No aspiration, no realisation. What is aspiration? Aspiration is man's conscious cry to climb up to the Highest, to run the Farthest and dive the Deepest.


Unless we are aware of what we are doing, of what we want to be and what we want to achieve, we are almost in the realm of the animal consciousness. Very often when people speak of awareness, they mean the awareness of the mind. They feel that the mind is the sole answer to all problems. So long as we are in the mind, we can and must be fully aware of all the activities that are taking place in the physical, the vital, the mind proper and the world that is visible with our ordinary outer eye.

One who is not aware of his all-pervading inner divinity is, from the spiritual point of view, a dead soul. In our Upanishads, the seer cried out, "Arise! Awake!" Awareness is the first rung of the ladder of spirituality; the next is aspiration. Very often people are confused by these two words. A person can be aware in any sphere: In the physical, in the mental or in the vital. But aspiration is something deeper. Aspiration comes directly from our inmost inner being, from the soul, from the Self.

Awareness is the domain of the mind, but the real spiritual seekers or spiritual Masters say, "No, we have to go beyond awareness." Awareness in the mental domain is: "What am I doing, what am I seeing, what am I eating, how am I behaving?" These are all in the field of the mind, but beyond the mind there are many regions. And it is aspiration that takes us to the regions beyond the mind. Aspiration is the mounting flame deep within us, the mounting flame that climbs up to the Highest, the pinnacle.

So we have to start our journey with awareness, because unless we are aware of what we are going to do, say and become, we will make no progress and never be able to launch into the path of the Spirit. But this awareness is very limited in comparison to the soul's realisation, which we get on the strength of our aspiration.


The poet Keats said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." But what is that thing? That thing, from the spiritual point of view, is our soul. The soul is eternally beautiful. God expresses Himself in the physical through beauty, pure beauty, beauty without a blemish. This beauty is not merely skin-deep, but it is in the soul. Here the soul is expressing itself through the physical form.

About one hour ago, X brought me these most beautiful roses. I told her that the roses were beautiful but that she is more beautiful than the roses. This was not my flattery. What I wanted to say was that her soul is infinitely more beautiful than the beautiful roses.

Beauty is something that can be cultivated constantly in our outer nature. This beauty we can cherish in our outer and inner life as God's choicest blessing. Just because God, our Father, is beautiful, because He is All-Beauty, we have every right to become like Him. So we want to possess the beauty of the soul in our outer life and we want to become really beautiful.


God has expressed himself through many divine qualities but He has yet to express Himself in His Transcendental Bliss, the Bliss that transforms human nature totally into the Nature Divine here on earth.


An act of charity is extremely good, but if the charity is not given to the right person, it can create more problem than good in human life.

Common sense

Common Sense Number One: You are God's chosen son.

Common Sense Number Two: Not only do you need God, but God also needs you. You need God to realise your true Self; God needs you to fulfil Himself.

Common Sense Number Three: You want to realise God. Even if you don't want to realise God, He will not allow you to remain unrealised.

Common Sense Number Four: You may think that today you are an animal, but you must know that you are tomorrow's God.


I know what God's Compassion is. God's Compassion is man's only salvation. It is through aspiration that we can awaken God's Compassion in us.

I know what man's compassion is. Man's compassion is often the aggrandisement of his ego's imagination.


Concentration is the surest way to reach the goal. The goal can be God-realisation, the goal can be success in a material field, the goal can be merely the fulfilment of human desires. But it is concentration that acts like an arrow and enters into the target.

He who is wanting in the power of concentration is no better than a monkey. A real aspirant, a devotee, sooner or later acquires the power of concentration either through the Grace of God, through his constant practice of the inner life or through aspiration. Each aspirant can declare and proclaim that he has a divine hero, a divine soldier within himself. And what is that divine warrior? It is his concentration. Concentration is like a bullet entering and piercing the mail-coat of ignorance. Concentration is the aspirant's true divine Pride.

