The inner message of the United Nations

[Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series]

The outer message of the United Nations is Peace. The inner message of the United Nations is Love. The inmost message of the United Nations is Oneness. Peace we feel. Love we become. Oneness we manifest.

The United Nations has a mind, a heart and a soul. Its mind tries to offer flowing Peace. Its heart tries to offer glowing Love. Its soul tries to offer fulfilling Oneness. In the near future, a day will dawn when the message of the United Nations will be absorbing to the child, elevating to the common man, thought provoking to the highly educated and inspiring to the seeker.

Each delegate is a force. Each representative is a force. Each nation is a force. The source of this force is a particular will. This will can be either the Divine Will or the human will. The human will wants to be with the world and in the world only on one condition: that it will be able to gain supremacy over others and maintain this supremacy. The Divine Will wants to be in the world, with the world and for the world without expecting anything from the world. The human will, at most, tolerates the world. The Divine Will constantly wants to liberate and fulfil the world. The human will wants to control and lead the world. The Divine Will wants to transform, glorify and immortalise the world. The human will in us needs the soul’s expanding and illumining purity. The Divine Will in us wants the Goal’s blossoming divinity.

The League of Nations was a dream-seed. The United Nations is a reality-plant. The aspiring and serving life of man’s universal oneness will be the eternity-tree.

In his address to the United Nations in October, 1965, Pope Paul VI said:

“No more war: war never again! Peace. It is peace which must guide the destinies of people and of all mankind.”

The goal of the United Nations lies not only in thinking together, but in thinking alike. Each individual has every right to love his nation; but he must also dedicate himself in order to immortalise his nation’s relationships, inner and outer, with the rest of mankind, so that all can run together for the universal good of humanity.

In the words of Pope John XXIII:

“It is our earnest wish that the United Nations organisation may become ever more equal to the magnitude and nobility of its tasks, and that the day may come when every human being will find therein an effective safeguard for the rights which derive directly from his dignity as a person, and which are therefore universal, inviolable and inalienable rights.”

All nations together can build a temple. All nations together can make a shrine. All nations together can worship a Deity. At the entrance of the temple, the Divine Protection shall smile. Upon the shrine in the temple, the Supreme illumination shall smile. Within the heart of the Deity, the Absolute Perfection shall smile.

Here at the United Nations, what I feel is an inner voyage. In its inner voyage, the United Nations has to brave many temptations and setbacks. As we all know, defeats and failures are mere steppingstones in our onward march to perfection. At the end of its voyage, there is every possibility that the United Nations will be the last word in human perfection. And then the United Nations can easily bloom in excellence and stand at the pinnacle of Divine Enlightenment.

Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium

January 4, 1973

Salvation, liberation and realisation

I wish to give a very short talk on salvation, liberation and realisation.

Salvation is God-discovery. Liberation is God-achievement. Realisation is God-fulfilment.

A man with salvation, a man with liberation, a man with realisation: what they are and what they are not. What they are is Reality’s smile: what they are not is unreality’s cry.

God’s pure Compassion gives the seeker salvation. God’s sweet Love grants the seeker liberation. God’s proud, divine Oneness with the seeker gives him realisation.

In the Western world, salvation is everything. In the Eastern world, especially in India, liberation is really something, but realisation is everything. Many a seeker, before he achieves salvation, feels that his father in Heaven is all for him. This is his hope; this is his dream. But after he has achieved salvation, he knows this as a reality. A seeker, before he achieves liberation, feels that the Truth abides somewhere — not in front of him, but in an unknowable place. After he has achieved liberation, he feels that God the Light was only unknown, and now He has become fully known. Before the seeker attains realisation, he feels that God is here, there, in everything. He feels God’s Presence everywhere, but he does not see God face-to-face. After he has realised God, his feeling is transformed into seeing. He sees God face-to-face as he would see any individual he meets.

When a man gains salvation, God tells him to feel at every moment that he is the instrument and God is the Doer. At this time, the man feels extremely happy and grateful that God has chosen him to be His instrument. A man who has achieved liberation hears something else from God. God says, “My son, you have worked hard, very hard, to free yourself from the meshes of ignorance. Perhaps you are tired. If you want to take rest, you may take rest. Don’t work if you don’t want to. If you work, so much the better; but if you don’t work, no harm. I am still very pleased with you.” A man who has realised God hears still something else from God. God tells him, “Before, I worked alone for you, for the world, for the universe. Now I give you the key to open up My universal Consciousness. I give you My treasure, My entire wealth. I want you to feel that My wealth is your wealth, and to distribute My wealth as your very own. Your work and My work are the same: the manifestation of Divinity, the manifestation of Immortality on earth. Together we shall work, together we shall liberate the earth consciousness. Together we shall transform our Vision into Reality.”

