1. I Am Responsive

I was responsive
To notes of praise.

I am responsive
To notes of love.

I shall be responsive
To notes of man-oneness in God.

2. Everything Was Rigid

Everything was rigid
In his life,
Even his God-aspiration.
Yet God unconditionally loved him.

Everything is rigid
In his life,
Even his God-realisation.
Yet God unconditionally loves him
And will forever love him.
Because God knows
That unlike others
He at least loves God.

3. Necessities

Your silent necessities:

Your loud necessities:

4. No More Command

Lord, I am aspiring.
I await Your next command.

Lord, I am realising.
I await Your next command.

Lord, I am loving.
I await Your next command.

"Son, you have done everything
For Me.
There can be no more command."

5. At Last We Know

At last you know
You were only a fool
To reveal God.
God did not need you to reveal Him.

At last I know
I was only a fool
To fulfil man.
Man did not need me to fulfil him.

6. Two Gifts

Silence is a gift.
I received it from God-Compassion.
Sound is a gift.
I offered it to humanity
Out of pure inner obligation.

7. Inferiority Cancelled

God-Grace won,
My inferiority to God

8. Two Equals

God knows how to create.
I know how to appreciate.
We two are equals.

God knows how to feed.
I know how to eat.
We two are equals.

9. They Possessed Him

Doubt possessed him
To destroy.
Faith possessed him
To live.
God possessed him
To love,
To serve,
To become.

10. My Food

Doubt is the food
Of the mind.
I ate it.

Love is the food
Of the heart.
I am eating it.

Perfection is the food
Of God.
I shall eat it.

11. I Received Clear Permission

I received clear permission from God
To teach humanity.
I received clear permission from humanity
To go to God.
Humanity laughs at my capacity,
God consoles my incapacity.

12. Avoid And Evade

Better to avoid
Try, you will succeed.

Better to evade
Try, you will succeed.

13. Two Invitations

God invited me
To eat with Him and choose
Anything I want from Him.

I invited God
To eat with me and lose
Everything in my hunger-cry.

14. Everything He Touches

There was a time
When everything he touched
Suffered from his dire imperfections.
Everything he touches
Prospers from his unprecedented perfection.