My Airport Friends

I have so many friends at the airports, JFK and La Guardia, specially at US Air, Delta and TWA. I go almost every day to US Air or Delta to walk. Usually in the morning I go to Delta and in the evening I go to US Air. This evening I went to TWA. So many workers there like me, even high-ranking officials.

They ask me such funny questions, such as why do I walk on my toes? One worker will say he gets tired just watching me. This worker collects garbage. Another one will say, "I know why you are walking on your toes. I also do it to strengthen my ankles, but I do not do it for such a long time."

The other day I was walking quite fast. One black lady came and stood right in front of me. She said, "How is it that you are not saying hello to me?" I saw that it was my favourite friend, the lady who saved me when I lost my notebooks that had four thousand birds inside. She was so nice. She discovered the notebooks and returned them to me. I was so miserable on that day when I thought that I had lost four thousand birds.

A few days later I saw her while she was working. She was doing some official business and not paying any attention to me. So I finished my walking and as I left I said to her, "Good-bye." She looked up and said, "No, good morning."

I like to walk on the moving belt at the airport. Last week three or four little children jumped on the belt and started running in the opposite direction. They were only seven or eight years old. I was sincerely admiring them. A few minutes later, I tried to imitate them. I practically lost my balance and I was so fortunate that I was not injured. I said, "How did they do it?" Then I tried again for forty metres. When I came to the end of the walkway, I got frightened. I did not know how I was going to jump off the belt, so I turned around and started walking properly in the opposite direction. Those children have no fear.

At one terminal there are two ladies. They are high- ranking officials, but they are always very nice to me. They always scream at me, "Good morning! Are you praying for me?" One of them says that my prayer definitely works. About a year ago she begged me to pray for her. She said, "Do not forget to pray for me. Your prayer works." She is a Christian. I do pray for her.

19 March 1994

Caught By Security

Today I went to the Delta Terminal at JFK Airport. When I passed through the security check, I was caught for wearing ankle weights. Then my friend Adele saved me. She came and told the security guard, "Shame! Shame!"

I wanted to give her a gift, but she said, "No, just pray for me."

21 March 1994

Why Am I So Weak?

This morning I walked on my running track at Aspiration-Ground. First I did 50 metres two times wearing a vest that weighs 100 pounds. Then the boys put another vest on me. I thought that it was my 70-pound vest. I was supposed to walk 100 metres two times, but I was having so much difficulty. I could not understand why I felt so weak. I came back and rested in my chair. Then the boys told me that this vest was 112 pounds. No wonder I felt so weak! Then the boys put on my real 70-pound vest. What a difference! After this experience, the boys have marked the weight on the outside of the vests so that there can be no mistake.

Finally, I wore my 40-pound vest for two laps, plus I carried our little puppy Chela. He struggled the whole way!

6 June 1994

Aiming To Improve My Timing

Today I walked 100 metres on my toes in 54.49 seconds. I took 144 strides. Then I walked 100 metres on my heels in 26.86 seconds. This time I took 104 strides. I am aiming to do them both in 50 steps eventually; then automatically my timing will be better.

Today I also tried something new: I held my breath for 30 steps and then I breathed out for 4 steps. I feel that it did help. Nowadays I am getting tremendous power from my legs. I feel I can improve my timing to 18 or even 15 seconds for the heel, but toes will improve a maximum of 4 seconds.

21 June 1994

Hampered By Injury

Alas, today I am injured. I am unable even to walk. I cannot give God what He wants — perfection — and He cannot give me what I want — the capacity to manifest Him.

20 July 1994

Walking In Myanmar

This year during our Christmas trip I went out walking for a total of perhaps four or five days. Savyasachi encouraged me to walk on the street outside my guest house and a few times I went to the track to walk.

One day I was walking along the main road and then I got the inspiration to turn down a side street. Suddenly a Burmese girl, very nicely dressed, appeared. I could not see where she had come from. She passed between me and an iron gate. The gate was closed and there was literally no space for her to pass, but she did not dash against the gate. Perhaps she dematerialised!

