When we walk along the path of aspiration, we will be satisfied not by getting Peace, Light and Bliss; we will be satisfied only if we can satisfy God in God's own way. Suppose God stands in front of us and we feel that we have to show God our utmost devotion. So we bring flowers or candles or incense, something to show our devotion. But God says, "No! This is not what I want. I don't want this. I want something else. Bring me a book or a glass of water." Our human mind says that since God is in front of us, we should go and place flowers at His Feet. But if we identify with God's Will, we will immediately know that God does not want flowers from us; He wants some material object or something else. When we can make unconditional surrender to God's Will, we immediately know what God wants from us and what He wants us to do.

Question: Why do you need a spiritual teacher? Isn't it true that you can walk alone and still arrive at Truth?

Sri Chinmoy: He who realised God for the first time walked alone. At that time he got Blessings and Light directly from God. Here on earth most human beings who are cultured and well-educated have been to college and university. Some people become great writers or artists without going to school, but they are exceptions. The rest have gone to school. A teacher is not obligatory. The only thing is that if we go alone, at times you may doubt your own experiences. Suppose you have a very high experience and you have nobody to discuss it with. All the appropriate books are available in the bookshop. You take a book and read it, but at that time you may not understand it properly, doubt may enter your mind and you will say, "Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I am wrong." But when you have a teacher and the teacher says this is this and that is that, immediately you are convinced.

Now, there is a great difference between a school teacher and a spiritual teacher. A school teacher will examine you and he will pass or fail you according to your capacity. But a spiritual teacher is like a private tutor. A private tutor only helps you to pass the examination. He teaches you privately so that you can stand against ignorance and enter into the sea of Light.

If someone wants to walk alone, no harm. But the process may be slow. If doubt enters, the process will be very, very slow. He is walking, but he is not convinced that he is walking along the right road, so he will come back a few steps. Then he will walk a few more steps and again his mind will be assailed by doubt and once again he will start walking backward. There is no end to this. But if he is walking along the road with a guide, the guide will be able to convince him, "Come, I know this road will take you to the Goal. I will definitely be able to take you to the Goal along this road.

Again, it is up to the individual. He may say "I don't want anybody. I believe in God's Eternity. I will wait for God's Hour. If it takes hundreds and thousands of years, no harm." But another individual will say, "No, I believe in speed. Since God-realisation is not a fixed thing, since it is constantly transcending its own Reality-Heights, it will take God knows how many years for me to realise God. Then God alone knows how many years it will take me to reveal God and manifest God. Realisation has no end; revelation has no end; manifestation has no end. Everything is in the process of transcendence. My journey started with aspiration and my Goal is the Eternal Aspiration."

Inside aspiration is realisation. Inside aspiration is revelation. Inside aspiration is manifestation. When we become aware of our real aspiration, we see that it is something birthless and deathless. In order to enter into that birthless and deathless consciousness of aspiration, we feel that the sooner we start our journey properly, the better for us.