He who has achieved salvation, in God’s Eye is very good. He who has achieved liberation, in God’s Eye is very great. He who has achieved realisation, in God’s Eye is both very good and very great. A man with salvation feels that God is his Father. A man with liberation feels that God is his Friend. And a man with God-Realisation feels that God is his Everything.

Conference Room 10

January 5, 1973


Silence, Silence. Silence is the soul’s preparation. Silence is the heart’s perfection. Silence is the mind’s illumination. Silence is the vital’s determination. Silence is the body’s inspiration. Silence, Silence.

When we are in silence, we grow. We grow into our Divinity. When we are of silence, we flow. We flow into Infinity. When we are for silence, we glow. We glow in the heart of Immortality.

Man’s silence pleases God. God’s Silence displeases man. Man’s silence touches the very heart, the very life-breath of God’s boundless Gratitude. God’s Silence touches the mind of man’s ever-increasing ingratitude. The outer silence endures. The inner silence cures. The outer silence is the lamb of God. The inner silence is the lion of God.

We become the lamb of God when we offer ourselves unconditionally to God’s Will, and when God unconditionally and constantly makes us feel that we are not only His chosen instruments, but also His eternal friends. Him to realise, Him to fulfil and Him to manifest on earth: for this we came into the world. When we entered into the world, God offered us His inner Promise to unveil our Reality and manifest our Divinity. And when we go back to Heaven, God shall tell us that we have played our role, we have fulfilled His Promise here on earth.

When God’s Will becomes our will, when we offer to God not only the possessions and achievements of the outer world, but also the awareness, the aspiration and the realisation of the inner world, then we become the lion of God. When we do not aspire, God in us is a sleeping lion. When we aspire, pray and meditate, God in us becomes a roaring lion. This roaring lion devours our teeming darkness and ignorance.

To see God roaring in us, roaring for our inner victory, our divine victory, we have to make a conscious effort. This conscious effort is our constant self-giving according to the Will of God. The Will of God we come to know when we feel the necessity of inner silence. We develop the power of inner silence when we see that the world without God is illusion, imagination, unreality, and that the world with God is divine Vision, fulfilling Reality and everlasting Divinity.

Silence is the seed of God in man. Silence is the eternal traveller in us. Silence is the ever-transcending Goal in us, with us and for us.

Conference Room 6

January 12, 1973


Problems do not indicate man’s incapacity. Problems do not indicate man’s inadequacy. Problems do not indicate man’s insufficiency. Problems indicate man’s conscious need for self-transcendence in the inner world, and his conscious need for self-perfection in the outer world.

You have a problem. He has a problem. She has a problem. Your problem is that the world does not touch your feet. His problem is that the world does not love him. Her problem is that she feels that she does not adequately help God in the world. To solve your problem, you have to conquer your pride. To solve his problem, he has to conquer his greed. To solve her problem, she has to conquer her self-styled and self-aggrandised desiring ego.

Each problem is a force. But when we see the problem, we feel deep within us a greater force. And when we face the problem, we prove to the problem that we not only have the greatest force, but actually we are the greatest force on earth.

A problem increases when the heart hesitates and the mind calculates. A problem decreases when the heart braves the problem and the mind supports the heart. A problem diminishes when the mind uses its search-light and the heart uses its illumination-light.

Self-denial cannot solve any problem. Self-assertion cannot solve any problem. It is God-manifestation through self-existence that can solve all problems of the present and the future. Our sincere approach to a problem will eventually lead us to a satisfactory solution. Our sincere approach to God will carry our teeming problems in God’s Will-chariot into the infinite, eternal Smile.

If fear is our problem, then we have to feel that we are the chosen soldiers of God the Almighty. If doubt is our problem, then we have to feel that we have deep within us the Sea of God’s Light. If jealousy is our problem, then we have to feel that we are the oneness of God’s Light and Truth. If insecurity is our problem, then we have to feel that God is nothing and can be nothing other than constant and ceaseless assurance to us that He will claim us as His very own. If the body is the problem, our constant alertness and attention can solve this problem. If the vital is the problem, our soaring imagination can solve this problem. If the mind is the problem, our illumining inspiration can solve this problem. If the heart is the problem, our perfecting aspiration can solve this problem. If life is the problem, our fulfilling self-discovery can solve this problem.

