God's Compassion-Eye
Makes me a millionaire.
My happiness-heart
Makes God a multi-millionaire.


My Lord Supreme,
Every day do inundate
My heart, my mind, my vital and my body
With a new and record-breaking Obedience-ecstasy-sea.


I came into the world to prove
That my Lord is always right
And I am always wrong.
I am right only when
I am with Him, in Him and for Him.


My prayer-mind
Expects my Beloved Lord Supreme
To make me happy.
My meditation-heart
Expects me to make
My Beloved Lord Supreme happy.


My Beloved Lord Supreme,
It is getting so late.
When are You going to bind me
With Your Oneness-Heart-Chains?


My Beloved Lord Supreme,
May each and every breath of mine
Become a gratitude-prayer-fragrance
To love You and please You always
In Your own Way.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
What happens when I obey You
And when I don't obey You?
"My child,
When you obey Me,
You think that I gain much from you,
But I gain nothing, absolutely nothing.
But when you disobey Me,
You lose everything that you have
And you are in the inner world
Where real reality abides.
In the inner world
You are not even a match
For a street beggar."


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
I do not have love-garden for You today.
I do not have devotion-flower for You today.
I do not have surrender-fragrance for You today.
I do not have gratitude-tears and smiles
For You today.
But will You not give me another chance,
Another day,
To give You all these and anything more
That I have deep within
And I am not aware of?
My Lord,
No matter what I say,
No matter what I do,
I know that You are all mine,
Only mine,
And I am Yours, only Yours.


There is no holiday for a God-lover
Who longs to love God
In God's own Way.
There is no holiday for a God-server
Who longs to serve God
In God's own Way.
Because God Himself does not want them
To have holidays.
God says:
"Each holiday can easily
Become a prey to a new Temptation-frustration-destruction-day."


Not God's Sound-Mouth
But God's Silence-Eye
Has silenced my big mouth
And tall pride.


My Lord,
At times You smile at me;
I wonder why.
My Lord,
At times You cry for me;
I wonder why.
"My child,
I smile when your heart
Is only for Me.
I cry when I do not find
Your heart inside My Heart."


I pray to God for God to bless me
With His Protection-Feet.
I meditate on God for God to bless me
With His Satisfaction-Heart.


It is good to be compassionate,
But to whom?
To the one who is still trying
And not to the one who has given up.


Sincerity expands my mind.
Purity expands my heart.
Humility expands my life.
Divinity expands my entire being.