January 1

Whence comes man, whither goes he?

He comes forth from God's Aspiration and journeys into God's Perfection.

January 2

Love is the essence of God's Divinity.

Gratitude is the essence of man's Divinity.

January 3

In the ordinary life if you want to help the world, the first step is to mind your own business.

In the spiritual life if you want to help the world, the first step is to ask God for your heart's illumination.

January 4

God can hide even from His cosmic Self, but He cannot hide from us, for we are dearer to Him than His own Self.

January 5

The willing shall feel God's Love-Power.

The unwilling shall see God's Thunder-Power.

January 6

For a disciple, initiation is the first experience of freedom, and for a spiritual Master, initiation is a conscious acceptance and experience of bondage.

January 7

Initiation is the immediate expansion of the disciple's consciousness and the conscious manifestation of the Master's compassion-height.

January 8

Possibility's entrance into the Room of Reality is a gift of inspiration.

January 9

A truly advanced seeker's unerring pilot is intuition.

January 10

Intuition selflessly feeds the inner life and recognises, inspires, and fulfils the outer life.

January 11

Intuition is the choice of the ascending human race and voice of the descending divine Grace.

January 12

My duty is to love God.

God's necessity is to love me.

It is God's Grace that makes my duty successful.

It is God's Concern that makes His necessity fruitful.

January 13

When you yourself sincerely try to undo the past, God will destroy it for you, and not before.

January 14

The God-seeker wants initiation and liberation.

The God-lover wants the ecstasy of inseparable oneness with God, his Beloved.