The individual problem arises when we want to possess infinite humanity. The universal problem arises when the Infinite wants to mould, guide, shape, transform and divinely and supremely fulfil the finite, but the finite does not want to listen to the dictates of the Infinite.

A problem is not the harbinger of defeat or failure. A problem can be transformed into the beckoning Hands of the Supreme that can take us to our destined Goal, the Goal of the ever-transcending, ever-fulfilling Beyond.

Conference Room 9

January 19, 1973

Idea and ideal; the Real and the Eternal

Idea is man’s preparation. Ideal is man’s progression. The Real is man’s illumination. The Eternal is man’s realisation.

Idea is in the mind. Ideal is in the central being. The Real is in the life of existence. The Eternal is in the Soul.

Idea imagines the Truth. Ideal gets a glimpse of the Truth. The Real possesses the Truth. The Eternal is the Truth.

The idea of an unaspiring man is weak, very weak. His ideal is low, very low. His reality is obscure, quite obscure. His eternity is uncertain, quite uncertain.

The idea of an aspiring man is strong, very strong. His ideal is high, very high. His reality is clear, quite clear. His eternity is certain, quite certain. His idea is as strong as a giant. His ideal is as high as Mount Everest. His reality is as clear as daylight. His eternity is as certain as his present living breath. An idea knows how to rush forward. An ideal knows how to soar above. The Real knows how to evolve without, from within. The Eternal knows how to glow in the finite and in the Infinite.

Idea tells us, “Awake, arise! You have slept for a long time. It is high time for you to get up.” Ideal tells us, “Go and wash yourself, purify yourself. Get ready to study, you have to study.” The Real tells us, “Study, cultivate your inner life. Discover the Divine within you, the immortal within you, the Infinite within you.” The Eternal tells us, “I have a short message for you, my children. You have come from me, the Ever-Unknowable, and you are for me. The unknowable in me you will transform into the unknown; the unknown in me you will transform into the knowable; and the knowable in me you will transform into the known for the earth-aspiration and earth-consciousness.

Conference Room 9

January 26, 1974

The soul-love of the United Nations

[Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series]

The soul-love of the United Nations is life-examination, life-improvement and life-perfection.

Life-examination makes our life on earth meaningful.

Life-improvement makes our rest in Heaven blissful.

Life-perfection makes our rest in Heaven and on earth fruitful.

The soul-love of the United Nations has the fragrance of Divinity’s rose on the physical plane and the benediction of Immortality’s bird on the spiritual plane.

Mind-love, heart-love and soul-love. Mind-love is just an opinion. Heart-love is a firm conviction. Soul-love is an everlasting illumination. Opinions at times confuse us. Convictions at times disappoint us. But illumination always makes us see the Feet of God and the height of Truth. It also makes us see that it has silenced the roaring lion of darkness in the outer world and that it has fed the soaring flame-bird in the inner world.

The soul-love of the United Nations teaches us three most important things: patience, expansion and oneness. Patience is not peace. But patience eventually shows us the way to peace, world peace. Expansion is not an act of self-aggrandisement. But expansion can easily be a life-offering and love-building reality. Oneness does not indicate a lack of opportunity for revealing and manifesting individual uniqueness. Oneness is like the essence and fragrance of a lotus. It does not prevent each petal of the lotus from revealing and manifesting its own uniqueness.

The soul-love of the United Nations has a philosophy of its own. It says that each nation has its own significant truth. One nation will not and cannot overthrow the realisation and revelation of another nation. On the contrary, the realisation and revelation of one nation can easily complement the realisation and revelation of another nation, The soul-love of the United Nations has a religion of its own. This religion is a silently unified wisdom. In this silently unified wisdom looms large a supremely unifying life.

Voltaire said something quite interesting and illumining: “Four thousand volumes of metaphysics cannot teach us what the soul is.” It is the soul alone that can teach us what the soul is. But before the soul teaches us about itself, we have to unlearn the teachings of the obscure, uncertain and doubting mind and, at the same time, we have to learn the teachings of the loving, uniting and illumining heart.

I wish to quote a most significant thought of Emerson: “We can’t describe the natural history of the soul, but it is divine.” No matter how sincerely, how soulfully, how devotedly and how unconditionally we try to describe the natural history of the soul, we are bound to underestimate its capacity. For the soul is the child of both Infinity’s Dream and Eternity’s Reality.

In order to know the soul-love of the United Nations, we have to choose to be free, and we have to be free to choose. When we are within the confines of history, we have to choose to be free. When we are in the sky of evolving spirituality, we have to be free to choose. Soul-love is free will. Soul-love is free choice. When a nation’s free will chooses self-giving, its free choice expedites God-becoming. In self-giving and God-becoming is the confluence of the outer lustre of the United Nations and the inner effulgence of the United Nations. This confluence will, without fail, be a glorious vision for both mortals and immortals.

