God the Supreme Musician


God-Music purifies our body.
God-Music strengthens our soul.
God-Music expedites our life-liberation,
God-realisation and Love-manifestation.

I sing because You sing

I sing because You sing.
I smile because You smile.
Because You play on the flute,
I have become Your flute.
You play in the depths of my heart.
You are mine, I am Yours:
This is my sole identification.
In one Form You are my Mother and Father eternal,
And Consciousness-moon,
Consciousness-sun all-pervading.


God-music embraced and treasured is the perfection of my soul. Heaven-music revealed and manifested on earth is the perfection of my heart. Earth-music perfected, divinised and transformed is the music of my life.

God the supreme Musician

God the Musician knows that music is spirituality, music is Immortality. Man the musician thinks that music is sensuality, music is mortality.

God the Musician knows that His Music is His transcendental Self-communion. Man the musician thinks that his music is his world’s life-long companion.

God the Musician is divinely and eternally mysterious. Man the musician is humanly and temporarily marvelous.

God’s Music tells us that music is the realisation of the universal Soul. Man’s music tells us that music is the aspiration of the individual soul.

God’s Music runs from the height to the depth. Man’s music runs from the breadth to the length. On the height God’s music is His Vision. In the depth God’s Music is His Reality. In the breadth man’s music is his crying soul. In the length man’s music is his victory’s goal.

God’s Music is the constant expansion of His Soul’s Delight. Man’s music is the preparation of his life’s hunger for perpetual joy.

God’s Music kills God with its infinite Luminosity. Man’s music kills man with its undying curiosity.

Music in the unlit body is destruction. Music in the unlit vital is passion. Music in the unlit mind is confusion. Music in the unlit heart is frustration.

Music in the aspiring body is creation. Music in the aspiring vital is purification. Music in the aspiring mind is liberation. Music in the aspiring heart is revelation.

My God the Supreme Musician has two families. One is in the East, the other in the West. He tells His Eastern children, precisely His Indian children, that music is the soul’s purity. He tells His Western children that music is life’s beauty. He tells his Eastern children that music is the fulfilling rest at the bottom of the life-sea. He tells his Western children that music is the dance of the multitudinous waves of the life-sea. He tells His Eastern children: “My children, among you those who can run will run, those who can march will march and those who can walk will walk towards their destined goal.” He tells His Western children: “My children, I want you all to stay together. I want you all to run together towards your destined goal.” He tells His Eastern children: “My children, what you have is a one-pointed and unbroken chain of unity. That is good.” He tells His Western children: “My children, what you have is the unity in diversity. That is great.” He tells His Eastern children: “My children, what you have is your dream’s poetry, what you have is your reality’s literature.” He tells His Western children: “My children, what you have is your dream’s arithmetic, what you have is your reality’s mathematics.”

Here we are all seekers, seekers of the infinite Truth. I wish to tell you that Beethoven was also a genuine seeker. Some of you are consumed with the desire to arouse and awaken your Kundalini so that you can have occult powers to perform miracles. Well, I wish to tell you that you do not have to practise any specific spiritual discipline in order to awaken your Kundalini. Beethoven is a striking example. His soulful music of the other world did awaken his Kundalini. You try with your own soul’s music. I assure you that you, too, will succeed. Now, what Beethoven says on music is true not only from the intellectual and emotional point of view, but also from the spiritual point of view:

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Although the spirit be not master of that which it creates through music, yet it is blessed in this creation, which, like every creation of art, is mightier than the artist.

Music is the Vedic bird in us. This bird is called Suparna. This bird divine flies in the welkin of Infinity, through Eternity, with the message of Immortality. Here on earth we do notice that the birds have the capacity to sing in endless measure, whereas we human beings try to create or develop this capacity. Tagore defends us:

To the birds you gave songs, the birds gave you songs in return. You gave me only a voice, yet asked for more, and I sing.

The poet-bird in Keats, divinely intoxicated, flies in front of me, before my ken.

Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music: — Do I wake or sleep?”

The music bird is within us to stay, to give us love.

The music bird is without us to fly, to give us joy.

Since music is a universal language, it has no need to express itself in any particular language of the world. Rabindranath Tagore says:

Music is the purest form of art and, therefore, the most direct expression of beauty, with a form and spirit which is one and simple, and least encumbered with anything extraneous. We seem to feel that the manifestation of the Infinite in the finite forms of creation is music itself, silent and visible.

