My Lord Supreme,
Although You are unknown to my heart,
My heart loves You only.
Although You are unknowable to my mind,
My mind is searching for You only.

Our love for God


My Lord,
I know what I offer You
Is always small, very small,
Yet Your Heart overflows
With Nectar-Delight.
I am prepared
To come into the world
Again and again
Only to fathom Your Love


Love is the inner bond, the inner connection the inner link between man and God, between the finite and the Infinite. We always have to approach God through love. Love is the secret key that allows us to open the Door to God. Where there is love, pure love, divine love, there is fulfilment. Without love, we cannot become one with God.

What is love? If love means possessing someone or something, then that is not real love; that is not pure love. If love means giving and becoming one with everything, with humanity and divinity, then that is real love.

Nothing can be greater than love. God is great only because He has infinite Love. If we want to define God, we can define Him in millions of ways, but I wish to say that no definition of God can be as adequate as the definition of God as all Love.

We pray to God just because God is all Love. God is not like a schoolmaster with an iron rod who strikes us all the time. Just because God is all Love, all Compassion, we go towards Him and not towards anybody else.

The world exists just because love still exists on earth. No other divine quality can create, sustain and fulfil God here on earth like the quality of love. Divine love does not mean an emotional exchange of human thoughts or ideas; it means the fulfilment of oneness.

We cannot bind divine love with our human thoughts, ideas or ideals, but we can bind divine love through constant self-sacrifice. Divine love is infinite, but we can bind the infinite in us through self-sacrifice.

Love means acceptance. What are we going to accept? We are going to accept this world of ours which is around us and within us. If we do not accept the world, which is God’s outer Body, then we are negating and denying God silently and secretly, if not categorically.

How can we help our sisters and brothers of the world? We can help them if we become all love for the One who is eternally all Love. Let us love the One, the root of the tree. Then we shall see that the branches, the leaves and the foliage of the tree also will feel our love. Each individual who fulfils God and His Creation embodies God’s living Concern and living Sacrifice. And it is in this Concern and Sacrifice that God and man are both fulfilled.

Question: How can I love God since I do not know Him?

Sri Chinmoy: You can love God even though you do not know Him in the same way that you can love yourself without knowing who you truly are. Once you know yourself, you will see that you are none other than God. Right now, you love yourself thinking that you know yourself. But that is absurd; you do not know yourself. Similarly, you can also love God whom you do not know.

Question: I feel as though we do not love God enough and yet we want to love Him more. How can we learn to love God more?

Sri Chinmoy: If we do not feel our love for God in the morning, our whole day is miserable; there is a sense of frustration. But if we do love God, then even if everything in our outer life is unpleasant, it does not matter. If we do not meditate in the morning, no matter how much people appreciate us, we feel that something is missing. But if we do meditate, no matter how many calamities take place during the day, still we are happy.

So if we want divine satisfaction, we have to meditate on God as soulfully as possible. In the beginning it is difficult because God is only theoretical. But after we have been meditating for some time, we feel that God is something natural and normal. He is like us, except that He is illumined and divine. We start with the idea that we need God. Then we come to realise that we need only God and we must choose God above everything else. Then God asks us to take Him as our very own.

There is an easy way to love God soulfully and constantly. When we separate darkness from light, the transient from the eternal, and outer knowledge from inner wisdom, then it becomes extremely easy for us to love God soulfully and constantly. After we love God soulfully and constantly, we can go one step ahead and love God unconditionally, by giving Him what we have and what we are.

Question: How can I love the Supreme with utmost intensity?

Sri Chinmoy: Here on earth you have something that keeps you alive, and that is your life-breath. So, if you can feel inside each breath the living Light and Love of the Supreme, then you are bound to love the Supreme with utmost intensity. When you are sitting cross-legged and breathing in, your whole body should consciously feel a stream of divine Love flowing in and through it.

Who is the Source of this Light and Love? It is the Supreme. If you are constantly aspiring to go to the real Source, if you are all the time crying for a free access to the Source, then you will feel a real intensity from your inner cry and aspiration.

Question: I feel lost about how to offer love to God. It seems that unless God enters into you, you do not have love to give.

Sri Chinmoy: If you start thinking about how to love God, you will never be able to do it. Love has to be spontaneous. When you enter into a garden, you do not have to think about how to appreciate the beautiful flowers. Immediately you will smell their fragrance and see their beauty. In the same way, we love God not by thinking, but by feeling. Feel that you have opened your heart-door. When you open up the garden gate, you do not have to run to a particular flower in order to appreciate it. Immediately you receive the purity and fragrance of all the flowers in the garden. Your heart is not just a tiny muscle; it is also a garden. Once you enter into your heart- garden, then definitely you will be able to see the Gardener, our Lord Beloved Supreme.

