Doing business1

This morning I went out walking. First I saw two Russian girls, Olga and Rosa. I was returning after my mile and a half turnaround point and I had gone another 100 metres when I saw them. Luckily I saw them and they saw me. Their eyes were good and my eyes were good! They turned around.

Then, a little further on, I saw Nilima with water weights in her hands. I talked to her and asked her to do something. There I was doing business. Then I saw Agraha standing nearby and I talked to Agraha. This is how I take exercise!

In the morning I did three miles and at the tennis court I walked another mile, so it became four miles. I wanted to do eight miles, but today I have to be satisfied with four miles.

  1. WCB 43. 28 August 1998

Seeing Ashanka's soul1

Sometimes when I go out walking, I make a left turn onto the Grand Central Service Road, and continue towards Queens Boulevard. Then I make a left turn on Queens Boulevard and pass the courthouse. I go to my two-mile mark, and again I come back. When I am returning, about 100 metres before the one-mile mark, there is a particular tree.

About ten or twelve years ago, I was walking there. It was raining a little bit heavier than drizzling. On that day I saw Ashanka hiding behind that tree. She had seen me and she was waiting for me to go by. Now, whenever I take that route, I invariably see her soul near that particular tree. While going out, I do not see her, but when I am returning, I always see her.

  1. WCB 44. 28 August 1998

Savitri's special tree1

This is another tree story. In Flushing Meadow Park there is a particular tree when you enter into the park. Once our Vancouver Centre leader, Savitri, fainted there. She had run or walked to the park to join our sports activities. Then she fainted. What is worse, her soul left the body. Sri Chinmoy happened to be there. I knew that she had died. The soul was in that particular tree. It was not a huge tree. By God's Grace, I brought her soul back into the body. Then she lived at least six or seven years more.

In those days, we used to have our races at a course in front of the Tennis Centre. Usually I would run or walk to the races from my house. When you enter the park, there is a small parking lot. Right across the street this tree is located. From my house, it is at my two-mile mark.

Now, each time I pass by that tree, I invariably see Savitri's soul on one branch at the top of the tree. Any time I go, I see her soul. That is the place where she passed away and then came back again into the land of the living. The soul does not stay there all the time, but the soul has left a very deep impression at that place. When Savitri's soul left the body, it was something very significant. Similarly, when I saw Ashanka hiding near the tree, she was going through some significant changes in her life. When something very serious happens, that particular place keeps a record. Otherwise, every day when I go out, I see so many people. Today I saw Nilima, Agraha and the two Russian girls. But if something happens of a very serious type, it remains permanently there.

  1. WCB 45. 28 August 1998

The compassionate barber1

I went out walking and passed by a barber shop that I go to from time to time. It is near the funeral parlour on Parsons Boulevard. I looked in but my barber was not there. His assistant was working. I did not go inside because my pocket was empty. I did not have a cent. Without money, how can I get my hair cut? So I started to walk home. After I had gone about thirty metres, whom did I see? The owner. When he saw me, he said, "You look so young! You need a haircut." The barber's flattery started.

I said, "True, I need a haircut, but I do not have any money."

"Never mind, never mind, no problem!" he replied.

He forced me to come with him, so I went back to the shop with him. I said to him, "I want you to cut my hair, not your assistant."

"Of course, of course," he said.

Then I asked him to cut my hair very carefully. While cutting my hair, he started asking me questions. I said to him, "I am sorry I do not have money with me. I will send one of my disciples with money to pay you."

He said, "Do not think of money." Then he told me, "I have heard from your disciples that your brother has recently passed away."

I said, "Yes, my brother passed away."

Then he said, "So, how come you are close to God and we are not?"

I said, "I am trying to be close to God. We are all trying to be close to God."

"Was your brother as close to God as you are?" he asked.

"No, I am a little closer," I answered.

So this is how our conversation went. He was very nice. After he had finished, I walked back to my house and then I sent Pulak with money. Six dollars is the usual fee because I am a senior citizen, so one dollar extra I give them as a tip. But this time I gave Pulak ten dollars and I told him, "Do not take anything back."

