My Lord,
Now that my love for You
Is strong once more,
And my faith in You
Is strong once more,
I have decided to address
All my petitions and supplications
To Your Lotus-Feet once more.


My Lord,
When I pray and meditate,
I most lovingly clasp
The Smiles of Your Eye.
Will You not clasp
The tears of my heart
In return?


My Lord,
You do know the depth
Of my love, devotion
And surrender.
I must say, they all come
From the depth
Of my sincerity-heart.
My Lord, do You
Agree with me?
"My child, I do, I do."


My Lord,
One day You inject
Elephant-confidence in me,
Next day You inject
Lion-confidence in me.
This way, alternately,
You give me
The elephant-lion-confidence
Early in the morning.
But, alas, as the day advances,
My confidence disappears.
I become an object
Of pity-insecurity.


My Lord, fulfil me.
Fulfil me, my Lord.
Why delay any further?


My Lord,
Inwardly I may argue with You
In season and out of season
But, rest assured,
If You are ever in need of me,
I will immediately throw myself
Heart and soul
At Your Feet.


My Lord,
I know I argue with You
All the time inwardly,
But I know You are the only One
To take notice of me,
You are the only One
To take care of me,
You are the only One
To tolerate me,
You are the only One
Who has not lost
Even an iota of hope
In me.


My Lord,
Whether You give me permission
Or not,
I shall go here, there
And everywhere
Telling the whole world
That I am Yours,
Solely Yours.


My Lord,
Now it has become
An open secret.
Every day we barter:
You give me
Your Compassion-Eye;
I give You
My gratitude-heart.


My Lord,
I stand in front
Of the world-assembly
And pray and meditate,
And speak so highly of You.
Can You not secretly come to me
And whisper a sweet word to me-
Even once?


My Lord,
You have told me time and again
That when I am desperately
In need of You,
You will come to my rescue.
My Lord,
I need You badly.
How is it that You are neglecting
Your Promise to me?


My Lord,
Every day
I am sending my heart-letters
To You
And asking You when both of us
Will meet once again.
Perhaps You do not know
Or You do not care to know
Of my heart's excruciating pangs.


My Lord,
I am swimming
In the sea of ecstasy,
For You are deeply enjoying
My heart-garden.
I am commanding my eyes
Not to lose sight of You,
Even for a fleeting second.


My Lord,
Everybody has special possessions.
My only priceless possession:
Your Forgiveness-Feet
Inside my heart-home.