1801. How to suffer less

My Supreme Lord,
How can a seeker’s mind
Suffer less?
How can a seeker’s heart
Suffer less?
“My child,
A seeker’s mind will suffer less
If the seeker accepts the fact
That his days on earth are short,
Very short.
A seeker’s heart will suffer less
If the seeker accepts the fact
That his needs on earth are few,
Very, very few.”

1802. Seven aspiration-flames

Out of His boundless Bounty
My Lord Supreme has granted me
Seven aspiration-flames
And seven dedication-drops.
Why, why, why?
Him to please in His own Way
Sleeplessly and unconditionally.

1803. Purity-heart and beauty-face

My Lord Supreme,
First please make me feel
The purity-heart of Your creation
And then show me
The beauty-face of Your creation.

1804. Great and good

My Beloved Supreme,
When I become great,
What shall I do?
“My child,
When you become great,
You should think of Me more,
So that you can become greater.”

My Beloved Supreme,
When I become good,
What shall I do?
“My child,
When you become good,
You do not have to do anything else.
I shall think of you more,
I shall love you more,
I shall do everything and everything
For you.”

1805. In vain

In vain
My mind is searching for truth.
In pain
My heart is crying for light.

1806. Experience and reality

My Supreme Lord,
What is the difference
Between happiness and delight?
“My child,
Happiness is an experience,
And delight is a reality
That transcends experience.”

1807. The greatest masterpiece

My pen will never be able
To write the greatest masterpiece.
My heart alone can,
And it has already done it.
What is that greatest masterpiece?
My God-realisation is for God’s sake.
My God-manifestation is for God’s sake.

1808. Free yourself from tension

My Supreme Lord,
How can I free myself
From tension?
“My child,
You can free yourself
From tension easily
If you do not cling
To an astonishingly fleeting

1809. How can I be constantly happy?

My Beloved Supreme,
How can I be constantly happy?
“My child,
Renounce the desire
To be widely known.”

1810. We must wrestle

We must wrestle
With teeming temptations
In the darkness-cave
Before we ascend the mount
Of Vision Transcendental.

1811. Immortality will conquer

Because sincerity has conquered
Our minds,
Because purity has conquered
Our hearts,
Because beauty has conquered
Our eyes,
Immortality will conquer our lives.

1812. If we think of God

If we think of God sleeplessly,
Then let us love Him unconditionally.
If we love God unconditionally,
Then let us think of Him sleeplessly.

1813. A tremendous success

I was a colossal failure.
I am a tremendous success.
How and why?
How? Because my Beloved Supreme
Has done everything for me.
Why? Because my Beloved Supreme
Wants to have the new experience
Of success-satisfaction-light
In and through my life.

1814. My prayers

My supreme wisdom
My divine wisdom
Pray to the Absolute.

My human stupidity
My animal audacity
Pray for the Absolute.