Man's eternal question is:
 "Who is God?"
God's immediate answer is:
 "My child, who else is God,
  If not you?"


 I am never alone.
When I am absolutely helpless,
 God is for me.
When I am absolutely powerful,
 Humanity is for me.


I knew God in Heaven.
God knows me on earth.

I knew Him there by seeing Him repeatedly.
He knows me here by giving me constantly.


I think of God
Because I want Him and need Him.

God thinks of me
Because He loves me and cherishes me.


"O God,
Where are You?"

"My child,
I am in between
Your desire and your aspiration."

"My God,
Do You have anything special to do
With my desire and my aspiration?"

"Yes, My son,
With your desire
I bind My outer Body,
And with your aspiration
I free My inner Breath."


The God of a child
Is his pure imagination.

The God of an adolescent
Is his sure creation.

The God of a youth
Is his fatal frustration.

The God of an old man
Is his dying and crying aspiration.


"My Lord,
What is the difference
Between human love and divine love?"

"My child,
The difference
Between human love and divine love
Is very simple:
 Human love desperately needs;
 Divine love abundantly feeds."


"My sweet Lord,
I have only one desire,
One prayer, one aspiration:
Please show me only once
The face of unconditional surrender
 On earth."


In Heaven
I used to get endless Delight from God
  For the asking.

On earth
I get endless Compassion from God
  For the asking.


God is anxiously and eagerly waiting
 To be claimed by you.
What you need
 Is the right way
And what you will need
 Is the right moment
To claim Him as your very own.


I am God's slave.
Who can be prouder than I?

I am God's friend.
Who can be happier than I?

I am God's son.
Who can be as real as I?


"My sweet Lord,
Please tell me the difference
Between You and me."

"My child,
The difference is very small:
You are possessed
 By your little possessions;
And I am released
 By My infinite Possessions."


My question is:
"How can I leave the world
Better than I found it?"

God's answer is:
"Give the world a moment of your concern
And give Me your endless night of ignorance.
Lo, you have achieved your noble goal."


"In this incarnation,
 My Lord,
I have only three desires:
My first desire is to make my life
 One long gratitude.
My second desire is to make my life
 One long aspiration.
My third desire is to make my life
 One long surrender."