From the spiritual point of view, the soul-love of the United Nations will always remain resourceful in all problematical situations, untiring in the discharge of its national and international duties, sagacious in its pursuit of inner knowledge and inner wealth, and spontaneous in its willingness to add to the peace, love and joy of searching and ascending humanity.

Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium

February 1, 1973


Freedom. Freedom is the creative force within us. Freedom is the sustaining life within us. Human freedom is an experience of the body, in the vital and for the mind. Divine freedom is an experience of the soul, in the heart and for the mind, the vital and the body. There is practically no difference between animal freedom and human slavery. In the domain of the destructive vital, our animal freedom roars. In the abyss of our sleeping inconscient body, our human slavery snores.

God’s Freedom lies in His constant Service to mankind, in His unconditional Self-giving. Man’s freedom lies in his God-achievement, life-perfection and life-fulfilment.

The freedom of the doubting mind is undoubtedly a reality. But this reality is fleeting, flimsy. The freedom of the loving and aspiring heart is an everlasting reality and an ultimate sublimity.

Freedom of earthly thought is good, but quite often it opens itself to false freedom. Freedom that comes from following the heavenly Will invokes God’s Presence in us. It invokes His divine Promise in and through us and His supreme Self-assertion and Self-manifestation in and through us.

What is false freedom? False freedom is our constant and deliberate acceptance of ignorance and our conscious existence in ignorance. What is real freedom? Real freedom is our conscious awareness of our inner divinity, and our constant inseparable oneness with the Inner Pilot.

What can false freedom do? False freedom can do much. It can totally destroy us. It can destroy our inner possibilities and potentialities. It can destroy our inner wealth. What can real freedom do? Real freedom also can do much. Real freedom can make us grow into the very image of our Supreme Pilot.

We have two types of freedom: outer freedom and inner freedom. Outer freedom constantly wants to prove its capacity. It wants to prove its sovereignty. Inner freedom wants to prove that it belongs to God and God alone.

Outer freedom has a new goal every day. It wants to discover this goal only in pleasure. But inner freedom has only one eternal Goal, and that Goal is to achieve the conscious awareness of God and the conscious manifestation of God in and through itself.

Outer freedom is satisfied only when it is in a position to say, “I have no superiors. I am my only master.” Inner freedom is satisfied only when it can soulfully say, “I don’t want to be superior to anyone, but I want God to be my superior, my only superior.”

Forgetfulness takes away our freedom, but God’s Forgiveness brings it back. Teeming desires take away our freedom, but God’s Compassion brings it back. Self-importance and self-assertion take away our freedom, but God’s Light brings it back.

It is our self-awareness that retains our freedom and God’s divine Pride in us that perfects our freedom. In the perfection of our earthly freedom we grow, and we sow the Heaven-seed within us. And in the fulfilment of our inner freedom we see Heaven and earth as complementary souls. For earth offers its wealth and capacity, which is receptivity, and Heaven offers its wealth and capacity, which is Divinity and Immortality.

Conference Room 9

February 2, 1973

The Divine Mission

The Divine Mission is not a self-imposition or a world-proposition. The Divine Mission is at once a love-offering and a self-giving.

The world needs attention. The Divine Mission is always willing to offer its one-pointed attention to the world. The world needs concern. The Divine Mission is always ready to offer its soulful, meaningful and fruitful concern to the world. The world needs love. The Divine Mission is always ready to offer its love, inner and outer, to the world. The outer love is constant sacrifice. The inner love is inseparable oneness.

There are two types of seekers: the human seeker and the divine seeker. The human seeker wants to add to his glory, increase his possessions and gain supremacy over others. The divine seeker wants to enter into a spiritual process, a divine progress and a supreme success.

There are two types of nations: the unaspiring nation and the aspiring nation. The unaspiring nation enjoys sleep, ignorance and death. The aspiring nation enjoys self-protection, self-illumination and self-perfection. The unaspiring nation does not know what the Goal is or where the Goal is. The aspiring nation knows what the Goal is and where the Goal is. The Goal is perfect Perfection. The Goal can be found in self-discovery.

The mission of an unaspiring religion is arrogantly to exclude or find fault with all other religions. The mission of an aspiring religion is to proclaim once and for all that Truth is universal, Light is omnipresent and Love is omnipotent.

