January 1

Three hundred and sixty-five opportunities to realise the Supreme, to reveal the Supreme and to fulfil the Supreme.

January 2

What do I do? I let God think for me. What else do I do? I let God speak through me. What more can I do? I can let God make me as divine and perfect as He is.

January 3

I do not compete with the world. I compete with my ignorance. I do not compare myself with the world. I compare myself with my soul's perfection. I do not cooperate with the world's stupidity. I cooperate with my heart's purest sincerity.

January 4

Life and death. These are the two Blessings that I have received from God. Life inspires me to realise the highest Truth. Death wants me to wake up and hurry up.

January 5

God gave me the happiest news that He loves me even if I don't care to love Him. I gave God the greatest news that I think of Him although ignorance constantly thinks of me.

January 6

What I can do. Although I am feebler than an insect, I dare to criticise God the Omnipotent. What I can do. Although I am His child of love, I dare to forget and ignore Him.

What I cannot do. Although I am a man, I fail to live a true human life. What I cannot do. Although I assert my own existence on earth, I do not know who I am and what I am here for.

January 7

When I desire, impossibility frowns at me. When I aspire, possibility beckons me. When I will, I smash the pride of impossibility and transform possibility into inevitability.

January 8

Where joy is wanting, love is wanting. Where love is wanting, everything is wanting. Where Truth is, Fulfilment is there. Where Fulfilment is, God is there, there alone.

January 9

NO speaks through my mind: "If there is a God, then how is it that I have never seen Him? No God." YES speaks through my heart: "Since there is only God, I am sure to see Him one day. Although I see Him not, I feel Him all-where." The mind sleeps while the heart aspires. The heart cries for God, while the mind doubts God and shouts at Him.

January 10

I look upward. I earn time. I look forward. I utilise time. I look inward. I save time. I look backward. I waste time.

January 11

To help humanity is to see Unity.

To serve humanity is to earn Divinity.

To possess humanity is to welcome Multiplicity.

January 12

I tell the truth. The world is hurt. I tell a lie. God is hurt. What am I to do? Silence. I must live in silence and become the smiling breath of silence. Lo, the world loves me, and God blesses me.

January 13

I have realised my error. I shall no longer stay with ignorance. Ignorance has understood its folly. It will no longer stay in me. I say to ignorance: "You have tortured me." Ignorance says to me: "You have fooled me."

January 14

Love the world. You will be suspected. Love God. You will be emancipated. Love the world with the feeling that the world is God. You will revive the truth. Love God with the feeling that God is the world. You will immortalise the truth.