6101. Because your heart needs God

Because your heart needs God,
God is calling you.
Because God is calling you,
You can rest assured
That He will make you feel
He loves you infinitely more
Than you love yourself
And His Concern for you
Will stay with you for all Eternity.

6102. Heaven-free time

Earth-bound time
Drives the desiring man backward
Fast, very fast.

Heaven-free time
Pilots the aspiring man forward
Faster than the tornado-speed.

6103. The oldest race

Is the old race on earth.
Is the older race on earth.
Is the oldest race on earth.

6104. The divine realisation

The human realisation
Sees no armour against fate.
The divine realisation
Sees that fate is nothing
But a man-made toy.

6105. Only an inch away

Your uncertain mind,
Your doubtful mind,
Your suspicious mind
Is only an inch away
From your total destruction-dance.

6106. God secretly hopes

God openly shows me
What He does for me:

God secretly hopes
For something from me:

6107. Immortality’s Satisfaction-Treasure

Eternity’s Beauty-Cry
Infinity’s Perfection-Smile
Are Immortality’s Satisfaction-Treasure.

6108. If your life needs beauty’s speed

If your life needs beauty’s speed
And your heart needs purity’s speed,
Then the Goal of the Beyond
Cannot remain a far cry.

6109. Oblivion is challenging you

Oblivion is challenging you
Because you are not crying sleeplessly
For God’s God-Satisfaction
Inside your aspiration-life.

6110. Unless you become today

Unless you become today
God’s Satisfaction-Grace,
How will you see tomorrow
God’s Perfection-Face?

6111. A dangerous vital

What he has
Is a dangerous vital.
No wonder he is craving
Instant enlightenment.

6112. Your constant supporter

You can expect God to be
Your constant supporter
Only after you have become
His sleepless lover.

6113. When faith is dry

When my heart’s faith is dry,
My mind’s doubt proves
That life is a useless
And ceaseless cry.

6114. Why are you delaying?

O seeker of the Absolute Truth,
You want your life to be
Fruitful of transcendental deeds.
Then why are you delaying
In smashing the shackles
Of your little “I”?