Dear Mr. Chinmoy,

The Princess of Wales was so grateful for your kind letter and birthday wishes.

This comes with Her Royal Highness's warmest thanks and good wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Rhe


Letter July 1994


Diana, Princess of Wales the World’s only Fondness-Summit-Empress

I am extremely grateful to you for the sacred meeting which we had at your august Palace a few days ago. I shall cherish our interview' in the very depths of my heart. Just a few minutes ago, from here in New York, I spoke with Mother Teresa. She is still in Rome, but she will be leaving tomorrow for New York. Mother has cancelled her trip to Poland.

I am so happy that I was able to share with Mother all about you. She was extremely happy that I met with you. I told her that you are very eager to meet with her at any place in Europe. Mother told me, “Definitely I would like to meet with her. Tell her to come to New York.” I asked Mother if she will be returning via London, since you had said you would go anywhere in Europe to see her. Smiling and laughing, Mother said, “Then tell Diana to come to Calcutta, I would love to meet with her.”

I mentioned to Mother that you told me it was very difficult to get hold of her. Mother replied, “I know it is sometimes very difficult to be in touch with me.” Then she added, “Tell Diana to pray to our Lady Mother Mary of Jesus every day.”

Mother will meet with me here in New York. Since I will be having an interview with her, in case you want to come to New York, I will surely be able to make arrangements for you to have an interview with Mother; or, if you would like to give her any message via me, I would be deeply honoured to offer her your message. In case you would like to speak with Mother on the phone, be pleased to speak to Sister Elena who is the head of Mother’s Missionaries of Charity in the Rome area. Mother’s number is .... After tomorrow, if you would like to speak by phone with Mother, please call Sister Dominga, who is head of the Missionaries of Charity in the New York area. Mother’s number is .... My telephone number is .... and my fax number is ....

I am offering my heart’s soulful love to your two sweetest and most promising sons, William and Harry. Once again, Diana, Princess of Wales, I am deeply grateful to you for allowing me to be in your most gracious presence.

Letter May 25th, 1997

Letter — May 25th, 1997


Happy Birthday!

Diana, Princess of Wales Empress of the World

On this most auspicious occasion in your life, I am praying most fervently to the Absolute Lord Supreme to shower His choicest Blessings, Compassion, Love, Light, Delight and Pride upon your sleeplessly self-giving life for the improvement, betterment and enlightenment of the whole world. Your ocean-vast compassion-heart for the poverty-stricken, for the ill-fated, for the physical body-sufferers can only be felt in silence in our gratitude-hearts, but never be adequately expressed, appreciated, admired and adored by anybody here on earth. There shall come a time when your admirers and adorers will conquer the hearts of your unlit and unawakened adversaries.

Again, I am praying to God to grant you an endless series of successes in all the world-uplifting tasks that you have so self-givingly undertaken.

With deepest appreciation,

Sri Chinmoy

P.S. The other day I watched you on TV with Mother Teresa outside the Missionaries of Charity in the Bronx, New York. It was extremely exciting, thrilling, illumining and fulfilling. They announced on TV that you had a private interview with her for forty minutes. I am certain that your meeting was most illumining and most fulfilling. Two are in the fastest, life-saving boat sailing towards the golden Destination: God’s Satisfaction in God’s own Way.

Letter — July 1st 1997



2 July 1997

Dear Sri Chinmoy

I wanted to write personally, to thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers you sent for my birthday. They truly are quite magnificent and I am deeply touched that you have thought of me in this special way.

With my very kindest regards and warmest good wishes,


Letter — 2nd July 1997


Diana, Princess of Wales Diana, Empress of the World.

I wish to offer you gratitude from the inmost recesses of my heart for writing me such a compassionate, inspiring and encouraging letter. For ordinary mortals, birthdays come and birthdays go. You — being an immortal figure in the world of sleepless compassion, breathless concern for humanity’s safety, happiness and progress — will forever shine bright, brighter and brightest in the galaxy' of immortals.

Newsday, which is next to the New York Times in importance and popularity, has voiced forth something soul-stirring, heart-elevating and life-illumining as to where you stand in the heart of America the Beautiful. According to my aspiration-heart, you are not only the Queen of American hearts, but also the unparalleled Queen of the universal heart. Newsday says you will be, but to me you already are.

Enclosed is also an article quite favourable to you from a French magazine.

With deepest appreciation and admiration,

Sri Chinmoy

Letter — July 9th 1997

Image — Newsweek


Dear Sri Chinmoy,

I write to thank you for your wonderful letter of 9 July, enclosing a copy of Match and also newspaper cuttings from Newsday. It is always interesting to read articles that are printed overseas.

Having just returned from a short holiday, I am now ready to continue in the fight against landmines, and also my work with other causes which have become so dear to me. I truly believe that it is vital that we all continue to work towards supporting those that need it. I know that you too strive to ease unnecessary suffering and indeed, have helped many, many people.

I always enjoy visiting America. The American people are both fascinating and stimulating and I am deeply touched by the kind words expressed in the Newsday article.

Again, I thank you for your generosity of spirit and send to you my heartfelt best wishes.