So Pulak gave the barber ten dollars and said to the man, "You are very nice to my teacher." He wanted to give Pulak three dollars back. But Pulak said that he did not want anything back.

The barber said that my disciples are very, very good. From many parts of the world they come and they are very respectful, very kind. He was talking all about the visitors. Our barber, Sundar, cannot handle all those who come, so this barber gets very good business.

Whenever you go to a barber, you get the whole world news in a second!

  1. WCB 46. 4 September 1998

Exercising and dieting1

Every day I have been trying to walk eight miles. My disciples have to go to work, but God is kind to me. He has made me a vagabond; I can spend time taking exercise. Again, perhaps even if you did not have to go to work, you would not have gone out. Lethargy would have devoured you.

I start my journey early in the morning. Some days I go out at four o'clock. Most days I try to be out right after four. The latest is 7:15. This morning I went at five o'clock. Some nights the goddess of sleep does not condescend to visit me, and on other nights I rest for an hour or two. So the body has to be trained either by the soul's light or by adamantine will-power.

I try to walk vigorously. Recently, I have been taking only 200 calories a day. Sometimes I go under 200 calories. That is the only way I can lose weight. Since I began doing this, I have lost a pound every day or even over a pound. By the grace of Pranika, Shephali and Nishtha, all the calories in my food have been faithfully recorded. I am trying to stick to this diet. When I take Mexican food or Italian eggplant, I immediately gain five pounds. When I eat most delicious Indian food, I automatically gain six pounds. Then it takes me two or three days to come back to where I was.

My mileage and the route I take are all recorded by Paree and Govinda. And also, for discovering different routes, I am extremely grateful to Ketan, Pulak, Dhanu and a few others.

While I am walking, I get tremendous inspiration. At that time, I am meditating and meditating. I am not singing any song or thinking of "cabbages and kings". I am meditating. When you walk or jog, you, too, can meditate.

And also I have an excellent hobby. When I am walking, I pick up pennies, nickels and quarters. Last week I was blessed only with a penny. Then this week I found a dime. About a month ago, I found a quarter near Main Street. It was beneath my dignity to bend down. I was having some back pain. But the quarter spoke to me, "If you do not bend down and pick me up, I will give you an immediate cramp!" So I picked it up and naturally I did not get a cramp. Now I very faithfully pick up these pennies, nickels and so on.

  1. WCB 47. 5 September 1998

The soul's voice1

I went out walking and Nemi was also out walking. I was going away on one side of the street and she was on the other side. So I did not see her at all. I was not looking in that direction. Then a very deep voice called me. I thought, "O my God, it is Nemi's voice, it is her soul's voice."

When I heard the voice, I turned round and then I saw Nemi.

  1. WCB 48. 11 September 1998

The heavy footsteps1

After seeing Nemi, I made a right turn and I was coming towards Sulochana's and Pramoda's area. Behind me, I was hearing somebody's heavy footsteps approaching. I did not know who it was, but right in front of me, I was seeing Sandhani's soul. I was blessing the soul, but who was behind me I did not know.

Then, while I was blessing the soul, I saw that Sandhani was passing me on my left side. His soul was right in front of me, and he was passing me, but he did not greet me and I did not greet him. He went about 100 metres and then turned into his driveway. I am certain that it was Sandhani. I was getting the same vibration from the soul.

When I asked Snigdha if Sandhani went out to run this morning, she said he never runs early in the morning. He always runs in the evening. But I saw him quite clearly! Then I asked Sandhani and he said he did go out early this morning. So it was proved. Then I asked him if he had seen me and he said no. That explains why he did not stop and greet me. He just passed by on my left side and then made a right turn into the driveway.

