1 Abject

Madal: Chinmoy, when a seeker’s life is lacking in God-hunger, how can he escape from this abject spiritual poverty?

Chinmoy: Madal, when a seeker is suffering from utterly hopeless spiritual poverty, he should do two things: bring forward his gratitude-cry, and remember some soulful and fruitful spiritual experiences of the past.

2 Abnegation

Madal: Chinmoy, is it necessary for me to live a life of abnegation in order to be truly spiritual?

Chinmoy: No, Madal, you don’t have to live a life of self-denial. What you should do is to live a life of vital purification until you grow into a life of self-realisation and God-manifestation.

3 Abominate

Madal: Chinmoy, whom to abominate and what to abominate?

Chinmoy: Madal, whom to hate? None. What to hate? Doubt — today, tomorrow and always.

4 Abrogate

Madal: Chinmoy, is there any way I can abrogate my unconscious agreement with Fate?

Chinmoy: Yes, Madal, you can annul your agreement with Fate if you consciously feel that you are of God and for God.

5 Abscond

Madal: Chinmoy, in the spiritual life can one abscond from the home of doubt?

Chinmoy: Madal, to try to go away secretly and suddenly from the home of doubt is impossible. Instead of running away secretly, one should break down the house of doubt with one’s strong faith in God.

6 Acme

Madal: Chinmoy, where does the acme of perfection lie?

Chinmoy: Madal, the highest point of perfection lies in self-giving and God-manifesting.

7 Acrimonious

Madal: Chinmoy, it seems that the scientist and the spiritualist enjoy a continual acrimonious argument over the existence or non-existence of God. Why do they do so?

Chinmoy: Alas, Madal, I know, I know; both the scientist and the spiritualist enjoy bitter arguments. They are in the habit of doing so because they both feel that they alone are right. I must add that according to the inner development of these two rivals, each one is right. Let us not worry. The real seeker in the scientist will one day come forward, and then it will not be difficult for the scientist to shake hands with the spiritualist.

8 Acumen

Madal: Chinmoy, are you not proud of your acumen in dealing with your disciples’ needs?

Chinmoy: No, Madal, I am not proud of my keen insight. I am proud only of God’s constant Light and Vision, which He lends to me.

9 Adamant

Madal: Chinmoy, what makes you so adamant at times in your decisions with regard to your spiritual children?

Chinmoy: Madal, what makes me absolutely firm is my inseparable oneness with divinity’s Light. This Light will never allow me or my disciples to yield to the love of ignorance-night.

10 Adjudicate

Madal: Chinmoy, when there is a sad dispute between outer doubt and inner faith, who can adjudicate?

Chinmoy: Madal, when your doubt and your faith are in dispute, the absolutely sincere aspirant in you must come forward to settle the dispute.

11 Aesthetic

Madal: Chinmoy, is it absolutely necessary for a seeker to develop an aesthetic sense?

Chinmoy: Yes, Madal, a spiritual person has to be sensitive to beauty. His aspiring life undoubtedly needs both inner and outer beauty.

12 Affinity

Madal: Chinmoy, do the two divine qualities, love and devotion, have an affinity for each other?

Chinmoy: Yes, Madal, love and devotion have a great mutual attraction and feeling for each other. Love fulfils devotion with its wisdom. Devotion fulfils love with its delight.

13 Affront

Madal: Chinmoy, does God feel it as an affront when someone speaks ill of Him?

Chinmoy: No, Madal, God does not feel it as an insult when someone speaks ill of Him. God’s Mind is all Concern for man. His Heart is all Compassion for man. You are following the spiritual life. Just wait a few years. You yourself will not feel insulted if someone speaks ill of you.

14 Alacrity

Madal: Chinmoy, dark depression has been calling me for the last few months. My heavy mind does not allow me to do anything with alacrity. I need your advice badly.

Chinmoy: Madal, just think that you are good, just feel that you are great, just realise that you are divine. Lo, the train of depression has gone. Lo, the plane of illumination is come. God now gives you a new name: cheerful quickness and dynamism.