So you can start by imagining your heart- garden. Imagination is a world of its own. It is completely different from thinking. Thinking is constant contradiction. But when you imagine something very beautiful and soulful, it has tremendous reality, tremendous truth in it. To come back to your question, do not think of how to love. Just love. Love is already there inside your heart-garden.


The Love Divine
 Has been blossoming all year long
 Inside my heart’s gratitude-garden.
And now I possess
 A new sky of hope,
 A new sun of promise
 A new God of Compassion infinite.

Question: How can we love God more with our mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Love lives inside the heart, not inside the mind. In your house there is a particular room — whether it is the living room or the kitchen or the bedroom — where you stay most of the time. In the spiritual life also, love most of the time stays inside the heart. If I know that at one particular place there is water, I shall dig deep and find water. But if water is not to be found and I continue to dig, dig, dig, it is just a waste of time.

If we want to have more love for God, we have to approach Him with our heart. If we start our journey with the mind, we are bound to be frustrated. But if we start our journey with the heart, we are bound to be fulfilled. A child runs towards his mother, towards his father, towards a flower, because of his continuous love. A child has no mind; he only feels with his heart. But when the child grows up and starts living in the mind, he starts doubting everything and finding fault with everything.

In the spiritual life we have to be like a child. When we use the mind, already we think that we know much about spirituality. But what do we know? We know how to doubt, we know how to suspect. If we want spirituality to offer its message to us, we do not need mental interpretation. Spirituality has its own light, its own love, to offer. We do not have to be in the spiritual life for two or three years in order to love God. No, we can love God right from this moment, provided we use the heart to love Him and not the mind to think of Him. The heart is identification- oneness, whereas the mind means constant judgement and separateness.

Question: How can we learn to love God with all our heart?

Sri Chinmoy: The spiritual heart is the sweetest and most intimate part of us. We can expect it to have the feeling of immediate, indivisible oneness with God. But right now, our physical existence separates us from our heart-consciousness. In order to give our heart’s love to the Supreme, first we have to identify ourselves with the heart and not with the body or the mind. Next, we have to feel that our heart is composed of only one thing: gratitude.

This gratitude is for whom? It is for the Supreme. The moment we can feel that we have only one name, gratitude, we will be able to offer our heart’s love to the Supreme totally, implicitly and ceaselessly. Why do we have to offer gratitude to the Supreme? Because God has given us the greatest blessing imaginable: there are billions of people on earth who do not have the urge to realise God, but He has given us the aspiration to lead a spiritual life and realise Him.


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!
To teach me how to love God
You have come to me
  From my aspiration-heart’s amplitude.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!
To teach me how to love God
You have come to me
  From my illumination-soul’s infinitude.

God’s love for us


One positive seed-thought
Has saved me,
My entire life:
My Lord Supreme
Will always love me
No matter what I do
Or what I say
Or even what I become.


God loves us. He loves us constantly and unconditionally. No matter what we have done, what we are doing or what we shall do, He will always love us. God loves us much more than He loves Himself. If we use our thinking and doubting minds, this may seem hard to believe. But if we use our loving and surrendering hearts, then we are bound to feel that God loves us infinitely more than He loves Himself.

Why does He love us so much? He loves us because His Dream remains unfulfilled without us, His Reality remains unmanifested without us; without us He is incomplete. Right now we feel that it is only we who really love ourselves. Then there may come a time when we think that God, too, loves us. But for us to believe that God loves us infinitely more than we love ourselves seems to be a sheer impossibility.

There have been many, many times in our lives when we have felt miserable because we have told a lie or deceived someone or become jealous of others. After we do something wrong or undivine, our conscience comes to the fore and we feel miserable. We curse ourselves and try to punish ourselves, but God’s Love for us remains exactly the same. We hate ourselves for our mistakes, but God still loves us and will always continue to love us. Our justice-power condemns us, but God’s Compassion-Power forgives us, illumines us and transforms our weakness into strength. God gets satisfaction when, with His blessingful Smile, He gives us His Compassion-Flood, His Concern-Sky and His hove-Sea so that we can grow into His very Image.

God loves us and, in return, He wants us to smile, to love and to transcend. The moment we offer Him a soulful smile, God is pleased with us. The moment we offer Him an iota of our love, God is pleased with us. The moment we want to transcend our earth-bound consciousness, God is pleased with us.

God gives us what He has and what He is. What He has is infinite Peace, Light and Bliss, and what He is is constant Concern — Concern for our liberation from the meshes of ignorance and Concern for our perfection.

God loves us. We love God. By loving God, we gain victory over our age-old ignorance. By loving us, God makes us consciously feel that we are eternal players, divine players, in His Cosmic Game.


In secrecy supreme I see You.
You live in my eyes, in my sleep,
In my dreams, in my sweet wakefulness.
In the stupendous mirth of life,
In the abysmal lap of death,
You I behold.
Your Love-Play is my world.