On two different nights I walked around the parking lot of the Deluxe Hotel while the disciples meditated. Once upon a time I promised myself that every Thursday I would walk seven miles. I had such confidence in my promise. But I have not been able to keep it.

8 February 1995

Heavenly Visitors

This morning, around 9:00, I was walking in front of my house. The soul of Sri Ramakrishna came to me. Then the soul of his dearest disciple, Swami Vivekananda, came and stayed with me throughout the entire day.

15 March 1995

Nobody Was There To Help Me

This afternoon at 1:20 I left my house walking. Vinaya was following me in the car. When I reached my one and a half-mile mark on Union Turnpike, I handed Vinaya my gloves and hat. Then I continued on to Suradhuni's bakery, which is at my two-mile mark. I went inside to buy prasad, but neither Suradhuni nor Pratibha was there to help me, so I came out again and got into the car.

This morning I walked one and a quarter miles and this afternoon two miles. My pace was 18 minutes per mile. This is how I am desperately trying to lose weight. Yesterday I ate ice cream and that is why I am 161 pounds today. Otherwise, I am 157 pounds.

21 March 1995

Walking Around The Block

This morning I walked around the block near my house. If I go four times round the block and then up to my 100-metre mark and back, it makes a little more than a mile. Tomorrow I am aiming at seven miles. It is all Savyasachi's confidence in my legs. He insisted during the Christmas trip that nothing will happen if I walk in the street. For the past four or five years I did not dare to walk in the street.

22 March 1995

A New Friend

At seven o'clock this morning I left my house walking. I walked along Union Turnpike to Himaloy-Joy-Wings and back again to make four miles. I like walking on straight streets. On the way, I stopped at a deli and bought a Snapple drink and some cookies. At that store I made a new friend. I was chatting with the old man who runs the store. He told me he works from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. I asked him, "For you, no Sunday?" He said that he works seven days a week.

I began walking along the street in a leisurely way, drinking Snapple. After each two miles, I like to drink. I was walking and drinking and, at the same time, I was meditating and meditating. I was getting so much joy in my meditation.

Then I had the problem of my empty bottle. I did not want to carry it, so I was looking for a garbage container to dispose of it. At least four blocks I walked, but I did not see a container. At last I found one. When I threw the bottle inside, I felt so light.

28 March 1995

The Corn Muffin

This morning I walked six miles. I went along Union Turnpike past Cunningham Park and then I returned the same way. On the way back, I stopped at a store and bought one grape juice, one Orangina and one corn muffin. I wasted six or seven minutes standing in line in that store. When I came out, I was walking along, drinking and eating. I only ate half the corn muffin. Then I placed the brown bag containing the remaining half outside Suradhuni's store at 7:30 a.m.

Pratibha told me later that she did see it, but she did not know that I had placed it there, so she discarded it. Her intuition did not tell her that the Master came in the form of a corn muffin!

On the way back, I was meditating. Then I started singing Avatar songs. I get so much joy coming back. Definitely speed goes down, but relaxation is there.

30 March 1995

Progress In The Walking World

I have made tremendous progress in my outer walking. In former days, my ego used to come forward and I would watch to see who was going ahead of me. Now I surrender. I do not compete with anyone. Surrender is my progress.

6 April 1995

My Morning Encounters

This morning I saw Karabi at my 300-metre mark. Then at 600 metres I saw Nilima. After that I saw someone with a huge dog. Then at one and a quarter miles, I saw Hiranmoyi. All of them were walking like me. I walked altogether three miles.

7 April 1995

My Room Was Like A Furnace

This morning I went out walking at 1:20 because my room was like a furnace. I did not have even one experience with human beings, but I saw the bus twice. I mostly walked around my block. I came back home around 2:10.

19 June 1995