So if one wants to achieve any goal in any walk of life — whether it is the human, earthly journey toward emancipation or the soul's journey toward absolute realisation — then I wish to say that concentration is the answer.


First of all, you have to have confidence in yourself and then in God. If you say, "I do not have confidence in myself; I have confidence only in God," this is an indirect way of placing your own responsibility at the Feet of God. And if you say, "I have confidence in myself but not in God," that kind of confidence is an erroneous conception of your own very limited capacity. In the spiritual life, when you say that you have confidence in yourself, that you feel that God exists and that you are His chosen child, then you are really and truly the channel of God.

In the ordinary human life, if you lack confidence, someone else can help you. But in the spiritual life, if you do not have confidence, no matter how great your spiritual Master is, you cannot go far. Unless you have the confidence that you are God's child and that you have the power to aspire, you will never make any attempt to bring to the fore your inner divine qualities. So it is only when this confidence looms large in you that it is possible to go one step forward.

Now you also have to have confidence in God — not only that He has the highest and deepest Truth, but that He will give it to you. You have to have confidence that one day you will be able to achieve the fullest realisation of Truth. From whom? From God. So when you possess confidence that you are God's child and when you possess confidence that God not only has what you are aspiring for but will give it to you, then you will see that aspiration and realisation will go together.


Consciousness is the glowing light which unites man with God; the finite with the Infinite. What God has is an all-loving and all-protecting Consciousness. What man needs is a ceaselessly aspiring consciousness.


Contemplate on ignorance with your soul's Light. Lo! Ignorance cannot bear it. It runs away. Contemplate on God. Lo! God runs towards you. Contemplate on your Self-discovery. Lo! You not only discover your true Self but you become your eternal and infinite Self.


In one of the Upanishads, it says that the soul is not to be won by the weakling. Courage is absolutely necessary in the spiritual life. The very acceptance of the spiritual life demands enormous courage. It is only a divinely courageous soul, only a divinely inspired soul, that can swiftly reach the highest Goal.

This courage is not the courage of a haughty, rough person who will strike others to assert his superiority; it is totally different. This courage is our constant awareness of what we are entering into, of what we are going to become, of what we are going to reveal. We have to jump courageously into the ocean of spirituality, but we have to know that we are not jumping into the sea of uncertainty. Uncertainty and spirituality never go together. When we speak of courage, we have to know that courage means certainty.

It is not by hook or by crook that we are going to have God-realisation; it is through constant self-offering. Self-offering is the most powerful weapon, for it is in self-offering that true courage lies. When we know, feel and realise that God is ours and we are God's, we get spontaneous courage streaming forth.

God and you are eternally one, each fulfilling the other. If you have indomitable courage or the soul's Willpower, you can fulfil the Supreme and the Supreme can fulfil you. This you feel on the strength of your all-giving, all-sacrificing inner courage.


Each moment we are creating ourselves, or, rather, God is creating Himself in us. But when we try to create ourselves by fulfilling our desires, when we create ourselves contrary to God's Will, Ideas and Feelings, we break the real Truth. When we create with our mind, with our vital, with our physical without being aware of what God's intention is, we may seem to create; but in God's view or in our soul's view we are actually being uncreative. On the other hand, when we become the channel of the soul's will, the soul's intention, outwardly we may seem to be wasting time, paying no attention to earthly duties, doing nothing. But what we are actually doing is creating something deep within ourselves. God wants us to create His Life in ourselves at every moment, to create His Dream in ourselves consciously. Now when you say that you are God's creation, if you say it from the mind, you do not actually feel it. You feel it only when you live the life of aspiration. Your creation is you yourself and that creation has to be moulded, guided and perfected by the Supreme in the Guru. It has to grow in the constant guidance of the Supreme. So offer yourself as a flower at the feet of the Supreme and your Guru. Then and only then will your creation be the constant instrument and fulfilment of the Supreme.


The power that foreordains man's ultimate End or Destination is called Destiny. God uses this power in and through the Master. A real disciple's Destiny is undoubtedly the Destiny of his beloved Master.