There are three significant roads that lead us to our destination and then make us aware of our Divine Mission. One road is the road of knowledge and wisdom. Another road is the road of love and devotion. The third road is the road of dedicated action.

If we want to discover our Mission while walking along the road of knowledge and wisdom, then we will come to learn who God is and what God is. We will learn that God is all Love and all Compassion.

If we want to discover our Mission while walking along the road of love and devotion, then we will feel where God is. God is in our living and flaming faith.

If we want to discover our Mission while walking along the path of dedicated action, then we will discover the truth that in revealing our selfless capacity, which is dedication, we are manifesting God’s Action on earth.

The spiritual Master comes into the world with a Mission. His Mission is to tell the world that he is of God’s illumination but always for man’s aspiration. Sri Krishna came into the world with a Mission, and his Mission was the manifestation of Universal Harmony. The Buddha came into the world with a Mission, and his Mission was the manifestation of Universal Peace. The Christ came into the world with a Mission, and his Mission was the manifestation of Universal Compassion.

Here at the United Nations there are many missions representing different countries. To me each mission is like a river flowing into the ocean, and the ocean is the United Nations. Each mission is a flowing river entering into the ocean with hope, with eagerness and with a willingness to become part and parcel of the ocean. At the United Nations the Divine Mission flows not only in the ocean but also through each of the rivers. The Divine Mission of Light exists not only in the infinite Vast, but also in the tiniest drop of consciousness. In the perfection and fulfilment of the Divine Mission in the Infinite, and in the perfection and fulfilment of the Divine Mission in the finite, the Supreme Satisfaction will dawn.

In each of the rivers the Supreme Satisfaction has to dawn, for it is the constant flow of the rivers entering into the ocean that makes the ocean a living reality. And when the ocean flows back into the rivers, it offers them its abundant inner wealth so they can fulfil themselves through it.

The Mission of God in each permanent mission to the United Nations is as important as it is in the United Nations itself. The United Nations is the entire body and each mission is like a limb. The body is perfect only when all the limbs are perfect. If one limb remains imperfect, the body remains imperfect.

When we are really great we care for the small, for the poor, for the invalid. The mission of the great is to become one with those who are less great than they, and to lift them up to a higher standard through self-giving. The mission of those who are not yet great is to feel that the great ones are only the more evolved extensions of their own aspiring consciousness.

Conference Room 9

February 9, 1973

Who are we?

Who are we? We are doubters. We are believers. We are discoverers. We are knowers. We are transformers. We are lovers. We are fulfillers.

We are doubters. We doubt our inner dream. We doubt our outer reality. God says to us, “Attention, you doubters! Don’t doubt. Your blue-gold dreams are coming from Me. Your green-red realities are running towards Me.”

We are believers. We believe that we are helpless and fruitless. God says to us, “Attention, you believers! Your belief is wrong. You are not helpless and fruitless. My Concern is there for you, to help you all the time. My Compassion cares for you, to make your life fruitful at every moment.”

We are discoverers. We have discovered that Truth and Light are far beyond our reach. God says to us, “Attention, you discoverers! Your discoveries are all wrong. I have discovered Truth and Light on your behalf. Truth is what you have. Light is what you are.”

We are knowers. We know much about things. We know little about ourselves. We know least about God. God says to us, “Attention, you knowers! You know that it is I who have created all things. You know that it is you who create Me every day in you. You know that it is I who am the perfect slave of your constant desires.”

We are transformers. We want to transform doubt into belief, fear into strength, bondage into freedom. God says to us, “Attention, you transformers! I am so glad that you want to transform doubt into belief, fear into strength, bondage into freedom. I wish you also to try to transform the life of the finite into the Life of the Infinite.”

We are lovers. We love beauty’s body, beauty’s soul and beauty’s goal. God says to us, “Attention, you lovers! Beauty’s body is good. Beauty’s soul is better. Beauty’s goal is by far the best. Beauty’s body is an aspiring child. Beauty’s soul is the illumining Father. Beauty’s goal is the fulfilling Mother.”

We are fulfillers. We want to fulfil Heaven on earth, and earth in Heaven. God says to us, “Attention, you fulfillers! You want to fulfil Heaven and earth. It is a splendid ideal. But I wish to say that until you have fulfilled Me, you cannot fulfil Heaven and earth. In order to fulfil Me, you have to cry in your heart ceaselessly and soar smilingly and everlastingly.”

We say to God, “O Father, O Mother, O Friend Eternal, we see that we started our journey as doubters and shall end our journey as fulfillers.”