  1. WCB 49. 11 September 1998

A street flooded with disciples1

One night Saroja was telling me all the houses on her street. The first house on that street is Jyotsna's. Then it goes on. Once Vidagdha was in front of Pramoda's house where she lives. Next is Sulochana's. When I see Sulochana, I make a special point to wave to her two or three times. Pramoda walks so fast with long strides. I have seen her walking many times. Bhima is also on that street. One day I saw Sahana's father leaving to go back to England with a heavy suitcase. He had just opened the taxi door when he saw me. Another time I saw Vinaya. He was going to New Jersey to perform. I always see many, many people on that street. That street is flooded with disciples!

  1. WCB 50. 11 September 1998

Blessing Madal Bal Bakery1

Four days ago I went walking in the morning along Union Turnpike. As I was coming back, I passed by Madal Bal Bakery, which is right at my two-mile mark, but it was fast asleep. The door to the cafe next door was wide open and people were going in.

Whenever I pass by Pratibha's bakery, I make a special point to bless it. This time I touched the door. I saw that on the door there were one or two pages showing our activities.

I am supposed to get a salary from Madal Bal on a regular basis, but the boss missed for many, many weeks. Now she has compensated.

  1. WCB 51. 11 September 1998

My life is more precious1

While I was coming back from this morning's walk, I was going along the Grand Central Service Road. The light was about to turn red, and I saw a dime in the street. A car was coming towards me quite fast. If I had bent down to pick up the coin, I would have been run over. My life is more precious than the dime. So with my left leg, I kicked the dime in the hope that it would come near the pavement. Then the car passed by. Afterwards, I looked for the dime, but I could not find it. God knows where I kicked it!

  1. WCB 52. 11 September 1998

Using occult fire1

This morning at 2:25 I went out to walk. I crossed Sulochana's street and came to my 500-metre mark. A car drove past me. It was older than the oldest. I was on the pavement, so there was no problem while the car was driving by. All of a sudden the driver stopped the car, got out very abruptly and looked at me in a very hostile way. Then he started running towards me. He was a tall, thin, young black man. I saw that I was about to have an unfortunate experience.

Instead of running away, I took two steps towards him and used five cents' worth of my occult fire. Immediately he ran back to his car. He was not a divine person at all. He was about to do something undivine. These past few weeks, I have been walking at two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock and nobody has bothered me. Union Turnpike is so good — it is very bright. But these local streets are full of trees and so many places are very dark.

  1. WCB 53. 15 September 1998

The best exercise1

For me, walking is by far the best exercise. I cannot run, I cannot jog. If I jog, I get pain everywhere. But when I walk, somehow I manage.

If I can lose some more weight, it will help me in so many ways, specially when I walk. I am really grateful to my walking. Walking is a great advantage, a great boon to me. While walking, I am meditating most seriously.

  1. WCB 54. 15 September 1998

Making improvement1

Our philosophy is progress, progress. So this morning I made some progress in my walking. At a quarter to five, I went out. I went to my two-mile mark on Queens Boulevard and came back. My timing was one hour, 12 minutes and 40 seconds. Before today, my best timing this year for four miles was one hour 14 minutes and 29 seconds. So I have made improvement, plus my Queens Boulevard course is a little bit hilly.

About ten years ago I did a marathon walking at 15-minute pace. I do hope that one day I can come back to 15 minutes a mile.

I am going to write a book about my way of losing weight. I have been taking only 200 calories a day for the past two months. Only once a week, on Saturdays, I have 1200 or 1300 calories. So under 200 calories per day and walking eight miles — but do not try it!

For the last three or four days I have walked seven miles. Now I want to maintain my daily total at seven miles. And I have done many other things, too: we had our celebrations, I played music and we meditated and meditated. From the spiritual point of view, this Celebration was by far the best. We prayed and meditated. No amusement park!

  1. WCB 55. 16 September 1998

A cute story1

Let me tell you a cute story. I was walking near my house and a young black girl came running across the street. She came up to me and said, "Are you Sri Chinmoy?"

I said, "Yes."

She said, "God bless you. May I shake hands with you?"

I said, "Yes."

She shook hands with me with utmost respect. Then she put both her hands on her heart and said, "Such a good man living in this area."

  1. WCB 56. 23 September 1998