2001. What I need most

What my mind needs most
Is a satisfaction-smile.

What my heart needs most
Is a satisfaction-cry.

What I need most
Is satisfaction-surrender.

2002. A disciplined life

A disciplined life
Is a favourite instrument
Of God.

2003. What is an accident?

What is an accident
If not an incident?

What is an incident
If not an experience?

What is an experience
If not the beginning
Of my realisation?

2004. Ask your heart

Do you want
To conquer your mind?
Then ask your heart
To befriend your mind.

2005. Anything worth having

Anything worth having
Is worth sharing
As well.

2006. Each experience is an improvement

Each experience
Is an improvement.
Each improvement
Is an inspiring, aspiring and encouraging
Stride towards God.

2007. Realisation-sun

Realisation-sun is given
By God to man.
It cannot be earned.

2008. I implore God

I implore God
Not for His Miracle-Forgiveness
But for His Miracle-Power
So that I can conquer
All my human weaknesses.

2009. What you need

You do not need a new start;
What you need is a new heart.
You do not need a new heart;
What you need is a new God.

2010. God receives my poor life

God receives my poor life
Because my rich heart
Believes in Him.

2011. If criticism frightens your heart

If criticism frightens your heart,
Then praise, without fail,
Will weaken your life.

2012. Too good, too bad

If you are too good,
Then why do you need God’s Love?
If you are too bad,
Then how do you expect God’s Love?

2013. You can be always happy

You can be always happy
If you believe like a child
And behave like a gentleman.

2014. Why do you forget?

Why do you forget
Again and again
That your doubtful mind
Brings you darkness
Your soulful heart
Brings you light?