God says to us, “My sweet children, you are mistaken. You started your journey as the distributors of My Light and My Life-Force, and you will complete your journey as the builders of My Body-Consciousness on earth.”

Conference Room 10

February 23, 1973

The heart-peace of the United Nations

[Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series]

The heart says to peace, “Peace, I need you.”

Peace says to the heart, “Heart, I need you.”

Both the heart and peace need each other. Without peace, the heart is fruitless. Without the heart, peace is homeless.

The inner heart of the United Nations is flooded with peace. The outer heart of the United Nations is trying to spread peace all over the world.

The outer existence of the United Nations is a colossal hope. The inner existence of the United Nations is a fulfilling reality.

The heart of the United Nations has peace. The mind of the United Nations seeks peace. The vital of the United Nations needs peace. The body of the United Nations is for peace.

The presence of peace in the heart is divine oneness. The presence of peace in the mind is divine illumination. The presence of peace in the vital is divine dynamism. The presence of peace in the body is divine satisfaction.

The goal of the United Nations is peace, world peace. The secret of the United Nations is sacrifice.

There are two types of people: one wants peace, the other does not. Many nations have formed the outer body of the United Nations. Peace is expected from each nation in abundant measure. The Supreme loves all nations, because all are marching towards the same Goal. But if any nation wants to surpass other nations ruthlessly, then that particular nation will never be claimed by God’s Pride, Heaven’s Delight and earth’s gratitude as their own. When all nations work together devotedly and untiringly, then only can they embody universal oneness and reveal universal love.

Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium

March 1, 1973


Why do we think of God? Why do we pray to God? Why do we meditate on God?

We may think of God, pray to God and meditate on God because the world around us has disappointed us or failed us. Our near and dear ones may have deserted us, and we need consolation. If these are the reasons why we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God, then God gives us fifty out of one hundred.

We may think of God, pray to God and meditate on God because we feel that we have made thousands of mistakes in this life. We either want to rectify these mistakes or at least not make any more mistakes, since each mistake undoubtedly creates pain and a sense of frustration and failure in us. Or we may think of God, pray to God and meditate on God because we have missed countless opportunities in life and we want to avail ourselves of all the opportunities that we are going to get in the future. If we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God for these reasons, then God gives us sixty out of one hundred.

We may think of God, pray to God and meditate on God because we feel a tremendous sense of fear and doubt in ourselves. We fear the world; we fear even ourselves. We don’t know what to say to people or how to behave; we don’t know what is going to happen to us. We are always afraid of others or afraid of our own actions. Also, we doubt others and we doubt our own potentialities, possibilities and capacities. Now, for these reasons if we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God, God gives us seventy out of one hundred.

We may pray to God for more love in the world, and for peace of mind. We don’t want to remain in anxiety; we don’t want to remain in anger and hatred. If we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God for these reasons, then God gives us eighty out of one hundred.

We may think of God, pray to God and meditate on God because we want Divine Love, Divine Concern from the world or from God. We want only the love that will expand us, the love that will fulfil us. We do not expect any outer success or fame or popularity. We wish to receive only God’s Divine Love, if we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God for these reasons, then God gives us ninety out of one hundred.

But when we want only to become what God is and what God has, by constant and unconditional self-giving, then God gives us one hundred out of one hundred. At this point we are not asking God for anything. We want only to be what God is, that is to say Infinite Peace, Infinite Light and Infinite Bliss. Nor do we want anything from the world. If the world tortures us, disappoints us or misunderstands us, that is up to the world. We do not expect anything from the world, but we do expect one thing from ourselves, and that one thing is that we will grow into God Himself. If that is our choice, if that is the reason why we think of God, pray to God and meditate on God, then God gives us one hundred out of one hundred. Otherwise, no matter how sincere our motive is, we will not satisfy God fully. If we want to improve the world or improve ourselves, these things all have value, but they do not have the ultimate value. The ultimate value we get only when we are ready and eager to grow into God and become what God is.

Now how can we grow into God? We must be ready every day to change, and not to remain prisoners of the past. When today is over, we have to feel that it is past. It will not be of any help to us in growing into the Highest Supreme. No matter how sweet, how loving or how fulfilling was the past, it cannot give us anything now that we do not already have. We are moving forward toward the goal, so no matter how satisfying the past was, we have to feel that it is only a prison. The seed grows into a plant, then it becomes a huge tree. But if the consciousness of the plant remains in the seed, then there will be no further manifestation. Yes, we shall remain grateful to the seed because it enabled us to grow into a plant. But we will not pay much attention to the seed stage. Once we have become a plant, let our aim be to become a tree. Always we have to look forward toward the goal. Only when we become the tallest tree will our full satisfaction dawn.