Our body’s food is either vegetable or meat or both. But our soul’s food is music. Undoubtedly it is so. Even our physical nature at times desperately needs music. What Bovee says is undeniably true:

Music is the fourth great material want of our nature — first food, then raiment, then shelter, then music.

In the spiritual world next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

— Aldous Huxley

They say: “Music is another woman who talks charmingly, but says nothing.” I say, “Music is verily the woman who at once tells everything divinely and offers everything unreservedly.”

They say, “Classical music is the music without words, modern music is the music without music.” I say, “Classical music is the music that lasts after it has all been sung; modern music is the music that begins long before it actually begins.” In classical music we try to see God the eternal Beyond. In modern music we see God the eternal Now.”

Music is our soul’s home. God is the Supreme Musician. In Sri Krishna I see God the Supreme Musician. Krishna’s flute stirs the universal Consciousness. He plays on His flute. We listen. We do something more. We barter our body’s dust with His Soul’s plenitude.

To Sri Krishna I bow, we bow.

Two conductors

Man the conductor
 Sees the players
 Sees not the audience.
His hunger for growing appreciation
 Half fed.

God the conductor
 Hears the aspiration-music of the cosmic gods
 Becomes the appreciation-applause of the divine audience.
His hunger for the joy-distribution
  Sumptuously fed.


O music of love,
From you I learn
The secret of closeness.

O music of will,
From you I learn
The secret of future-creation.

O music of silence,
From you I learn
The secret of universal oneness.

O music of surrender,
From you I learn
The secret of cosmic perfection.

Spiritual essays on music


The universal excruciating pangs and pathos of music is the beauty of the earth-heart.

The transcendental music of liberating Light and immortalising Delight is the beauty of the Heaven-Soul.

Silence and music

Silence is the source of everything. It is the source of music and it is music itself. Silence is the deepest, most satisfying music of the Supreme. Silence is like a stream that goes to one place and becomes a river, or to another place and becomes a brook, or to the sea where it is totally expanded.

Consciousness will offer us the music of the Supreme. What is the music of the Supreme? It is the constant elevation of our consciousness. God-realisation itself is the supreme Music. The meaning of God-realisation is conscious oneness with the rest of the world and with God. Each seeker is one with God, but he is not conscious of it. We use the term ‘God’ at random. Even an atheist, who does not believe in God, has the mouth to use the term ‘God’.

Where is God? Someone will say He is in Heaven; someone will say He is somewhere else. One moment He is here; the next He is not in our vicinity. He is always somewhere else. This is our conception of God. But this is wrong. We must feel, “God is where I am.” How can we have this consciousness, this feeling? The deeper within we go, the clearer it becomes that it is He who has tied us together, who has bound us with His inner Oneness. One supreme tune is being played and this tune is the tune of universal oneness.

God is the Supreme Musician. It is He who is playing with us, on us and in us. We cannot separate God from music. The universal Consciousness is constantly being played by the Supreme Himself, and is constantly growing into the supreme Music. God the Creator is the Supreme Musician and God the Creation is the supreme Music. The Musician and His Music can never be separated. The Musician Supreme is playing His Music Supreme here in the universe. His creation is being fulfilled. The Music Supreme feels its fulfilment only when it consciously becomes one with the Supreme, the Creator Himself.

God’s existence and universal music can never be separated. When God spreads His arms, it is His music. When He stretches His legs, it is His music. When He opens His eyes, it is all His music. In His Arms we see the music of Infinity’s Benediction; in His Feet we see the music of Eternity’s Compassion and in His Eyes we see the music of Immortality’s Illumination. These three — Benediction, Compassion and Illumination make God what He is: Perfection, perfect Perfection.

The truth-poet in the seeker sees the light-sky, and then houses the light-sky. The truth-musician in the seeker feels the light-ocean and then grows into the light-ocean.


God has created this universe; the universe has come out of God. God will always hold the world with His inner Music. But His inner Music, His transcendental Music, is unfortunately not the music that we hear today. Jazz and rock and roll are not His Music; they are a degraded form of proper music.

God is the Supreme Musician. The music that God originally created is the music of the soul. He played for the soul and the soul wanted to play for Him. This music came from the soul and wanted to express and fulfil itself through the heart. Here is where the problem arose. When the soul started to play its music in the heart, the lower vital did not allow the heart to listen. Gradually, the vital became more powerful than the pure heart.

