Question: When is God's Birthday?

Sri Chinmoy: God observes His Birthday in the heart of the seeker only when He sees that the seeker is crying most sincerely for his or her perfect perfection in life.

Question: How does God celebrate His Birthday?

Sri Chinmoy: God celebrates His Birthday on earth with His blessingful Joy of Life.

Question: Do all souls make the same promise in essence when they enter the earth arena?

Sri Chinmoy: No! Before entering into the earth arena, each soul makes a special promise, and it has to fulfil that promise in a special way before it leaves the world.

Question: Does conscience dawn at birth or after a few years?

Sri Chinmoy: Usually conscience comes after the child has been on earth for three years.

Question: Is the soul's promise prophetic?

Sri Chinmoy: No! The soul's promise can easily be delayed or destroyed if the darkness of the undivine body, vital or mind becomes extremely strong. Even if the soul's promise is very powerful and very sincere, in most cases it is affected to some extent by the unruly members of the soul's family. Quite often it happens.

Question: What are our inalienable birthrights?

Sri Chinmoy: Our inalienable birthright is to claim God. Our main goal is to become His choicest and most perfect instrument.

Question: What is the best way for parents to receive a newborn child?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way is to offer gratitude to the Absolute Supreme when receiving a newborn child and to prayerfully inject soulful dreams into the child's heart.

Question: How close a connection does a helpless baby keep with the Source?

Sri Chinmoy: The individual does not keep a connection mentally. But the soul itself, although it is inside a little body, can keep a very close, direct connection with God. God has given the soul ample inner light to communicate with Him. Because of its connection with God, the soul is the most powerful member of the inner family. But when it becomes one with the body, vital, mind and heart, the soul pretends to be helpless. At any moment the soul bird can easily fly out of the cage if God wants to take it. But while the bird is inside the cage, it has to deal with the body, vital, mind and heart by pleading and pleading and pleading.

When the body is only two, three or four years old, the soul's connection with God is always strongest. Because children do not have minds, it is very easy for them to keep direct contact with God. But when they grow up and start developing and using the mind, it is much more difficult. Also, children get extra attention just because they are children. God gives special Concentration, Blessings and Love to the souls of children.

Question: Does the soul give importance to the birthday when it is in the animal incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: As soon as you see some animals, you know that they are going to be human in their next incarnation. You may see them in a zoo, but their eyes and even their consciousness seem human. If the animal is extremely developed and mature and on the verge of becoming a human being, then the animal's soul may observe the birthday.

Question: Do the souls of countries observe their birthdays?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on whether or not the country is spiritual. Some countries do not believe in the soul or in God, and their souls do not observe their birthdays. But if a country does believe in God and the soul, the soul definitely can observe its birthday.

The birthday of a country may not take place on a fixed date. In this case a birthday takes place when a new consciousness is dawning in the country. When the soul can offer this new consciousness to the citizens of the country, when the soul can enter into the body, vital, mind or consciousness of the country with something new, at that time the soul observes its birthday with all its joy.

Question: Do the cosmic gods and goddesses have birthdays?

Sri Chinmoy: They do, but they celebrate their birthday as the day when the happiest thing has happened. When they conquer hostile forces on earth or in Heaven, then they celebrate their victory.

Question: Do the souls of your creations, such as your songs and paintings, celebrate their birthdays?

Sri Chinmoy: Consciously they do not. Since I am the creator, if I feel like observing their birthdays, I can. If I have painted something extraordinary and I want to observe the date when I created it, then I can do so. But the souls as such do not consciously celebrate.

Question: Is there more significance to your last birthday?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, your last birthday and also your first birthday have a very special significance. On your last birthday before you leave the body, the soul is counting how many good things and how many bad things you have done, how many of its promises it has fulfilled and how many it has not fulfilled.

The Supreme says to the soul: "I came to you and offered you as much as I could. How much did you manifest My Light on Mother-Earth?"

The soul says to the Supreme: "You have given me the capacity and opportunity to come here and serve You. Now I am going back to my celestial Home with my gratitude and love."

Question: Are some birthdays more significant?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, on certain birthdays you are more conscious of your inner life, your aspiration and dedication. Those birthdays are infinitely, infinitely more important than the birthdays when you are only thinking of parties and friends and counting how many gifts you have gotten. It is not how many outer or earthly achievements you have attained that matters, but how many hours you have thought of God and offered gratitude to God for sending you into this world to work for Him. If, on the strength of your prayer and meditation, on a particular birthday you are conscious of your goal, that birthday is infinitely more important than other birthdays when you are not consciously and sincerely trying to do something significant or become something good for God.