We must always remain in the present. This present is constantly ready to bring the golden future into our heart. Today’s achievement is most satisfactory, but we have to feel that today’s achievement is nothing in comparison to what tomorrow’s achievement will be. Each time satisfaction dawns, we have to feel that this satisfaction is nothing in comparison to the satisfaction that is about to dawn. We have to feel that every second brings new life, new growth, new opportunity. If we are ready to allow change into our life every second, every minute, every day, we are bound to grow. How will we know that this change is for the better and not for the worse? We will know it is for the better if we see that new light is entering into us. If new light is not entering into us, then we have to feel that we are doing something wrong or making some mistake, unconsciously if not consciously.

Every time we think of God, we should feel that He is our ideal, He is our Goal. At the same time, we have to know that to see the Goal is not the aim, to reach the Goal is not the aim. Our aim is to become the Goal itself. God expects nothing short of this from us. He wants us to be what He is. If this is our aim, then when we think of God, when we pray to God, when we meditate on God, God feels that our thought, our prayer and our meditation is absolutely right, absolutely divine.

Conference Room 9

March 2, 1973

Where is God?

“Where is God?”

“There is no God.”

If one says that there is no God, that means he is asserting his conception of God in a negative way. A real seeker takes the view of an atheist as sincerely and seriously as he does his own positive conception of God. A real seeker knows and feels that an atheist’s conception of nothingness and the non-existence of God contains the seeker’s own conception of God.

“Where is God?”

“No God. Even if God exists, who needs Him? Who wants Him? One can get along without God. One can remain satisfied with what he has.”

When one is satisfied with what little he has, that means that God the Happiness in him is making him satisfied, even with his little achievement. One can never be happy if one does not consciously or unconsciously meet with God the Happiness in each thing he sees, does and grows into.

“Where is God?”

“I am not even sure that He exists.”

If one says that he is doubtful about God’s existence, that means he has at least fifty per cent faith in God’s existence. Each human being has a friend and an enemy. His enemy, doubt, negates the living inner truth in him. His friend, faith, feeds and strengthens his inner conception of truth. Finally, it immortalises the truth in his heart, mind, vital and body.

“Where is God?”

“I do not know where God is, but I would like to know.”

If someone is just curious to know about God, but has no real need for God, from the strict spiritual point of view he is not a seeker. But if one enlarges his spiritual heart, then he embraces even that curious person and includes him in his spiritual life. He feels that today’s man of curiosity can become tomorrow’s man of genuine spirituality, provided he is given sincere concern, compassion, encouragement and love.

“Where is God?”

“God is all around me. Now I must learn how to see Him.”

If the seeker has genuine aspiration and not mere curiosity, he is undoubtedly on the correct path, for this is the only way to reach God. This seeker is like a child who feels his father’s presence everywhere. As a human child feels his father’s presence when he is in the living room and his father is in some other room, so also a spiritual child feels that no matter where he is, his Father is there somewhere in the same universal house.

At the end of knowing and feeling, we come to seeing and becoming. The spiritual child knows what God is and feels what God is. Then he goes deep within and sees God face-to-face and eventually becomes God Himself, At this point he answers the question, “Where is God?” with the question, “Where is He not?” He also answers another question, “Who is God?” with the question, “Who is not God?”

Conference Room 8

March 16, 1973

No nation is unwanted

[Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series]

No nation is unwanted. Every nation is wanted. Every nation is needed. Every nation is indispensable. Each nation is great. The greatness of each nation lies in its deep love for other nations and in its self-giving to other nations.

Why does an individual love others? An individual loves others because he knows that if he does not love others, then he remains imperfect and incomplete. Why does one give of oneself to others? One gives of oneself to others because he has discovered the undeniable truth that self-giving is truth-loving and God-becoming. And what applies to an individual human being can equally, appropriately and convincingly apply to a nation.

Sir Winston Churchill once made a most significant remark: “When abroad I do not criticise the government of our country, but I make up for it when I come home.” Self-criticism is necessary; self-criticism is obligatory. If each nation values self-criticism when it is at home, then perfection-sun will not remain a far cry. Self-criticism is the harbinger of self-enquiry. Self-enquiry is the harbinger of God-discovery. In God-discovery man rises above the ignorance of millennia.

The great German philosopher Schopenhauer said, “Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right.” Who can deny this most deplorable fact? At the same time, who does not have the courage to think and feel that this fact need not and cannot be an abiding truth? Why do we ridicule others? We ridicule others precisely because our jealousy has not yet left us. We ridicule others because they do not have what we have or because we do not have what they have.