The music of the vital destroys our subtle nerves and like a hungry tiger wants to devour the heart’s divine qualities. Here in this world when we think of music, the vital immediately comes to the fore. But the lower vital music will not always reign supreme on earth. The world also has a soul. Today the vital is nourished and the soul is starving, but when there are more aspiring people on earth than unaspiring, naturally the inner soul-elevating music will replace the music of the impure, unlit and obscure vital.

The music of moksha, liberation, tells the seeker that Sky-Peace is all.

The music of siddhi, realisation, tells the seeker that Sun-Bliss is all.

Three songs

 A Heavenly song
Inspired me to strive and become.

 An earthly song
Instigated me to deceive and achieve.

 A God-song
Liberated me to divinise and immortalise


Right now the world may not seem to appreciate spiritual music, but if we continue to create, one day people will appreciate music from a spiritual point of view. We must create another world of music, because music can do much for the Supreme. It is a way to reach humanity through spirituality.

A musician’s biography is written wherever he performs. Everybody hears what he is playing. But for spiritual people it is not like that. Spiritual people may be suspected because their whole biography is written inside, and not all will be able to see it.

Spiritual Masters can only approach humanity if people come to them with real aspiration; whereas, musicians have the means to approach humanity with their art. When this artistic capacity is joined with spiritual capacity, the musician can break through the walls other musicians have created. With guidance from a spiritual Master, a musician’s spiritual capacity becomes most powerful. When a musician leads a spiritual life, it is very easy for him to help thousands of people at a time because they appreciate his music and the kind of life the musician leads.

The vital of the world has been to the fore for quite a few years. Eventually, the music of the soul will replace the music of the vital. Once the world reaches a particular point, we can tell the world that we have something else for them. The shopkeeper gives something to the customer and the customer appreciates it. Then the customer begins to have faith in that particular shopkeeper. The shopkeeper says, “You have appreciated my mango, but now I have something else for you; I have a guava also. This will also satisfy you and nourish you.” Because the customer has faith in the shopkeeper, he will taste the new fruit and be satisfied. The time has come for spiritual people to say, “We can give you something else. Try it.”

Inwardly the world wants to make progress. Outwardly the world wants something new: that which is eternal is outwardly new. On the vital plane and in the physical world, the eternal is new, but in the inner plane it is not. There is nothing new in the soul’s world. If we see a thing twice in the physical world, we may think it is different each time. If we see our own wristwatch in the morning and again in the evening, and if we are in a different consciousness each time, we will feel it is a totally different watch. But in the inner world, even though we see twenty things at a time, it all remains the same.

We all know outer music; outer music is very often destructive. But inner music is always bound to be soul-stirring and soul-elevating. For God-realisation, inner music is of paramount importance. If outer music is devotional music, if it is something that uplifts the musician’s consciousness and spreads pure, unalloyed joy, that music also plays a considerable role.

Inner music can be heard and created while we are meditating. Thousands and millions of times at the age of thirteen or fourteen I used to hear the cosmic gods and goddesses playing music. We have to hear inner music through aspiration. What is inner music? We have learned from the Vedas that this music is the mother tongue of humanity. Music is the language of the soul. It is through music that the Divine in us gets the opportunity to manifest itself here on earth. Only spiritual aspirants who have musical capacity can eventually show the world at large that inner music can also be played outwardly and appreciated by the world.

Music is my Eternity’s Kite, Infinity’s Flight and Immortality’s Light.

You are bound to hear

Stay with your suspicious mind.
You are bound to hear
The drum of doom.

Stay with your aspiring heart.
You are bound to hear
The trumpet of bloom.

Stay with your surrendered life.
You are bound to hear
God’s transcendental Music
In His own Room.

When I play

When I play soulful music, my Beloved Supreme embraces me and treasures me. When I play the music of the lower vital, titan-frown and death-buffalo blind my heart, bind my body and throw me into the den of a hunger-pinched tiger.

Questions and answers

When I sing

When I sing, I am a runner, running and running like an expert runner.

When I compose music, I am a driver, driving and driving like an expert driver.

Running is my life-preparation. Driving is my life-examination. My life-preparation and my life-examination eventually see the face of God the Supreme Musician.