Donetsk Centre edition

Chandelier is the fourth book of Sri Chinmoy which was first published in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram 1959. It was reprinted in New York in 1971. This version is a reprint from 2012 in Donetsk, Ukraine.

At the Lotus Feet of the Mother


Sri Aurobindo is the Father of a beginningless beginning and the Son of an endless end.

The Mother always gives. We too always give. Hers is the Blessing. Ours is the unworthiness.

Sri Aurobindo’s Truth is the Seed. His Law is the Plant. His Forgiveness is the Tree. His Holocaust is the Fruit — the Supermind for the world’s transformation.

The Mother is ceaseless forgiveness. It is man’s bulwark against perdition.


Morality is preparatory to spirituality. Spirituality is preparatory to surrender. Surrender is preparatory to union. And what is this union? Union is that which has no need of the first personal pronoun.


Desire alternates with aspiration. Light alternates with darkness. Ignorance alternates with knowledge. But there is something which does not alternate with anything. It is our complete unification with the Absolute.


What is penury? Penury is the fulfilment of desires. The more we slake the thirst of desires the bigger we become a round zero like an insatiable belly.


Neither a mighty nor a puny action can dare to claim love. It is desirelessness that has ever the right to claim love from God.


My desire has given birth to “I and mine”. My surrender has given birth to “Thou and thine”. “I and mine” are more transitory than a rope of sand. “Thou and thine” are more permanent than the everlasting hills.


If you have much, give much. If you have little, give little. But willingly, and not unwillingly. To give unwillingly means to present the rose with numberless thorns. To give willingly means to present only the rose.


We always think of ourselves. We have no time to think for others. We forget the undeniable truth that they and we are but one in essence. Our complete freedom is a far cry so long as they are in bondage.


I do not want to be a walking dictionary of the world. I want to be a fixed faith in the Unseen. Mastery is not my goal. My goal is surrender.


Our humility is dignity. Our nothingness is plenitude.


To endure is to qualify for seeing the face of the inner Sun.


Enough cannot satisfy our soul. Plenitude alone can.


A bullock is far better than a man who refuses the yoke of responsibility.