Now a nation may have hundreds of good, divine and even astonishing qualities, but if that nation is wanting in the inner quality, the feeling of oneness, then it cannot have true satisfaction. Everlasting satisfaction is out of the question. Again, if a nation is not blessed with many striking qualities and illumining capacities but nonetheless has the inner quality, a sense of inseparable oneness, then that nation is the creator of fulfilling joy, the distributor of fulfilling joy and the fulfiller of fulfilling joy.

Each nation is a petal of a flower, an inner rose, an inner lotus. If one petal is ruined, then the entire flower loses its beauty; and when a flower loses its beauty, it loses everything. Each nation is like a note in a song. If one note is not properly sung, then the entire song is ruined.

Each nation has the capacity to fulfil all nations through self-giving, and this self-giving is nothing other than God-becoming. Here at the United Nations, each nation shall offer its illumining capacities and fulfilling qualities to all the other nations. Together all nations will walk, together all nations will run, together all nations will fly and dive toward the same goal, the goal of everlasting Reality. When we reach and become the everlasting Reality, we shall see that we have transformed the animal in us and immortalised the divine in us.

How can a nation be happy, purposeful and fulfilled? A nation can be happy, purposeful and fulfilled if it thinks less and meditates more. A nation can be happy, purposeful and fulfilled if it plans less and acts more. Thinking is quite often confusing. Planning is quite often frustrating. Too much thinking and too much doubting and suspecting go together. Too much planning and too much worrying go together.

Meditation and action have a different story. Illumining meditation is self-discovery. Illumining action is self-mastery. The more one can meditate soulfully, the sooner he reaches his destination. The more one can act devotedly, the sooner he manifests God-Life, Truth-Love, Light-Delight. A seeker-nation with God-Life sees God’s Body, the universe. A seeker-nation with Truth-Love feels God’s Heart, the universal Reality. A seeker-nation with Light-Delight becomes God’s Soul, the universal Goal.

Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium

April 5, 1973

Each nation in its place is great

[Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series]

A nation is a limb of the universal body. Each limb is necessary, essential and indispensable. Each nation represents humanity’s hope, humanity’s promise and humanity’s progress. Hope was our yesterday’s treasure. Promise is our today’s treasure. Progress shall be our tomorrow’s treasure.

Each nation can be great by virtue of a few divine qualities. A nation can be great by virtue of its simplicity. A nation can be great by virtue of its sincerity. A nation can be great by virtue of its humility. A nation can be great by virtue of its sense of duty, both national and international. A nation can be great by virtue of its prosperity, both inner and outer. Finally, a nation can be great by virtue of its generosity, constant and supreme generosity.

A great nation is that nation which offers inspiration to other nations. A greater nation is that nation which offers concern to other nations. The greatest nation is that nation which offers heart’s love, spontaneous love, to other nations. With inspiration we begin to form our universal family. With concern we strengthen our universal family. With love we feed and fulfil our universal family.

The divine greatness of a nation lies in its self-offering today. The divine greatness of a nation lies in its God-becoming tomorrow. The divine greatness of a nation lies in its God-revelation today. The divine greatness of a nation lies in its God-manifestation tomorrow.

Self-offering, God-becoming, God-revelation and God-manifestation are possible through each individual nation. Each individual nation can be a perfect example of self-offering, God-becoming, God-revelation and God-manifestation. How? If a nation lives in the heart, then self-offering is not only possible but also inevitable. If a nation lives in the soul, then God-becoming is not only possible but also inevitable. If a nation tries and cries for the transformation of the whole universal family of nations, then God-revelation can no longer remain a far cry. God-revelation then is not only possible, but practicable and inevitable as well. Finally, if a nation cares sincerely, devotedly, soulfully and unconditionally for the perfect Perfection not only of its own existence, but also of the entire universe, then God-manifestation is bound to take place.

In size, in capacity, in receptivity, all nations may not have the same status. But each nation is indispensable in its own way. Each nation is like a drop, a tiny drop or a mighty drop, in the vast ocean of divine, fulfilling, fruitful consciousness. It is all the drops combined that make up the ocean. Again, it is the ocean that manifests or fulfils its existence through the different drops, small and big alike.

Each nation is humanity’s conscious cry for perfect Perfection. It is in and through each nation that humanity can make the ultimate progress. This ultimate progress is spiritual brotherhood, divine Reality and immortal Life in the life of the mortal and infinite achievement in the heart of the finite.

Conference Room 9

May 3, 1973