My Lord Supreme,
  You know what I wish to be. I wish to be Your Perfection-Seed in the inner world of aspiration-flames, and Your Satisfaction-Fruit in the outer world of dedication-games.


My Lord Supreme,
  Yesterday I obeyed You. My obedience was my meaningful preparation. Today I am obeying You. My obedience is my soulful realisation. Tomorrow I shall obey You. My obedience shall be my fruitful perfection.


My Lord Supreme,
  My willingness is the perfection of my communication with You.


My sweet Lord,
  Do give me immense patience so that I shall never give up in the battlefield of life.


My sweet Lord,
  Do give me intense devotedness so that I shall ever succeed in manifesting Your Light here, there and all-where.


My sweet Lord,
  You have fulfilled my first prayer: You have given me freedom within and freedom without. Do fulfil my second and last prayer: please, please do not give me freedom from the immediate consequences of freedom's misuse.


My sweet Lord,
  Do fulfil my two prayers. My first prayer is to have the capacity to wait endlessly after I have asked You a question. My second prayer is to have the capacity to offer You my gratitude-sea immediately after I have received Your blessingful and fruitful answer.


My sweet Lord,
  I wish to run in the outer world to get Your Compassion and Illumination. I wish to run in the inner world to get Your Perfection and Satisfaction.


My sweet Lord,
  I do not know what I am doing. At the same time, I do not want to know what I am doing, for I know perfectly well that my doing or not doing cannot liberate me. Only Your Compassion can make me see the face of Light — and it does.


My sweet Lord,
  My faith-plant is helpless. It is not growing anymore. The buffets of doubt are destroying it. Do give me the capacity to study once more in Your inner school where I can study my faith-life, my realisation-life and my oneness-life.


My Sweet Lord,
  Do tell me when I am far away from You.

"My sweet child,
  You are far away from Me when you are not devotedness-light in your outer existence-life and oneness-delight in your inner existence-life."


My sweet Lord,
  I am grateful to You not because You have given me, out of Your boundless Bounty, a serving heart to proclaim You all-where at every moment; not because You have given me a discriminating mind to lead a peaceful detachment-life; not because You have given me everything I need; not because You have not given me the things that I do not need; but because I am enchanted with Your Eternity's Vision-Perfection and Your Infinity's Reality-Satisfaction.


My sweet Lord,
  I wish to lead and be led. I wish to lead my darkness-life and ignorance-death to You, and place them at Your Feet. I wish to be led by my heart's purity and my soul's luminosity to You, and be placed inside Your Satisfaction-Heart.


My sweet Lord,
  Let me do what I soulfully and bravely can: let me climb and climb.