Part I

SCA 531-548. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions from the children of his disciples on 2 July 1997 during a celebration of Grandfather’s Day at Aspiration-Ground in Jamaica, New York.

Question: What kind of shape does God have?

Sri Chinmoy: God has infinite shapes. But things that are small in shape He prefers to those that are large, larger, largest. Tinier than the tiniest objects or shapes He prefers most.

Question: What does God do with His spare time?

Sri Chinmoy: God cuts jokes with Himself when He has spare time, if He has any at all!

Question: Can people see fairies?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely people can see fairies, but not everybody. Ordinary human beings can see fairies in their dreams. If you are spiritually advanced, you can easily see fairies at your sweet will, right in front of you.

Question: What is God’s favourite sound?

Sri Chinmoy: God’s favourite sound is soundless. At the same time, the soundless sound is louder than the loudest. It is soundless and at the same time louder than the loudest. God’s soundless sound can be louder than an atom bomb.

Question: How can I have the most joy?

Sri Chinmoy: Just by imagining a child infinitely more beautiful than any child that you have seen in this world. You have inside you a child who is infinitely more beautiful. Just imagine it. While imagining you will get utmost joy.

Question: Which of God’s children makes Him laugh the most?

Sri Chinmoy: The children who are extremely stupid and try to make God feel that they are the wisest of all make God roar with laughter.

Question: Guru, did you have any pets when you were a kid?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, I had quite a few pets, but my favourite pets were two monkeys: Jadu and Madhu. Here in America, also, I had two monkeys. I gave them the same names, Jadu and Madhu, but now they are with God. My childhood monkeys, although they were my pets, were very, very unkind to me. They used to bite me like anything. I have so many scars and marks. Without any rhyme or reason they would bite. To escape their bites, I discovered a trick: they do not bite dead bodies. So when I saw Madhu or Jadu coming, running fast towards me, I would immediately lie down flat on my back and pretend I was dead. Quite a few times I had the time to lie down on my back. Then they would examine me closely. Meanwhile, I would pretend that I was dead. They were satisfied and they would not bite me. That is how I escaped most of the time, but I still have very, very big marks from those occasions when they caught me by surprise.

Question: What is God’s favourite kind of humour?

Sri Chinmoy: God’s favourite humour is when He envisions something and it does not take place the way He wanted. God can do anything, He is omnipotent, but sometimes He uses the natural course. Then if the result on the physical plane, the earthly plane, is diametrically opposite, God enjoys it like anything.

Suppose God wants something to be done on the earthly plane and ignorance-forces delay it or give a totally different result. What does God do? He laughs and laughs. This is His favourite kind of humour. He knows He has omnipotent power, so He can easily do whatever He wants to do. But He has given very limited power to ignorance and to us. Naturally, ignorance never uses its limited power in the proper way and, therefore, the power of ignorance itself only increases.

In the case of human beings, quite often we receive the limited power that God gives us and, because we are truth-seekers and God-lovers, we are able to use the little freedom that He has given in a proper way. When God sees that we are using it properly, He is very pleased with us and He gives us more trust and more power.

Question: Why did I have so many bad dreams when I was small?

Sri Chinmoy: Perhaps your vital wanted to have those dreams. Many times our vital gets malicious pleasure by inviting or invoking wrong forces. Wrong forces in this case means bad dreams. On the one hand, when we are conscious we do not want to have bad dreams, but when we are unconscious, we sometimes invite things that are not divine. I am sure you have been to the zoo many, many times. There we see tigers and lions and all kinds of ferocious and destructive animals. We do not want them to kill us, but we enjoy going as close to them as possible. Similarly, we can say we do not want bad dreams. We do not want them; we never wanted them. But on some level we did want them.

Question: Can someone be spiritually fat or thin?

Sri Chinmoy: Absolutely! Spiritually fat people are those who have made conscious surrender to God’s Will. And spiritually thin people are those who have no faith either in themselves or in God. Those who have made tremendous progress in offering love, devotion and surrender, plus gratitude, are spiritually fat. Here, fat means inundated with divine qualities. Others who have not developed good qualities to offer are spiritually thin.

Question: Does God have a favourite season?

Sri Chinmoy: Each season has a special quality or capacity. So when a season comes in, God is fond of that particular season. And when another one comes, He is equally fond of that one. Let us say a father has five or six children. When each one comes to the father, the father makes that child feel that he is the dearest. And also the child makes the father feel that he loves the father most. Each season is favoured by God in that way. Each season has something special to offer to God and at the same time God has a special blessingful feeling for each season.

Question: What can I do to make God happiest?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to pray to God to give you the capacity to sing at every moment God’s Victory. Even if God has not given you right now the capacity to pray for His Victory all the time, the fact that you are willing and eager to pray for God’s constant Victory will give you joy. So even if you cannot pray or meditate for hours for God’s Victory, no harm. The fact that you are eager and willing to pray for God’s Victory will make God extremely happy.

Question: How can I remain always smiling?

Sri Chinmoy: You can remain always smiling by imagining a most beautiful flower. It can be a rose or any other flower you like. First try to imagine that the flower is right in front of you, and you are admiring and appreciating it. Then try to feel that particular flower is none other than your own self. In this way, you will be able to remain always, always happy and smiling.

I have asked you to always smile, and most of the time you do smile at me. But even though I have not asked your mother, she always smiles whenever she sees me. This is very good. When you smile sincerely, immediately all the poison goes out of your system.

Question: What kind of toys does God play with?

Sri Chinmoy: God’s favourite toys are human beings. And the ones that love to play with Him all the time are His most favourite. We become tired of playing with our friends or with our parents and our dear ones. But there are some aspiring human beings who constantly, sleeplessly, breathlessly and self-givingly want to play with God. So those people are God’s most favourite toys.