1. Reject and accept

God, I am rejecting man.
Because he has the same
Weaknesses that I have.

Man, I am accepting God.
Because He has the same
Perfection that I have.

2. Mutual support

God and I support each other soulfully.
I support God
With my adoration-leaf.
God supports me
With His Compassion-Tree.

God and I support each other unerringly.
I support God
With my devotion drop.
God supports me
With His Illumination-Sea.

3. Completion

To complete my earth-life
I shall become surrender-delight.

To complete my Heaven-life
I shall become silence-light.

4. What I see in them

You ask me
What I can possibly see
In man.
I see in man
Eternity's hope-river.

You ask me
What I can possibly see
In God.
I see in God
Immortality's assurance-sea.

5. The ideal man

He is the ideal man
In his own right.
In the outer world
He sees himself as he is.
In the inner world
He enjoys himself as he is.

6. His own world

Unlike others
He has only two
Theoretical problems:
Nobody cares for him;
God does not love him.

Unlike others
He has only two
Practical problems:
Since he does not
Belong either to this world
Or to any world,
He needs a world created by himself
And not those
Already created by God.

7. Decide spontaneously

Decide spontaneously!
Make an immediate decision!
The beauty of the world-body-life
Is dancing before you.
The divinity of the soul-goal-light
Is crying for you.
Make your own choice,
But delay not.

8. God agrees with me

You say
I always drive others
And on rare occasions myself
Too hard.
I do not agree with you.
Neither does my God.

He says
I am always demanding,
I am always domineering.
I do not agree with him.
Neither does my God.

I say
I love God and God alone.
You do not agree with me.
He does not agree with me.
But my God does;
He is my Eternity's All
And not you, not he.

9. What you love and enjoy

You say
You love and enjoy
But I clearly see
What you actually
Love and enjoy.
You love sleeping,
You enjoy sleeping
In the lap of procrastination-night.

10. Charming

You are not charming.
Because you lead
An intellectualised life.

He is not charming.
Because he leads
A complicated life.

I am charming.
Because I lead
God's Love-Reality life.

11. A great man, a good man

Lord, who is a great man?
"Son, he who initiates
Is unfortunately a great man."

Lord, who is a good man?
"Son, he who executes
Is fortunately a good man."

12. Can he ever be good?

He is great.
He loves God
At others' expense.

He is great.
He reveals God
At others' expense.

He is great.
He manifests God
At others' expense.

Can he ever be good?
Certainly he can.
But when?
Only when he totally
Unlearns his mind-inventions.

13. God desperately needs him

He takes life
God likes him.

He smiles at the world
God loves him.

He accepts the world-calamities
God desperately needs him.

14. Relax!

You are nervous
You are restless.

You are restless
You are nervous.

Relax, God is coming to you
With His decision-making Vision.
Relax, you can easily go to God
With your tension-frustration capacity
And your suppression-aggression capacity.
Try, you easily can.