6501. Ready for perfection-splendour

See the beauty of God’s creation
With your sleepless eyes.
See the purity in God’s creation
With your breathless joy.
Then your life will be ready
For perfection-splendour.

6502. Twin arts

A new me I became
The day I learnt the twin arts
Of beautiful surrender
And soulful gratitude.

6503. God’s Compassion cures

God’s Compassion cures
My heart.
God’s Smile immortalises
My life.

6504. The absolutely sincere witness

God keeps all
His transcendental Promises.
My sterling faith
Is the absolutely sincere witness.

6505. Your heart is aching

Your heart is aching
Because you do not feed your soul
Even once a week
With a prayerful cry
And a soulful smile.

6506. People judge your heart

Some people proudly judge your heart
Only after they have carefully seen
Your life.

6507. Two places to hide imperfections

There are two places to hide
Our imperfections:
One place is inside
Our Lord’s Compassion-Eye,
And the other place is under
Our Lord’s Forgiveness-Feet.

6508. To try to go to Heaven

To try to go to Heaven
Without your heart’s soulfulness
Is like trying to open a locked door
Without the key.

6509. Death cannot say “Yes”

Death cannot say
When my heart says

6510. His heart’s purity

His heart’s purity
Enjoys incessant increase.
Therefore, the human in him
Is proud of him
And the divine in him
Is fond of him.

6511. Trust-flames beckon us

Trust-flames beckon us,
To illumine our aspiration-heart.
Distrust-fires beckon us,
To baffle us and finally destroy us.

6512. The difference between man and God

The outer difference
Between man and God is this:
Man does not know,
Whereas God knows.

The inner difference
Between man and God is this:
Man is not ready to please God,
Whereas God is not ready
To renounce man.

6513. A God absolutely new

O Boat of Delight,
I am your new passenger
With a new heart
And a new aspiration
For a God absolutely new.

6514. Each uncomely thought

Each uncomely thought
Eventually throws the mind
Into a chasm of bleeding despair.